Skank Sells Her Daughter to Pimp: Media Obscures Story

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The cunt at right is Carmen Lowe. She’s a well-known scumbag and hardened criminal. Despite this, the faggots down at the family courts awarded the bitch unsupervised visitation. Naturally, bitch does not have to pay child support.

Back in June, bitch disappeared with the little girl seen at left, after baby’s dad was forced to surrender the child for one such visit. Bitch was not seen again. Father complained to police, and guess what happened?

(If you guessed absolutely nothing then you are the big winner.)

After some five weeks with no help from authorities, dad suddenly got word that his little girl had been found, after a child prostitution ring had been busted by the F.B.I..

Bitch had sold her own little girl to a pimp. It was only by accident that the baby was found. She’s apparently still alive, despite her ordeal.

Read the story here, and note well how the true details are glossed over. This is journalism in the feminist state.



Serious question: who is a bigger simp? Is it the guy above, or the guy below?


Both of these losers are clearly playing a game which may (or may not) result in lackluster sex with fat, smelly, unshaven wimminz. With such prizes to be won, no dignified man would enter the arena.

On a dissimilar, but related, topic, my own favorite presidential candidate weighs in on the true value of getting married.


It should be noted that McAfee is himself a married man. Here he is with his wife, Janice. They apparently get on well and have a good time.


Of course, McAfee is a billionaire, and if Janice decides to take half of his net-worth in divorce court, he will still be set for life. Such men can afford to play dangerous games that would ruin the rest of us.

Even happily married men will admit that, for a large plurality of young brothers, marriage is a lousy bargain.

Soph Lectures on LGBTQDLIEODNF

Edit_1: Because google is now given over to censorship, you can watch this heartwarming and totally safe for work video on bitchute:

Edit_2:¬†Soph has a message for our masters over at google…


Of course, the ninnies over at twitter will (wait for it) naturally take this attempt at a little kid’s sarcastic humor seriously, and will eventually censor her there, too. In doing so, they’ll be playing into her hands and revealing their own petty aspirations to tyranny. Such is the way it must be.