Earl Against The Hypocrites


Yesterday I made a broad generalization of the people who denounce hypocrites. I pointed out that they tend to be lazy bastards who feel threatened by anyone who manages to escape the cycle of mediocrity and make some positive mark upon the world. It is, after all, very comfortable to keep doing whatever nonsense you have been doing, even though you’re not really improving your own lot in life by so doing. The one thing that the comfortable hate most is to see another man transcend the cycle through work and contemplation.

Earl came around to provide himself as a living, breathing, typing counterexample.

I tend to believe that Earl is who he says he is. He probably is a decent fellow who grew up grounded in Catholic morality. Earl has probably not gone out to the nightclub to fuck skank-ho wimminz, He’s probably a good man and he probably does stand all aghast at the stories I tell here.


While I’m not about to excuse all the hypocrite-bashers in the Dalrock insane asylum, I’ll modify my own thesis, in light of Earl’s point.

The few non-hypocrites who aren’t scumbags are saints.

I imagine that Earl, who says he believes in original sin, will agree with Boxer, who believes in the id. Based upon this, I further imagine that we’ll both admit that people aren’t born with the innate desire to be chaste, or functional, or to delay gratification.

Earl writes:

Well I don’t deride self-improvement or working class fathers…but divorce and then marrying another woman (regardless if she’s a single mother or not) is not something that self-improves a man.

What I’d like to know from people like Earl, is what people like Scott and Mrs. Scott are supposed to do, if they want to better themselves.

Say you’ve got a typical skank-ho slut, who goes out to the club one night, and meets the typical skank-ho male slut, and both commence to fucking.

Now say you’ve got said skank-ho sluts who decide that it’d be easier to fuck each other the next weekend, than to bother going out and meeting new sluts.

Now say you’ve got the same two skank-ho sluts who, fifty-two weekends in a row, make the similar choice, and say they have never once slipped up and fucked anyone else.

Now say you’ve got the same two skank-ho sluts who decide that, since they’ve been exclusively fucking for a year, they may as well just hold themselves out as belonging one with the other. Furthermore, they make these declarations in front of their families and communities.

Of course, one might begin objecting, all ship of Theseus like, that at some point these two people ceased to be skank-ho sluts. Now they’re a regular couple. The question then becomes whether they are or not, and if not, when they ceased to be.

In fact, one doesn’t need to wax all metaphysical. Let’s just do what our grandfathers did, and their grandfathers did, all the way back to the first civilization known to man, and call it what it is.

When a man speaks his wedding vows, everything changes. Suddenly, through that male skank-ho slut’s masculine authority, he has ceased to be a skank-ho slut. Moreover, the slut he met to fuck, a year prior, simultaneously ceases to be a skank-ho slut.

What have these people done that is blameworthy? They’ve both transcended their own earlier situation and continue in the process of becoming something greater.

I mean I don’t know if he would be in the same class as some other Dalrock posters who like to brag about how they got tons of cash and got the one woman who is the unicorn and have the most perfect daughters that any man should want (but will have to pass their father’s ‘high’ standards)…and then falls apart the minute people start questioning how that story just seems unreal……but I’d bet it’s not all that it seems.

So, both Scott and I are pretenders. We’re both skank-ho male sluts who warn younger bros about the inherent pitfalls in that lifestyle.

I frequently get on this blog to warn the young brothers about wasting time on good-lookin’ sluts. I warn my brothers about this because I wasted years of my youth on such nonsense. Had I not wasted time running hoez, I might be a millionaire businessman, with a chain of dry-cleaners, or maybe I’d be a pro golfer, with a shelf full of trophies. Who knows what I could have accomplished, if I’d have been more serious in my late teens and early twenties.

I’ve fucked hundreds of sluts, and I’m here to tell the young bros that it is a waste of time to make this the focus of your most productive years. I am a hypocrite, and I’m good with that. Older men, it’s said, ought not to dispense advice, lest they lose the ability to act poorly; but, I’ve had my fill of bad acting.

Moreover, in transcending the cycle of mediocrity which was my earlier wont, I’ve had to learn new habits. Aristotelians call this hexis. One doesn’t merely break out of the cycle of time-wasting all at once. It takes work and time, and there is backsliding along the way, all as one drags himself by the collar, kicking and screaming, into a better behavioral constellation. One doesn’t know virtue in the way he knows Shakespeare. One knows virtue in the way he knows how to ride a bicycle. Earl probably had a father to teach him. I had to teach myself. So, it seems, did Scott.

A Defense of The Hypocrite


SirHamster’s Spinster Daughter: Doxxed!

I long ago grew weary of first-order interaction with Dalrock’s merry band of morons. Even so, their antics continue to amuse, entertain, and — albeit from a distance — inspire.

So it is that I wandered over this evening, completely devoid of good ideas for an article of my own, and found this gem.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 20.34.12

I didn’t bother reading the whole thread, but I can imagine the catalyst. Back in the day, Scott was semi-regularly derided as a “cuck” for doing what men have done since Sumeria: transforming a common wimminz into an honorable wife. The people who criticize his choices, after the fact, would have been spat upon by their own grandfathers; and, by mouthing off this way, they reveal themselves to be the status-quo male feminist faggots.

Dalrock’s comment section remains a temple to the goddess, where fake Christians worship at the matriarchal altar.

When a man marries a woman, he transforms that woman from whatever she might have been one hour prior, into an honorable wife and the keeper of his own household. This alchemical process remains an eternal mystery, but it is one which every patriarch ought to accept without too much trouble. A good man and member of the community might choose to marry a prostitute, and all his friends may have spent the week prior attempting to talk him out of his choice, but once the deed is done, they all shut the fuck up, because civilization depends upon that man, and once the ring is in place, insulting her invites a grudge from him.


Cane Caldo’s Skank Sister: Doxxed!

Scott is a bit older and a bit more serious than I am, so I’ve never seen him laugh at the screechers in the Dalrock insane asylum, even as they fling their shit in his direction. Dalrock’s miscreants are safe, in their feminist paradise, free to insult their neighbor’s wife without fear of any natural consequences.

Scott’s wife was once a single mom, and Scott was once a playa. I don’t know the story. I assume they may have met in a nightclub and fucked.

Then they got married. He motivated her to have several more kids, keep a nice home, and wear dresses. She took care of things so well that he was able to go back to school and get some sort of headshrinker degree. Now they’re Dr. and Mrs. Scott, who write articles on the internet, encouraging people like their yesterdays to become their best selves, as they have aspired to do. This is labeled (even by the good doktor hisself) as hypocrisy.

I admire these two brazen hypocrites. If we examine what hypocrisy actually is, maybe you will, too.

What is hypocrisy, but a praxis of “fake it ’til you make it”?

The scum would feel empowered if you boys just sat around, wallowing in the squalor of your own hedonistic vices, rather than attempting to become your best selves. In this regard, they’re identical to the feminists, who endlessly attempt to tell your little sister that fucking strangers is a great idea, and that it’s totally normal to have Herpes and HPV. The minute you aspire to greatness, you’re derided as a hypocrite, by these people who desperately want to evade capture by their own useless morality.

The Christian scum on Dalrock rail against men like Scott because Scott’s mere presence reminds them of the patriarchal truths that they hate: that marriage is a means to transcending one’s past, that honor is a worthy indicator of human quality, and that a disciplined life pays material rewards. Deny your critics the ability to feel good about their own laziness. Embrace and extoll your hypocrisy at every opportunity! Greatness is impossible without some measure of it.

More Dyke Savagery, More Lies in The Press

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 11.31.17

Note the spin on this story in our lying feminist press. Scumbag journalists describe the sadistic, slow, agonizing murder of a helpless little boy as succumbing to “burns after a bath.”

The real story centers around two disgusting, hateful bulldykes, who slowly and sadistically tortured a little boy to death. Naturally, no father was available for that little man to run to for protection. Men are superfluous, according to our masters in the ruling class, and thus the daddy who naturally would have defended our young brother was long ago bullied into fleeing the scene, by all the power of the feminist state.

Remember this, the next time you see a cop, a priest, a journalist or a bureaucrat. This is the job of our social and political institutions: to allow dykes to get together and torture children, and then to excuse their crimes, all while offloading all responsibility and punishment onto the very men who would naturally put a stop to the brutality.

Skank Sells Her Daughter to Pimp: Media Obscures Story

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 21.34.08

The cunt at right is Carmen Lowe. She’s a well-known scumbag and hardened criminal. Despite this, the faggots down at the family courts awarded the bitch unsupervised visitation. Naturally, bitch does not have to pay child support.

Back in June, bitch disappeared with the little girl seen at left, after baby’s dad was forced to surrender the child for one such visit. Bitch was not seen again. Father complained to police, and guess what happened?

(If you guessed absolutely nothing then you are the big winner.)

After some five weeks with no help from authorities, dad suddenly got word that his little girl had been found, after a child prostitution ring had been busted by the F.B.I..

Bitch had sold her own little girl to a pimp. It was only by accident that the baby was found. She’s apparently still alive, despite her ordeal.

Read the story here, and note well how the true details are glossed over. This is journalism in the feminist state.



Serious question: who is a bigger simp? Is it the guy above, or the guy below?


Both of these losers are clearly playing a game which may (or may not) result in lackluster sex with fat, smelly, unshaven wimminz. With such prizes to be won, no dignified man would enter the arena.

On a dissimilar, but related, topic, my own favorite presidential candidate weighs in on the true value of getting married.


It should be noted that McAfee is himself a married man. Here he is with his wife, Janice. They apparently get on well and have a good time.


Of course, McAfee is a billionaire, and if Janice decides to take half of his net-worth in divorce court, he will still be set for life. Such men can afford to play dangerous games that would ruin the rest of us.

Even happily married men will admit that, for a large plurality of young brothers, marriage is a lousy bargain.

Soph Lectures on LGBTQDLIEODNF

Edit_1: Because google is now given over to censorship, you can watch this heartwarming and totally safe for work video on bitchute:


Edit_2: Soph has a message for our masters over at google…


Of course, the ninnies over at twitter will (wait for it) naturally take this attempt at a little kid’s sarcastic humor seriously, and will eventually censor her there, too. In doing so, they’ll be playing into her hands and revealing their own petty aspirations to tyranny. Such is the way it must be.