The Love of The Censor


Vox Day, seen above with his masculinized cougar wife, in drag at some gay-friendly party, is permitted to have a series of free blogs on Google’s blogspot platform. We have already seen the contrast between feminist thinkers like Dalrock, David Duke, Cane Caldo, and Vox Day, who have the full support of the feminist state apparatus as they spread their half-truths, and blogs like Heartiste, which get deleted from the very services they enrich.

I bring this up because someone wrote to me, excitedly reporting that Heartiste is back online.

I got excited because I enjoy having my content lifted (without attribution) for Roissy’s purposes. In return I get to make fun of the endless idiots he attracts to his comment section. It’s a good trade.

The Roissy resurrection site has been in operation for several weeks. It has years of archived articles, but it isn’t being updated, and I suspect it might be the work of a reader, rather than a continuation of the original. Either way it illustrates the difference between hosting your own content on a domain name you bought, and being a slave to the censors at Google and WordPress.

Feminist COINTELPRO agents like Dalrock, Cane Caldo, David Duke, and Vox Day are welcome to have twitter feeds and corporate-hosted blogs. Independent thinkers like Heartiste, Laura Loomer, Sam Hyde, and y’r humble narrator are permanently banned whenever they attempt the same. This is neither an accident nor a coincidence. At this point in history, having even a low-traffic blog on a WordPress or Blogspot domain is a sure sign that the author is collaborating with the feminist state.

Author: Boxer

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  1. So you’re saying that Dalrock, Vox, et al. must be covertly converged by virtue of the fact that they haven’t been deplatformed (yet)?

  2. “Either way it illustrates the difference between hosting your own content on a domain name you bought, and being a slave to the censors at Google and WordPress.”

    Hosting your own site or domain an absolute requirement if you want to criticize the feminist narrative. But increasingly censorship is getting more and more brazen. Cloudflare has now refused to bake a cakerefused to sell its content neutral infrastructure support services to 8chan. Enjoy your freedom while you still have it.

  3. @Jack

    Yes. I would have disagreed with Boxer’s claim even a year ago, but that was before Dalrock refused to deadname someone.

  4. So you’re saying

    that Dalrock, Vox, et al. must be covertly converged by virtue of the fact that they haven’t been deplatformed (yet)?

    I don’t think it’s covert. All the people I mentioned spend most of their time attacking other men. In Dalrock’s case, it’s about 95% men, and his targets are nearly always antifeminist men who are smarter/better writers than he is (Bnonn, etc.)

  5. In that case perhaps Dalrock and Vox are more on the revolutionary side than Boxer.

    Clearly if an article from May 8th on Heartiste titled…

    ‘Women Are Anathema To Revolutionary Movements’

    Shows he/them/it doesn’t understand that women are pivotal to revolutionary movements. The Marxists knew it.

  6. Looks like things are getting interesting on Dalrock’s blog:
    Strike Three says:
    August 31, 2019 at 1:42 pm

    I have just finished reading all the comments on this thread. It seems to me that something has changed in the way this blog operates. Several of the serial commenters have turned into the know-it-all jerks who “commanded” the direction of every lunch table bull session I ever had as a high school or college student. We’ve even got aggressive amoral libertines who explicitly or implicitly boast of their sexual exploits, and shame the poor guys who don’t “maintain frame” or who don’t manage to keep their BMI at its proper level. We’ve got guys from England telling Americans what we Americans are really like, and we’ve got divorced and re-married guys telling us what Christian husbands need to do in order to stay married. We’ve got at least one “red-pilled Christian” who writes stuff no cross-bearing Christian would ever want to live by. Upthread, poor Ohio tried to share his tale of woe and he got next to no sympathy; I guess he deserves his misery because he put on some weight over the years (sarc.). And, and, and…….

    Sheesh. Some time ago seventies-Jason was run off (rightly, I might add) for derailing every thread with his constant lamentations and inability to listen to correction. But this particular thread tells me that Dalrock again needs to thin the herd, and soon.

    Scott says:
    August 31, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Maybe you could just email Dalrock the list of names of people you think should be banned

    Oscar says:
    August 31, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    @ Scott

    Maybe you could just email Dalrock the list of names of people you think should be banned.

    That would require something other than passive-aggressiveness.

  7. At this point in history, having even a low-traffic blog on a WordPress or Blogspot domain is a sure sign that the author is collaborating with the feminist state.

    Hey! I resemble that remark. And you were the dude who encouraged me to start my WordPress blog.

    When will the Feminist state mail me my payment?

  8. I was “run off” and “rightly so”

    Hmmmmmmmmm………………………….as I recall, I told Dalrock, if he didn’t like my posts, he could ban me. He called my bluff. Not angry at him. It’s his blog. It wasn’t that dramatic.

    Funny, I was saying exactly many of the things Mr. Strike Three posted. My inability to “listen to correction” is a hoot. What that meant to many of the posters on Dalrock was: Rollo should be taught on Sunday. All men just need to become orthodox, we all have to learn game….and if you fail at its fail-proof methods you are “gentically” beta, men were once real men you see…..and then in 1123, 1243….somewhere in deep medieval europe……..this thing called chivalry came about and was a code of conduct in warfare but sometime in 1970 or thereabouts it hijacked the christian faith and made all men single, frivorced, and chumps. Lots of debates about how no woman can be redeemed and yet there are great, solid christian women everywhere that need to be gamed in order to be wives….while in the same breath, its impossible to do this……..just learn how to vet a wife but still being told that they have this “evil nature” that cannot be controlled unless you served in the US military, had looks / endearment from day one……..

    It goes on and on. Yeah, me run off by “real men” who are “chirstian” and “have a heart to help and teach men”
    That poster should read many of my past rants, I was saying the same thing he was. Scotts passive-snarky reply is typical. He’s the real Texan in the room and all men are fools compared to him.

  9. I was banned in April. Been back a handful of times to read the usual tirades in the comments section that have nothing to do with the OP: Game / Rollo / Roosh…who evidently now is a devout christian (I am sure he will be welcomed in the comments section for his deep insights), the usual women all women are evil….except for my wife…….and the standard posturing of how “manly” they all are.

    Not Dalrock proper, but the comments are just like your typical church on Sunday…….the men wax about how great, smart, and amazing they are. Most of the time is wasted about pointing out harmless men like all these pastors that have “ruined” christianity and manhood……and yet they cannot convince the masses to “come be real, red-pilled men with them”

    Its all talk, and frankly you cannot win any points there unless you are “deemed” in by them. Its a snapshot of your typical mens group / clique in church…..hence why most men who get up, work for a living, and may have had a curiosity to what this “jesus” is all about don’t want to join. There is little or no jesus in any of the comments section. Quoting the bible is useless because it will ALWAYS turn into “who knows greek, who studied hebrew…….what this or that saint said in 980 AD”……..and then applying to what Rollo says or thinks.

    Let’s say tomorrow, the men of Dalrock got their wet dreams to come true. Real men took over the the pulpit. The 19th ammendment was repealed, women lost weight…….

    These men would then be smelling blood. They would publically execute and parade through the streets every man that ever disagreed with them. That’s their “love” righ there. I am sure they would find a scripture to justify this too.

  10. “Funny, I was saying exactly many of the things Mr. Strike Three posted.”

    I found this hilarious (and ironic) too. He is happy you got “run off” and then substantially agrees with your complaints. He bizarrely thought that he would get better treatment than you did. LOL. Of course he got mocked for it and nothing will come of it. As if Dalrock would ever clean house. What a joke. If he tries to push his point, he’ll eventually get banned too.

  11. Folks like Peterson or Vox or Rollo grew in popularity because of their ability to diagnose more accurately than the mainstream narratives. They’re allowed to diagnose accurately all they want, because diagnosis is reactionary, passive.

    Each also has their own way to completely dismiss criticism when they don’t provide people anything actionable other than “buy my book” or “subscribe for more content” or “do you even lift” or “trust the plan”.

    lastmod, you were just grist for the grinder, giving them the opportunity to keep the ruse going just one more post. It is a terrible and unfortunate fate, to be treated as less than human, just so that someone else can leverage their abuse of you to improve their social status.

    This is not a society that operates on the principles of the God as described in the Old and New Testaments, but this society is more than happy to steal labels and lexicons from the Bible to try and fuel the delusion that they’re anything but what they really are.

    It’s only when relationships are again necessary for survival that there will be any opportunity rebuilding of anything lasting, worthwhile.

  12. It’s probably for the better it happened that way. Again……there is no hate on Dalrock by me personally. I found his “Texan” stance a bit funny. Texans like him and Scott, and even Cane just think so highly of themselves. LBJ was another who just thought he was “it” to the problems facing the world. W Bush too was good at this “plain talk” and “real guy talk” but when it came down to application………well, we see the results of that. If indeed we ever as a nation “repealed the 19th ammendment” (lol, the boys on Dalrock think this will just fix everything) we should also make a rule about Texans being president. It should be not allowed. Between LBJ and W Bush, they both got us fully into two unpopular wars, both spent like drunken sailors on social programs (conservative W Bush expanded Medicare for prescriptions which has driven the cost 4 to 6 times higher since 2005, gave a few billion in aid to Africa to ‘fight HIV’). It took a Californian named ….Nixon to “end” Vietnam. Also, Texas was a Democratic stronghold from after the Civil til until the early 1990’s. Nobody ever remembers Anne Richards now…..whereas California was overall a more conservative state until the 2000 election. Forget the Governator. He should have called himself a Democrat and just got over it.

    I’ve been to Austin, and Houston…….its not some “red pill” utopia there, nor Dallas either.

    Anyway……rant against Texas aside…….

    We could come back in five years……and the same topics that have been flogged, and skinned since he started his blog in 2010 or thereabouts will still be discussed. They will defend this by “Men need to know about the red-pill”

    Type in Red pill in the Google search….how many hits????? 243,000,000 hits….yeah, it’s being blocked by the feminists and cuuckservatives in the church. Spineless men they can’t beat without name calling, swipes at their family, and of course how “ugly” their wives are.

    Real mature, godly, christian men there. Shame on me for be a sucker that long.

  13. I hear you. I was sent to Texas on a business trip a few years ago and found the claims and stereotypes didn’t match reality, at least not anymore.

    “All hat and no cattle.”

    I’ve done shameful things as well out of cowardice and laziness. I’ve been trying to do things differently, but when nobody cares or the people that do care think I am wrong, it’s really hard to persevere. Given the accusations that are often thrown in your direction, it is heartening to hear that you aren’t actually bitter or resentful, merely not bothering with sugar coating the truth, and the truth is that there’s a lot wrong and a lot of folks looking to exploit that to their benefit instead of fixing it.

    Is it fair to ask if you’re still looking for anything at this time, or are you resting from your searches in a general philosophical sense?

    I am trying to see what I find by starting a new church. If you are still looking for something, it’d be interesting to compare notes in the future to see what you found through your means and methods.

  14. I wanted to point this out to y’all because all the cultists from Vox’s blog have taken it over and the blog as a whole has become rather cliquish and narrow minded. They seem to be intolerant of different opinions.

  15. Lol….”all hat and no cattle”

    So true there. I was a club right in central Austin back in the late 1990’s on business when I was with IBM…god I was there for three weeks…….I found it funny because all these “Texans” kept telling me how “California is ruining Texas” and I will admit, many Californians are leaving for the “lone star state” even back then…….and they went on how we’re all “phony, plastic” and we “all love fags out in California”

    It was different costume for the same scene though in the end. San Franciscans like myself at that time were more slender (the hills baby, gotta walk those hills…the small size of San Francisco which made excellent public transportation and more walking…..the excellent cocaine many of us were honking up too probably helped), we dressed much better and perhaps we were a bit smug that our city was ALWAYS a destination…..and it was era San Francisco………..we were indeed leading the new economy at that time.

    What was the Texas costume? Cowboy hat and boots after work when going out, a cowboy / western shirt or ‘distressed’ tee with the chevy logo or some other ‘americana logo’…..though I didn’t meet one man who “worked on farm” or “ranch” and the horse they rode about was a large gas guzzling Ford, or Chevrolet truck……maybe a Dodge if the dude was not born n raised there. It looked and was silly. The club scenes were the same. Change the costume and decor. The music there WAS terrible. It was the late 1990’s in Texas. If you didn’t think Shania Twain was “hot” well, in Texas you were a fag….and if you didn’t think she was country, you were a dumb liberal from California (depsite Califonia have a WAY bigger market in country music sales than Texas).

    Like I said, I didn’t see some red-pill utopia there. Met some nice folks there…..but I met nice folks in England and Wales this past summer too. It was a nice city, and it was abuzz with action. Dallas too, but that city was like San Jose except with a Texas accent

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