The Author of Confusion

This is a fun video. I suppose all this is evidence for all-or-nothing legalists (like Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, or Derek Ramsey) to renounce his faith. In fact, millions of normal people find meaning in stuff even if it’s not consistent or impartial.

Author: Boxer

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One thought on “The Author of Confusion”

  1. It’s interesting that you think I am a legalist. If you had read my theological ramblings you would see that this is not the case. The books contained in the Bible are best viewed in their proper historical and literary contexts. An emphasis should be placed on wisdom, not rule-based legalism.

    It’s also ironic that you think I’m a Christian in any traditional sense. That’s also not true. Virtually every Christian will say that you, Jason, and myself will see each other in hell.

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