Single Mother Extravaganza!


Occasionally I break my own rules, and when I do, I always come away from the experience with a good story. So it was a couple of weeks ago, when I did not properly vet a skank-ho barista slut I picked up.

In the first place, I did not properly grok all the details of this bitch’s life, beyond the shape of her ass (it was magnificent) and the obvious signals she was sending that she was down to fuck immediately. Further, when we met later that evening, I let her take me back to her place. Both of these things I clearly warn against here. Given that you boys are smarter than I am, I trust that you will not need to make such stupid mistakes yourselves, but will derive the appropriate lessons from my own foolishness.

Once I arrived at her house, I found (surprise!) that the bitch had two kids. While I sat, uncomfortably, on her sofa, little Janie (5?) and Tammy (3?) were on the floor, eating finger-food, not four feet away from me, glued to some trashy television show. Their reaction (specifically, the lack of any perceivable response) suggested that they had been privy to skank-ho mommy bringing strange men around many times in the past.

Before I could find the resolve to bolt out the door, skanky princess swiveled, in one smooth motion, onto my lap, and began grinding her cunt into my lower abdomen, simultaneously moving to take her top off. My response was laughter, and it didn’t go over well. When she feigned hurt feelings, I pointed out that I wasn’t inclined to perform live sex-acts for an audience without handsome compensation. Further, if I am the only person who objects to two little kids seeing depravity up close, then there is something seriously wrong with the home situation.

Bitch pretended to get all offended, at which point I scooted the fuck out of her domain.

There is a reason we should not date, fuck, or have anything to do with single mothers, and that reason is as simple as the cancer they are on our civilization.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 15.06.33

Single mothers are far more corrosive to our social fabric than are neo-Nazi skinheads. They fuel more violence than ANTIFA. In fact, it would be easy to make the case that single mothers cost more money, and cause more problems, than natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 15.19.42

If you think you’re going to date one of these wimminz, just don’t. And don’t just take my word for it. Watch this video, and see what our brother thinks…

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

9 thoughts on “Single Mother Extravaganza!”

  1. Another, nice reminder, PSA from your brother boxer ..

    Gentlemen .. this info will be on the final exam .. behave accordingly!

  2. Single moms aren’t the problem, it’s the worthless pieces of drek they have sex with, who are the real load upon society.

  3. Yeah well when you keep going back to the island of misfit toys…this is the type of stuff you encounter.

  4. Dear Sue:

    Single moms aren’t the problem, it’s the worthless pieces of drek they have sex with, who are the real load upon society.

    Bitch, stick to what you know, and that’s sucking cock.

    Single Mom Kills Her Two Kids, Days After Posting ‘I Could Not Ask for Better Children’

    Single mom found unresponsive in the same home where the bodies of her two daughters were discovered Tuesday afternoon left suicide notes indicating her plans to kill them and then herself.

  5. Single moms aren’t the problem, it’s the worthless pieces of drek they have sex with, who are the real load upon society.

    Men take notice of what we can learn from ‘sue’ [sic] ..

    1. Once again .. HATE ALL MEN .. unless they are dykes ..

    Dyke on dyke action is okay according to ‘sue’ [sic]. Because it’s not a man.

    2. A wommimz who blows-up her marriage is okay .. because it was a man’s fault. Or, maybe a futire man’s fault.

    3. Also .. NO MAN is worthy of a ‘single mom(s)’ [sic]. By her virtue and essence alone she is still the apex prize of only the most select kings and princes.

    No you’re ‘worthless pieces of drek’ [sic] .. and should not apply.

    4. Once again .. you are just the next con-test-tent on the price is wromg bitch!

  6. Boxer .. Sue lacks “empathy”.

    She thinks a womminz that is just “DTF” is looking for more than a good fawk.

    She is a bigot also .. she only places virtue on womminz of all shades and shapes. They can do no wrong and are not equally responsible for their outcome.

    It’s evil men who ruin her pure intentions with boyish lust ..

    She’s an idiot .. doubtful anyone would allow her the opportunity to swallow their buttery batter.

  7. Dear Honeycomb:

    Sue’s smelly old prolapsed twat isn’t really worth discussing, but anyway, here we are…

    She’s an idiot .. doubtful anyone would allow her the opportunity to swallow their buttery batter.

    I used to listen to wimminz of exactly Sue’s type on the Tom Leykis show. Aging old dried out sluts who are understandably bitter about the fact that they have become unbangable old fruitbats with no one to talk to.

    There are several examples of aging hookers who are exactly Sue’s type: spoiled milk. Like them, Sue was never clever or hot enough to attract or keep a decent man. Now the window of opportunity is not even visible in the rear-view. She needs to constantly appear on blogs like this one, begging for attention from the men who wouldn’t touch her.

    The reality is that the 23-year old skank is who men like us are looking for, and half the time, we bail before we stick our dicks in that bitch.

  8. Good ole Tom ..

    As for the Old Bag Sue .. she’s unable to see the truth .. it would hurt to much .. and she appears to already be in a lot of pain / anger.

    Enjoy the cats Sue!


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