Bearing My Testimony


I often express thanks, to God or chance, that I wasn’t born a Christian. As such, I am free of implicit association with the sort of (sub-)human garbage we scoff at in places like the Dalrock comment section. For example:

Premeditated dishonesty

False rape accusations

Harassment of children

Of course, this is the cue for men like Derek to appear and “rebuild the mound” with claims that all the thousands of scroungy Christians (who daily dance for my entertainment) aren’t actually Christians.

This makes no sense and can be immediately dismissed. The existence of “true Christians” would entail some of them showing up when the Christian scum behave badly, and shutting the miscreants up. Men are what they do, and when Dalrock and Cane Caldo behave in their typical fashion, they are illustrating Christian praxis on a minute-by-minute basis. The reality is that Dalrock, Cane Caldo and Deti are the “true Christians,” and normal, decent men reflexively reject them and their filthy religion.

Down below, our brother Jason points out some of the problems with Christian moral hygeine, and he comes to some of the same conclusions I do.

Heaven will be that place where I am not. Thankfully. I could not stand an eternity with the Christian man-o-sphere, and even IF I still was a christian….I would not be going according to 99% of them because some other made up rule, or interpeted verse of what jesus *really* meant to say. the modern christian heaven is a place for maybe 50 people and their families………

The Christian heaven will be a place for low men like Cane Caldo to indulge in endless lying and girly backbiting, usually involving stories of sodomy and pedophilia. It will be a place where halfmen like Dalrock incite his dozen brain-dead followers to harass the uninvolved children of whoever differed with him the day before. It will have Counselor Deti ready to excuse all this with laughable appeals to the moral rightness of bearing false-witness.

Jason apparently isn’t very excited about the prospect of spending eternity with these sorts of reprobates. I’m not either. He also makes two implicit claims that I find interesting. The first is about the metaphysical status of the holy books, which inspire people like Cane Caldo to wax on at length, in print, about fucking trannies in the ass. The second is about the existence of God himself.

I’m not going to convince you otherwise. It’s cool. According to the people who aspouse that “they are following and loving god more than anything” should read their own bible…….men like me will burn forever (I renounced the faith), I know I won’t because it’s all made up.

I’ve never seen sense in the idea that God wrote the self-contradictory books that Christians hold up as inspired. I think it’s more likely that men wrote those books, while they were trying to make sense of the world and their place in it. The books might then be cast as not the word of God, but rather the words of people who were interested in God.

the body doesn’t need anybody. it needs self-righteous smack talk, and these folks are STILL rewarded by god. No thanks. Sadistic jerk if he really existed. Yeah, I forgot I should be “rejoicing” for my mothers painful cancer and short life, my brothers downs syndrome, my dad taken who was more holy than most Sunday pew warmer……..yes, I know “god is teaching me a lesson”

There is a non-seqvitvr argument at work in the subtext that I find both common and troubling.

Normal people are rightly repulsed by Dalrock’s pathetic doxxing of his enemy’s children, and they are disgusted by his hiding behind the notion that his god endorses his shit behavior. It is reasonable to come to one of a number of related conclusions, including:

  • Dalrock’s god doesn’t exist, except as a creation by Dalrock to cover his continuous immoral behavior.
  • Dalrock’s god does exist, but he is an evil creature, and thus not worth a decent man’s worship.

I can readily identify with both of these propositions, based upon years of online scumbaggery I’ve regularly scoffed at. As such, I don’t blame Jason for his sentiments. I’ve often noted (and will repeat) that I’d be much more comfortable praying to and worshipping the Christian devil, given the behavior of trash like Cane Caldo.

Does it follow, then, that we don’t have a creator?

I don’t think it does. In fact, I could argue that Jason’s own frustrations imply an underlying moral order that supervenes across the behavior he finds so disgusting. The fact that none of us can directly intuit the moral framework he senses doesn’t mean that the norms for which he yearns aren’t meaningful.

In a more basic sense, I could ask the same question Heidegger did, namely:

Why is there something rather than nothing? 

We all find ourselves alive for some reason, and we have to wonder why it is that we exist, as we do, in this finite but notable sense. Heidegger called this thrownness (Geworfenheit).

There are two reasons why I find a creator plausible, and that’s the first one. The second is a consequence of the first, but it’s considerably more abstract. The world in which we’re thrown has certain features, regularities and patterns that recur, both temporally and spatially. We find sets and categories of things, and we tend to be able to order our sets and categories in a meaningful way.

Rather than asking why this is so (as Aristotle did), we just accept it, and it leads us to wonder about the greatest possible element in the set of all moral beings.

There is an ordered set we call ‘the natural numbers,’ and in that set, there is a greatest number. Not only do we know this to be true, we also know that we can never pick out the greatest natural number.

If Jason tells me that ‘the greatest natural number is n,‘ my immediate response is to posit a number, to the nth power, that’s greater, and the game can go on for ever.

So, when Jason tells me that the creator of humankind is Dalrock’s god, who condones all manner of unmanly dishonesty and moral degeneracy, I can raise up quite a few better conceivable images. Even then, though, I’d contend that we’re not going to approach the majesty of the creator. We’re just making feeble attempts to define the infinite.

Before I conclude, I’ll make a couple of general statements.

  1. I know that injustice happens. The best advice I got about this was from an old lady in British Columbia (a/k/a Western China) who paraphrased the Dao. She told me that “all the things that you find important… the universe doesn’t find those things important at all…”
  2. Freedom of conscience includes the notion that a man has the right to change his mind about spiritual propositions. A man has the right to adopt a religion, and change his religion, as it suits him.

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6 thoughts on “Bearing My Testimony”

  1. I don’t claim intellectual superiority on my stance. I am dumb as rocks compared 99% of the Christian male red-pill population which evidently has a “way above average IQ”

    I am not smug in my change. I understand why people believe. I don’t find them silly, or deluded, or stupid.

    Christianity was my “last grasp” at wanting and hoping for friendship. I found none, or very little. What was there was “faux fellowship” which only centered around bible studies, ministry, praise music, pot lucks, and more ministry. It was all surface…….unless…….you were deemed “in” from the moment you walked in. If you were indeed “in” you had “friends” and vast opportunities at leadership, growth, being listened to. Being endeared and having every single unicorn /NAWALT find you attractive.

    A man like myself was reminded directly and indirectly that “ummmm, you still have to pray / have god unfold his amazing plan for your life / wait on god / be teachable / listen / study the bible / pray / serve

    Even when I took a rag tag Cub Scout and Boy Scout Pack / Troop and grew it from 3 boys to 40……got it out of the red, and ran it successfully for almost ten years, it was still not enough, and was then told “you owe all the glory to god for this, you had nothing to do with it / you are a rare man that can work with young children children……you need to be an eunuch and accept this……..your gift is womens work” (meaning I wasn’t a real man)

    Having traditional guy pursuits meant nothing. I was stamped as an “addict” from day one inside. No hope. No change. No redemption……well, from jesus…….but not the real important people like “the men” in my church, or even in the general christian man-o-sphere

    I came to the faith later than most, and as I was always a “loner” and indeed very lonely (still am). I hedged my bet on this Christianity thinking and believing that people that professed this would actually live it with me, and just like me in the community.

    That is where I was wrong.

    Look, its good for folks who who were born right to begin with or got that ‘favor’ from god in just about anything or nothing they did. It’s a closed club, and at my age………the faith got the boot for the fact I saw and witnessed almost zero of this this “love” that they espouse non-stop. They meant in the end “love of their abilities / looks / skills / potentials” no else allowed that is beneath them.

    No thanks. Too old for this at this point in my life.

  2. “…men like Derek to appear…with claims that all the thousands of scroungy Christians…aren’t actually Christians.”

    Mostly I argue that I (and the Anabaptists churches of my youth) bear no similarities to those people. I’m perfectly fine being a non-Christian Christ-follower if it means I can disassociate with the Christians. I’m the one not actually Christian.

    “The existence of “true Christians” would entail some of them showing up when the Christian scum behave badly, and shutting the miscreants up….Normal people are rightly repulsed by Dalrock’s pathetic doxxing of his enemy’s children, and they are disgusted by his hiding behind the notion that his god endorses his shit behavior. “

    I remember that discussion quite vividly. You and I were the only people standing up for the innocent. It’s what brought me over to this blog to stay.

    “Even then, though, I’d contend that we’re not going to approach the majesty of the creator. We’re just making feeble attempts to define the infinite.”

    Agreed. This is why you don’t see me condemning anyone to hell. Well, I don’t actually believe in hell anyway, but that’s another story. Now I’ll spend a lot of time trying to figure out the tentatively proper meanings of things in the Bible because I view it as authoritative (others don’t, that’s fine). But any conclusion I draw must be with the caveat that it’s just a feeble attempt to understand what can’t be fully understood. I’m cool with that. Not everyone is.

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