Skank-Ho Parenting

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Looks like skank-ho mommy and skank-ho granny are in some trouble. Not to worry, though. I’m sure they’ll be cunt-passed through the system and cut loose to do it all again within a few days.

Author: Boxer

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12 thoughts on “Skank-Ho Parenting”

  1. By default (we know) it’s a baby BOY .. not girl.

    So it’s okay! /S

  2. What… in the actual HELL… is that THING in the left photograph?

    Androgynous, buck teeth, unkempt hair, clown nose. It doesn’t even look real.

  3. ikr,

    Don’t forget “happy and smug” about what she did to her own child.

    Obviously mommy (aka grandma to th poor lil tyke) approves of her mothering skillz.

    Feed’em to the swamp rep-tiles!

  4. Androgynous, buck teeth, unkempt hair, clown nose. It doesn’t even look real.

    Apparently the father (who from the looks of the story was unavailable for comment) didn’t have much in the way of standards.

  5. Androgynous, buck teeth, unkempt hair, clown nose. It doesn’t even look real.

    Here Piggie Piggie .. sue-ee .. HEH!

    Gentlemen, gentlemen… Don’t talk about Cane Caldo’s in-laws that way. Never mind the fact that I may have fucked the bitch before she hit the wall. Let’s have a bit of that Christian charity that we learned in the Dalrock comment section, and be nice, shall we?

  6. This is what happens when you have wimminz givin’ birth in their late 30’s .. 37 years old to be exact.

    Gran’Ma was 37 when she gave birth to this lil-piggie. She looks like she lived a hard drug life so .. that and the heavy dose of DNA regression / self-mutation of a 37 year old drug addict gives birth to our Prom-(drag)-Queen above.

    Now .. I doubt granny knows who the real father is of this wild-animal .. but she’s in good company because I doubt any man would admit to the deed anyway!

    Same goes for miss-piggie.

  7. I’ve been to London, KY. I didn’t see any creatures that looked like this. They must be from near Cave City or where ever the paint factory is.

  8. All the kewl kids are doin’ it!

    FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) – Six people ranging in age from 62 to 85 face sex charges after being arrested in a conservation area in Connecticut.

    Police say the six, five men and an 85-year-old woman, were involved in lewd and sexual activity in the Grace Richardson conservation area in Fairfield earlier this month.

    Police say the area was being publicized on the internet as an area for people to meet and have sex.

    Police say they set up surveillance in the area and observed several violations.

    Those arrested face charges ranging from breach of peace to public indecency. They were released on promises to appear in court.

    Well .. she used her head to blow those five menz minds. Who said smart chicks aren’t sexy .. bwhaaaaaaaa

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