Skank Sells Her Daughter to Pimp: Media Obscures Story

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The cunt at right is Carmen Lowe. She’s a well-known scumbag and hardened criminal. Despite this, the faggots down at the family courts awarded the bitch unsupervised visitation. Naturally, bitch does not have to pay child support.

Back in June, bitch disappeared with the little girl seen at left, after baby’s dad was forced to surrender the child for one such visit. Bitch was not seen again. Father complained to police, and guess what happened?

(If you guessed absolutely nothing then you are the big winner.)

After some five weeks with no help from authorities, dad suddenly got word that his little girl had been found, after a child prostitution ring had been busted by the F.B.I..

Bitch had sold her own little girl to a pimp. It was only by accident that the baby was found. She’s apparently still alive, despite her ordeal.

Read the story here, and note well how the true details are glossed over. This is journalism in the feminist state.

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14 thoughts on “Skank Sells Her Daughter to Pimp: Media Obscures Story”

  1. Natural Justice would be justifiable to ALL involved .. and by all .. I mean ALL!

    As a side note .. her face alone has more warnings signs than a Cat 5 hurricane.

  2. ‘her face alone has more warnings signs than a Cat 5 hurricane.’

    Lip fillers and a nose ring.

    I bet this type of story is the NORM when it comes to kids getting into the hands of human traffickers and Epstein types. I’ve read a lot of the Hollyweird stories when it comes to child actors and they were often in the hands of those pedos because they were in a single mother household and the mother thought selling their kids to those pimps would pay the bills.

  3. These individuals had other children as well, for other girls were actually working this human trafficking operation,” said Maj. Robert Ramirez with the Fayetteville Police Department.

    What do you suppose the odds those children were growing up in a single mother household?

  4. What do you suppose the odds those children were growing up in a single mother household?

    Probably close to 100 percent. Granted, it’s possible that a (very) few were abducted from nominally two-parent households, but how functional could those households have been if sex traffickers were able to get close enough to them to abduct them?

  5. I know it’s been often said ‘women are the gatekeepers of sex’…but it’s really more than that. Women are the gatekeepers of the conception of a child. Assuming it’s not a case of legit rape…women have more than enough control when it comes to deciding who will be the father of their children.

    A healthy outlook would be to find a man who has shown husband and father characteristics…marry him and have children with that guy. It would reduce the chances of that kid getting picked off by the pedocult since the father is actively involved in his kid’s well being. That does require not having sex outside of marriage (contraception doesn’t always stop conception).

    An unhealthy outlook is to treat sex irresponsibly with men who don’t show any commitment or husband/father skills and could certainly either not be involved in the kid’s life or she has a vendetta against the guy to keep the kids out of his life. Having kids in marriage and then divorcing the guy because you are unhappy will also put the kids at risk for the pedocult. It’s been shown by many studies…a lot of the societal dysfunction in children comes from absent fathers and single mothers.

  6. Seems like only women get the idea they need a wedding in order to state they married themselves.

    I have yet to hear of a man doing this…and if one did I’d question his mental facilities.

  7. Exactly .. “their day” .. no man is required when the state foots the bill .. i.e. forcing other men to pay the bill.

  8. I feel for the child. And I fear that mom is going to get custody. The court will reason that the child was Prosecuted while dad had custody. And mom will be forgiven because the pimp took advantage of kindness

  9. “And I fear that mom is going to get custody.”

    Not at this point. There’s too much to sweep under the rug. Jailtime probably still won’t happen but even the most cucked family court listens to “she sold our child into pedo-sex slavery, ask the FBI for the details”.

    Any judge who gives her the kid back will be criminally chargeable with aiding & abetting child trafficking if the kid disappears again.

  10. ” Not so long ago, Japanese women who remained unmarried after the age of 25 were referred to as “Christmas cake,” a slur comparing them to old holiday pastries that cannot be sold after Dec. 25. ”

    This is just too good.

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