Soph Lectures on LGBTQDLIEODNF

Edit_1: Because google is now given over to censorship, you can watch this heartwarming and totally safe for work video on bitchute:

Edit_2: Soph has a message for our masters over at google…


Of course, the ninnies over at twitter will (wait for it) naturally take this attempt at a little kid’s sarcastic humor seriously, and will eventually censor her there, too. In doing so, they’ll be playing into her hands and revealing their own petty aspirations to tyranny. Such is the way it must be.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

7 thoughts on “Soph Lectures on LGBTQDLIEODNF”

  1. Of course that well spoken youngman’s video didn’t last long.

    Who would’da thunk’it .. heh.

  2. I saw it before the tech overlords took it down. I guess it hurt them too much.

  3. Soph is a girl, apparently around 13. She’s a particularly fearless example of our woke youth. Blessings of the state, blessings of the masses…. truly, she is made in the image of the divine.

    All cowardly faggots take note (Cane Caldo, this means you). This little girl is out in the real-world, raising hell and laughing at our enemies. What have you done today?

  4. A girl .. okay .. a boy haircut .. a boy voice .. clothing a boy would wear .. I guess I had tooooooooooo many adult beverages last night .. heh!

  5. A girl .. okay .. a boy haircut .. a boy voice .. clothing a boy would wear .. I guess I had tooooooooooo many adult beverages last night .. heh!

    She frequently lampoons her critics from the junior high (not kidding) via costumes. If she’s making fun of a nationally known character in this video, I’d guess it might be Ben Shapiro.

    My understanding is that she mildly criticized someone on her California school board in one of her first videos, and they harassed her parents for it. Since then, she’s been cut loose to do whatever she wants. Huge ups to her father, who is certainly at least assenting to her good works. She’s articulate, funny and on-point, even when she mocks MGTOW dudez (like me), as she does toward the end of this video.

  6. I’ll jus leave this here ..

    Offensive Crayons .. this aught-uh twist their skirts!


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