Filthy Lying Whores

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Nurse Nookie: Laughing since 1984.

Down below, Earl astutely notes that:

Sure she might not appeal to Boxer from her photo…but her 3d self certainly knew which buttons to push in this guy to have him fall into the trap.

The poor old geezer at top left was Johnnie Albritton. If you read the caption, you know only part of the story.

My nigga Johnnie was married to some woman who took ill with cancer, ’round about 1980. Soon after the diagnosis, Johnnie hired a nurse to look after his wife and little kids. The nurse is the smiling old bitch in top right of the photo.

Johnnie’s wife died, around 1983. By this time, Nurse Nookie had (in Earl’s parlance) pushed all the right buttons, and had my man Johnnie hooked on her cunt/ass/mouth. Johnnie laid his wife to rest, but skank-ho nurse stayed on in the house.

Only months after burying his spouse, Johnnie came home from work one night to meet his new wimminz, who informed him that his little girl had, for some reason, blown her own brains out with a handgun.

Must have been suicide. Kid was depressed about losing mom. Sure.

No doubt the kid was disgusted also, by the daily sight of her weak-willed father, who so easily fell into plowing the help, while dear old mom was sick in bed. Johnnie subsequently planted his daughter, next to her mom, in the family plot, down at the county boneyard.

Only a year after this, Johnnie was found dead in his home. Nurse Nookie called the sheriff, all in tears. It was a burglary gone bad. He surprised the crooks. Sure. Sure.

The sheriff became suspicious when he only found fingerprints and physical evidence from skank-ho nurse at the crime scene. He ordered bitch to come in for a polygraph, and she initially agreed, but later decided she couldn’t make it. More appointments were scheduled, and all were broken…

She had an appointment out of town.

She shot herself by accident (lots of guns going off in this bitch’s vicinity, no?)

Her own dear mother was sick.

etc. etc. ad infinitvm

Naturally, the cunt pass was in full effect down at the D.A. office. Sheriff was told to back off, and quit harassing this poor grieving widow…

Now, some three-and-a-half decades later, the sheriff’s office finally found someone to help them. It wasn’t the D.A. or the local cucked Christian priest or the lying town journalists. It was a trashy tee-vee reality show. They broke the news he had known all along. Bitch killed her man. Bitch also probably killed the little girl, and my money is on bitch killing the woman she was originally hired to care for, too.

Nurse Nookie has had a really good time, since 1985, spending all the money that rightly belonged to my man Johnnie’s little girl, his wife, and most importantly, the man who made the money, who she coldly dispatched with a shotgun.

Down below, Sue wrote:

Hey Boxer, if you honestly believe that wimminz are so terrible, you might seriously consider having no further forni-sessions with your [beeches], or any other wimminz for that matter. Seriously, dude, on the one hand yer totally spewing bile about women, and then on the other, you seem to think fornicating is okay. Uhm, yer talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Sue can not quit posting here for all the same reasons that my bitches eagerly get down on all fours to take dick on command. Contrary to what anon and Roosh V. will tell you, it has very little to do with ‘game’. I don’t offer the bitches lots of money or time or attention. A bitch might get a five dollar taco or cup of starbucks if it serves my interests, but probably not. I don’t pretend to be a thug or a playa or a zillionaire or a guy with stratospheric social status. I just tell the bitches how it is.

Every bitch I have fucked in the last two years knows exactly how I feel, including Sue.

You are a filthy, lying wimminz. You are a whore. If you are lucky, I might allow you to be my whore, on a part-time, temporary basis.

I will give you exactly nothing in material terms, in return for you falling to your knees, worshipping my cock, and agreeing to be defiled in any way which amuses me.

The one concession I will give in return is an iron-clad promise not to let your bitch friends know that I know you are exactly what you are, in word and in deed.

There are women who aren’t whores, but in the class of all women, there is the set of all wimminz, and every wimminz is a whore.

In modern society, the set of all wimminz has a countable, finite, but incredibly large cardinality.

Johnnie’s wife may not have been a wimminz, but Johnnie’s whore nurse was certainly a wimminz.

Jeff Bezos’ wife may not have been a wimminz, but the whore Bezos cheated on her with was most definitely a wimminz.

If more young brothers got woke to this simple truth, there would be no more Jeff Bezos style divorces, and there would be no more dead dumbasses, who previously buried their wives and children in short order.

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Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Rape


An idiot paid 38 BILLION USD to plow this granny’s stink-hole

Jeff Bezos, the world’s wealthiest man, who takes a cut of every transaction you make on amazon dot com, and who is proud to sell David Duke’s crazy books, while censoring men like Roosh V, recently got his comeuppance.

The old bitch in the photo above is Lauren Sanchez. News broke back in January that Jeff Bezos, the multibillionaire, had been banging this old broad. Sanchez was, not coincidentally, married when they started fucking.

Sanchez’ husband, a dude named Patrick Whitesell, actually introduced this pair of degenerates. Bezos cucked Whitesell, who is described as a “family friend,” after Whitesell made the mistake of bringing his wife along to meet the Amazon billionaire and legendary parasite.

The most unbelievable part of this story is the fact that a man with a ten-figure fortune would lie with a wizened old hag like this, but there you have it…


Apparently, when you’re the world’s richest man,  you amuse yourself by sending dick pics to elderly women who are married to friends of your family.


In January of this year, after the affair was leaked in the National Enquirer, Bezos’ wife filed for divorce. Last week, Bezos’ wife of 20-plus years was granted her divorce. She was also given 38 billion dollars for her trouble. She immediately got on twitter to gloat.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 08.22.31

It is interesting to note that MacKenzie at least took Jeff’s name, while the filthy wimminz he was fucking on the side didn’t have enough respect for her own husband to do the same. She was born, and will always remain, “Dirty Sanchez.”

What can we learn from this incident? Many things. I believe that the most important takeaway is that America’s wealthiest people are not necessarily better than you, not smarter than you, not more cultured or tasteful. They are often, in essence, white trash.

If At First A Wimminz Don’t Succeed…


Sherri Telnas: One Ugly Cunt

Last Saturday, 29 June 2019, several people phoned the Tulare County (California) Sheriff’s Office, describing a babbling whore who was screaming and cursing in an empty field. Police arived to find the bitch, Sherri Telnas, violent and uncooperative. A short time later, they discovered two young boys in a stagnant ditch. After fishing them out, they were identified as skank-ho Sherri’s two sons, Jackson (12) and Jacob (7).

Young Jackson was dead as dirt, but Jacob was resuscitated. He has extensive brain injuries and remains in critical condition. It is reasonable to assume that he will never regain consciousness, and likely that he will die without his breathing machine.


Jackson Telnas – Rest In Peace

At first, this might just seem to be the typical story of a skank-ho bitch who kills her kids. There are so many of these stories, that it’s difficult to keep track. This particular tale is quite illustrative of the ease with which a skank-ho bitch is able to manipulate the criminal justice system, the divorce courts, and her simp. Let’s get a little deeper into the story, and hopefully you’ll all see what I mean…

Some eleven years ago, the same cunt Sherri Telnas drowned her same son, Jackson (then less than a year old), in the Clark Fork River, in Montana. On that occasion, the bitch was seen, and the baby was rescued almost immediately.

Skank-ho Sherri was hauled before a judge, back in 2008. All manner of faggots, including a Christian priest (how typical) and a psychiatrist (of course) wrote letters to the courts in support of skanky princess. Bitch turned on the tears and had sympathetic journalists write mountains of words explaining that nothing was her fault.


Watch the water works work

Naturally, the cunt pass was in full effect. Her attempted murder charges were dropped, and she entered guilty pleas to some misdemeanor “endangerment” charges, agreed to do community service and seek therapy, and the court cut her loose to do it all again.

Now, during the brief interval between bitch’s arrest and plea bargain, her husband did a very intelligent thing. He went to the divorce courts and got orders granting him custody of Jackson, and a restraining order against skank-ho Sherri. Sadly, this tact proved to be completely anomalous. Only a month after bitch plea-bargained herself into a jaywalking conviction for trying to murder his kid, Simp went crawling back to lick her smelly asshole. He subsequently married her a second time.

Ask yourself what sort of a weak man would remarry a bitch like this, and then go look in the mirror. We are all biologically prone to do the stupidest shit in pursuit of some ugly bitch’s slime-hole. Every single one of us could slip into this same mentality, and if we aren’t smart about things, every single one of us will do so.

At some point after her probation was completed, the Telnas family moved to California, and then they had a second child, young Jacob, who is now doomed to life as a vegetable — if he’s lucky.

I’m not going to embarrass the simp. He’s been through enough, and if I know the simp mentality, my feedback will only convince him that he’s sanctified in his stupidity.

And here the story ends. Take from it what you will.