The Price of Liberation

Men have an instinctive drive to contribute to worthy causes. Historically, men have done so by rolling up their sleeves and getting into the heavy work of the cause. When they are unable, by chance or circumstance, to do this much, they sublimate their intentions into contributions. This is in contrast to the instinctive feminine drive to be a parasitic wimminz, which is another article entirely.

Occasionally, I get offers for donations. While I appreciate this, I never accept them, because I am not a wimminz, nor a male feminist.

This blog costs me less than eighty U.S. dollars a year to run. If I wanted to, right now, I could pre-pay a century of blogging, with the money that’s in my checking account, and not miss it. This blog would last longer than the United States government, and possibly longer than the internet, without any further monetary input from me.

Back in the old days, I was banned from AVFM for asking why Paul Elam was allowing a filthy, man-hating wimminz to buy her way off of register-her dot com. With respect to anon, I did this long before he or anyone else did it. The only person in my corner, way back then, was AfOR at wimminz.

About a year later, I was banned from the-spearhead for asking why Welmer was turning that blog into a passthru click farm with spammy links, and why he was constantly begging for donations from people like me. I sent him 100 dollars per month when I was a poor kid in a graduate program, based on his sob stories about divorce court, only to see him boast about taking his kids to Canucks hockey games (at five hundred bucks a seat) and hosting the little tykes in four star hotels…

To his credit, at this time, AfOR was right beside me. He got banned as well, and he got banned before I did.

Fools and their money.

I got my comeuppance only a couple of years later, when Welmer, that fearsome men’s rights activist, announced that he was getting married again, to a mail-order bride who declared she was a feminist.

Fools and their money, indeed!

Our brother, the man in the orbital castle, wrote a comment here which languished in my spam folder for a few days. I finally got wind of it, and fished it out. It’s worth the front page.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 10.58.04

While I had yet to hear about the Rollo Tomassi drama, I don’t doubt it; and, I can attest that the rest of what he’s saying is all true. Every young brother needs to read this twice, and get the message.

There is wisdom in the manosphere, but that wisdom is often mixed with useless information. The price of that wisdom is the effort of using your masculine brain to separate wheat from chaff. Sending some useless grifter your money is not a prerequisite.

There is something you brothers can do, that will pay for your membership in our virtual community. That is to get out into your concrete community and start raising hell.  That’s more fun than sending me money, but it’s more difficult too. It requires you to think about how you can be most effective, and it requires you to get up off your ass and go out the door and spread the good news of the coming antifeminist renaissance. You won’t get any credit for this, and you may get cursed at if you’re observed by a fat Tumblr feminist, but such are the slings and arrows of our postmodern resistance.

Author: Boxer

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15 thoughts on “The Price of Liberation”

  1. Mock’em far and wide .. (con-artists & feminist alike) ..

    Maybe that’s why I’m still single .. HEH!

  2. Sending some useless grifter your money is not a prerequisite.

    First sign of a con artist is them often suggesting donating to their Patreon account. And it’ll be both wimminz and the con artists.

    Speaking of past posts Boxer has talked about…makes you wonder if Alex Jones hits that category….hmmm….

  3. Roissy wasn’t selling anything.

    Roosh’s Game books were good for the price. But he confused his brand too many times, and was naive about a number of other things.

    Game itself is not a scam, but selling products around it is (unless it is a really cheap book that is too inexpensive to matter).

    But Paul Elam is a pure con artist, as was Angry Harry. I hope no one is still donating to Paul Elam.

    Welmer and The Spearhead : Meh, the panhandling for donations was lame (something which no other manosphere blog was doing), and his remarriage contradicted everything he said about the horrors of divorce court. For all we know, he may get divorced again or has already. The fact that he deleted his entire blog outright (rather than just stop writing and let the archives stand), was suspicious.

    Who is AfOR?

  4. Oh.

    Speaking of deaths in the ‘sphere, Zippy Catholic died in a car crash, as his family confirmed.

    A similar fate may have befell PM/AFT, since he was blogging and tweeting full speed, and then it stopped abruptly, with no comment or answers to questions ever again. We may never know, as he was fully anonymous, but it is highly likely something tragic happened. People who consciously stop blogging don’t stop cold turkey, don’t stop their tweets the very same instance, and at least post a comment/explanation.

  5. I have returned from a very productive and wonderful trip from the United Kingdom. In London I stayed at the “W Hotel” on Leicester Square. It was a sleek, ultra-modern job. It was better than the one in San Francisco hands down. I danced. I shopped and explored. A highlight of London was meeting writer Peter Lloyd, seeing 1980’s pop duo “Swing Out Sister” perform ina very small nightclub / lounge and getting invited to a record hop in the basement of a pub out in Camden Towne. I walked Notting Hill on a quiet morning in the rain and enjoyed the peace and quiet. At the Ben Sherman shop on Canarby Street, I was shopping and browsing and was “mistaken” for an employee on three occasions. The staff had a laugh over that!

    Yes, I ate jellied eels. Had the most excellent Indian food I have ever tasted

    In Manchester, I danced to Northern Soul music almosty every night. Shopped (Shout out to Liam Gallaghers shop “Pretty Green”) bought a ton of records. Danced. Saw Rod Stewart perform in nearby Bolton Stadium (was in the third row with a bunch of drunk Scots). Shopped. Had a tour of Victorian architecture, and Hotel Malmaison was very pleasant. The World Cup of cricket was happening while I was there, and I stayed int he same hotel the cricket team from India was staying in. Had the most excellent Indoan food I have ever tatsed.

    Wales. Mystical. Ancient, and I saw my relatives in Bewtys Y Coed. Went to Conwy Castle and visted the old slate mines my Welsh ancestors worked in. It was a beautiful place. Welsh was openly spoken on the streets in this part of Wales and I felt a connection to my own heritage and despite being “correccted” frequently on my pronuciation of the Welsh tongue, I got along just well up there.

    I had a great time, and this vacation exceeded all expectations. A billion images and thousands of stories to tell. Wish you all could have come with me. Lots of fun.

    Manchester was the peak though. Had a blast in that city

  6. Dizzy, in a dream…ripped on Red Bull energy drinks….3AM in deep Manchester at a club called “Yes” on Charles Street on a crowded dance floor……I hit the “zone” where all dance moves became fully automatic and the feeling that I was living life, not just going through the motions……………soaked in sweat, skinny tie askew, shades on…….exhausted…..been dancing since 6pm the evening before……but so happy. So happy. So happy……this song then hit and cracked on to the vinyl as the previous one faded out. Not a pure northern soul song….but so British…so sixties…so beautiful. Had a great time men. I owned that floor for most of the night. The talented Helen Shapiro from 1964.

  7. This kind of stuff is part of the reason why I’ve been loathe to ask for donations on the blog or even take money via a Patreon link or other means. There’s the prevalence of con artists. But at the same time, you find shysters that look for money for certain “causes” everywhere.

    This is especially true with religion. A lot of the money problem with religion is self-made (buildings, paying people to do things that the followers should be doing themselves, and so on), but a lot of con artists have a way of showing up there too. I’ve read numerous stories of the pastors getting rich off their ministries – driving the Beemer, going places on private jets, not to mention the multi-million dollar mansion. The sad part is while a few see it as a problem, the majority do not.

    The chief problem with taking money, though, is that it has influence on your message. When you start chasing after money, or even worse put yourself into a position to need to chase after money (see buildings, salaries above), you start paying attention to what the people forking over the money want to hear. Even when you’re aware of it, it still has a way of unconsciously creeping into your decisions if you take it, and then those that pay the money have a mentality that they want to get what they want for their money.

    But money has its certain need to be able to get certain things done which are needful, which kind of makes it a necessary evil. While I’m on a free platform, I’d love to blog and comment around a whole lot more, but that takes me away from more profitable ventures that give me food to eat and a place to stay. It’s just what it is. There’s just no real good way to handle money on such things as these sites. So I don’t ask.

  8. @Seventies Jason:

    Welcome back, bro! Glad to hear that you had a great time in the UK! I know I want visit Wales one day before I leave this world, to seethe town in which my great-grandfather was born, and just enjoy the history of my ancestors. Are you planning on going back for another visit anytime soon?

    I’ve read numerous stories of the pastors getting rich off their ministries – driving the Beemer, going places on private jets, not to mention the multi-million dollar mansion. The sad part is while a few see it as a problem, the majority do not.

    These guys are grifters, pure and simple. They are incapable of earning an honest, productive living, which is why they abuse the Word of God to separate desperate, gullible people from their money.

    Remember: Jesus and all of his disciples were originally working men with at least semi-skilled jobs in the productive economy before they turned to ministry. I have believe that this benefitted them even in their time of ministry in order to help them support themselves in difficult times – and not having to put themselves in the position of having to “sing for their supper.”

    The chief problem with taking money, though, is that it has influence on your message. When you start chasing after money, or even worse put yourself into a position to need to chase after money (see buildings, salaries above), you start paying attention to what the people forking over the money want to hear.

    Yup. Dependence on the collection plate = having to tickle itchy ears. This is why a truly effective ministry MUST be financially independent of those to whom it ministers.

    TL;DR version: All you full-time pastors need to realize that what you do is a calling, NOT a profession. Get a 9-to-5 an put yourself in a position where you can maintain the integrity of your faith and not an inherent conflict of interest.

  9. Feeriker: I would love to go to the UK again……..sadly, saving for a trip like that again will take a few years. This trek was paid for. Hotels, travel (rail and jet over and back), spending money I started saving for in 2014. I only used the credit card to clear up any charges at the hotels (meals, laundry and the like) and to ship the grip of vinyl and clothing back to the USA. I went full Mod… I was in a shirt and skinny tie most of the trip (except in Wales) that is why I had laundry costs (pressing suits, sport coats, laundring and pressing shirts…….)

    In 2020 I am going back to New York State to camp and hike an area of the Adirondacks that I frequently did as a boy and teenager with my family for just over a week (Pharoah Mountain Wilderness Area).

    I took a tour of this slate mine, where my Great Grandfather worked in before World War I. If you go to north Wales, I highly reccomend it. Tough men those Welsh were.

    If / when I do go to the UK again, I will def go to Manchester again, and I would like to take more time in Wales and even in Scotland. My bucket list right now is empty……….I do want a new scooter (Vespa) and I would like to get ahead with putting away for retirement for a bit. AS for Wales and the UK???? I urge you to GO.

    London was great, but I probably won’t go there again as a tourist or if I do……will not spend a week.

  10. By the way….concerning Orbital Castles comment in the post.

    I saw David DeAngelo speak in 2000 in San Francisco and I was a chump….forked over 2,000.00 to attend a boot camp, got “sarged” and was gonna be made into a “ladies man” with “foolproof” techniques that “never fail”

    He was a jerk in person. “Women can’t help who they fall for, attraction ISN’T a choice for them” but then he spent a ton of time teaching us HOW to be attractive to all these women who just can’t help who they fall for.

    The group I went to bootcamp with were ethnic Indians, really severe closet Silicon Valley types of men who thought “Star Trek” was real and thought going out to a decent meal was an “all you eat buffet at a local San Jose chinese restaurant”

    It was *again* another opportunity for a man to prey, feast and drink on the hard earned money of men who needed help but *again* were promised Harrods Department Store, but instead handed Woolworth. David claimed all these 9’s and 10’s he bedded, dated, and slayed. Seeing the putz in action……him telling us about the “easy 8” he just spoke with………and I’m looking at her thinking “An 8? Maybe a 5 on a good day.”

    Scammers. We have them writing books, giving us complex charts, them using big words, and them just having a gift to be able to speak to a large group and assuming they must be popular, famous, rich, and amazing.

    They know a market: thirsty, hungry, men who are zeros with women and those zeros made many of them a name for themselves in the PUA, Game, and dating-expert community. The damage they did was just as great (if not worse) than what Josh Harris did to the Christian men in the late 1990’s early 2000’s with that book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”

    The funny thing is, all of these moochers had their reputations intact, still have ‘die hard’ fans and are still hailed as “amazing” by the crew on many of the man-o-sphere pages…..secular and sacred

    But the wreckage left. The men who never had it, never would and maybe “could have” if they just trusted themselves over anyone else were ruined for the most part. Myself included there.

    One would expect more men like Orbital Castles here to just “call it out” but when it comes to poon, women, dating, and how much, how hot and ‘who got more’ men for the most part are pretty brutal to their fellow brothers. That includes the Christian ones as well.

    Thanks for that mention Boxer in your post. Orbital hit it dead-on.

  11. “There is something you brothers can do…get out into your concrete community and start raising hell. That’s more fun than sending me money, but it’s more difficult too.”

    For the last two years my wife and I have been in a fight doing just that. It’s been exhausting and anything but fun, but as a parent you have to advocate for your children no matter what. People are lucky if they can fight the system for “fun” without great personal cost.

    “Historically, men have done so by rolling up their sleeves and getting into the heavy work of the cause.”

    I’ve not been spending much time interacting on blogs over the last month. I decided to pull out the engine on that car with blown head gaskets that’s been sitting in my driveway for 2.5 years and learn the fine art of wrenching. The kids have been variously interested and, who knows, it may inspire them as teens and adults to learn that themselves. Getting my hands dirty while teaching the kids stuff and hanging out with them is the kind of cause I can get behind.

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