Mexican Bulldykers Beat Little Boy to Death


I thought Latin America was full of all manner of sweet, feminine women, just waiting to be a good wife to any brother who is sick of the rat race? Go figure.

From The Daily Wire:

A seven-year-old boy in Mexico, identified as Karol Rámon, was reportedly beaten to death by his mother after refusing requests to dress like a girl. The mother’s girlfriend is suspected to have been involved in other beatings of the minor.

Love Wins! Yes!

No doubt the poor wimminz were just trying to “protest the patriarchy” by forcing this young brother to put on a dress, and dance for money in fag bars, as is the custom in the moral, upright, Christian conservative U.S.A..


It’s hardly their fault that the young man refused his healthy transition out of gender confusion, and into the “non-binary” paradise the rest of us enjoy.

According to Noticis Ya, Rámon was beaten to death last February at the hands of his mother in Guanajuato, a city in Mexico. The mother, identified as Margarita, brought her son to a community hospital following the beating, though he was dead on arrival.

Rámon’s body was full of bruises, old scars, cigarette burns, and the marks “made by some large object,” the outlet reported. The boy was determined to have been “beaten with a belt, a chair, a whip and even a hammer. In addition to the blows, they left him without food for days.”

While the monovoice on Roissy and Dalrock comment sections has insisted that Latinas are superior wife material. Here is an example of a couple of dykes who beat a little boy to death… No father in sight of course.

The suspected mistreatment launched an investigation into Rámon’s death, uncovering alleged stories of abuse at the hands of the mother and her girlfriend.

Before the assault that took the child’s life, Rámon was reportedly abused by the two women when he would refuse to wear girls’ clothing; he was brutally beaten “on the head and stomach, causing serious internal damage,” the outlet said.

Odd how no one in young Rámon’s life never cared enough to remove him from these two wimminz, isn’t it? Was it apathy, or was it institutionalized social pressure? Let’s see….

The child’s grandmother reportedly attempted to gain custody of the child because of the abuse, but she was unsuccessful.

“Cândido allegedly said the boy was a ‘burden’ and interfered with the women’s relationship; she also reportedly said she ‘felt hatred and no love’ for him because he resembled her father, whom she claimed had abused her. The boy’s father reportedly told police that Cândido absconded with the boy five years ago. He allegedly added Cândido went to live with Pessoa and her daughter, who is now nine and has been taken into care,” The Daily Wire noted.

Of course, repeated attempts by sane people to save this child’s life met with the power of the state and it’s black robed faggots.

“She killed her son, quartered, decapitated, plucked the skin and tried to get rid of the body. It was a very terrible case,” said Guilherme Melo, the head of the local police.

The United States and other western countries have spent many years spreading this sort of pathology into healthier societies, and the pressure our governments have brought to bear has now begun dissolving normal social bonds worldwide. We mourn for brothers like this, even as we look forward to the day when their deaths can be avenged.

Author: Boxer

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  1. The second story was the case in Brazil where the lesbos ripped off the boy’s penis before going stabby and bbq on him.

    Another case of both father and mother trying to get out of their responsibility and the kid dies as a result. And Boxer’s right…the US is spreading this ideology. Globohomo is abuse and death for kids.

  2. I wish I had something witty to say, but what good would it do, it wouldn’t bring this poor kid back. Add this to the two dykes that murdered their kid AFTER cutting up his genitals trying to turn him into a girl. Nothing will be done. What should be done is something akin to a public execution, otherwise nothing is learned by others. They themselves should be torn apart, William Wallace style, so that others will fear such insanity, but it wont happen. Man has lost his will to do what is necessary to maintain order, and as ugly as these women are, they are still women, and they will get special treatment. I can at least say the kid doesn’t have to put up with this any more, but they couldn’t even give him a quick, painless death. Bitches. Thinking about this turns my stomach. I think I’m done for the day, and its just now 10 am.

  3. Wimminz are not fit for command .. of anything of value .. ANYTHING!

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