Paul Elam on MGTOW

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  1. Disclaimer .. I will not watch this video ..

    Boxer .. I don’t mean to be rude .. But FAWK Paul Elam!

    I’ll keep the rest of my thoughts about him off your comments section.


    Bachelor-hood is not new .. it’s just more allowable now .. married men, moreso now, have no sway with them regarding their status as not-married.

    My generation (here in the USofA) have been at the tip of the spear in recent time.

    We did it all without the internet and / or Paul .. or whoever else comes along claiming to be the leader of MGTOW.

    Stay single my friends!

  2. Bachelor-hood is not new .. it’s just more allowable now .. married men, moreso now, have no sway with them regarding their status as not-married.

    I still find it amazing how women got hoodwinked from having a loving husband do the heavy lifting of working and making bread…while they stayed at home and raised the kids…to now having to work themselves (and basically drop the wages of labor while getting taxed), take contraception which increases all sorts of health and mental problems (can’t have kids when a career and fruitless sex with all sorts of strange men is what feminism says they need to be empowered) and their prospects of having a husband keep dropping every year this feminist social engineering experiment continues.

  3. while getting taxed

    I can’t find it right now, but I believe years ago PMAFT explained years ago how women (mostly) don’t actually pay taxes. This was because women are disproportionately employed by government (federal, state, & local) or by government proxies (i.e. universities, non-profit NGOs), or jobs that exist for compliance with government regulations (i.e. human resources). In the case of direct government employment women are a supermajority of government employees (particularly if you don’t count the military and all levels of law enforcement).

    Effectively, women don’t pay taxes because their pay comes from taxes. Any tax women pay is just a reduction of pay from taxed men or a reshuffling of taxed money (i.e. a federal employee paying state taxes or vice versa).

  4. Effectively, women don’t pay taxes because their pay comes from taxes.

    I’d most likely agree with this given this is the case.

    But this also means the Rockerfeller’s idea of taxing more of the population was idiotic (getting the kids to be raised by the state however is still the case).

  5. Sir why did eve eat the fruit: Productive advertising. In obedience to out sinful nature.

  6. Ditto honeycomb’s sentiments. If the video has any worthwhile content, I’ll take someone else’s word for it. I just can’t be bothered to give anything Paul Elam the time of day.

  7. Boxer .. I don’t mean to be rude .. But FAWK Paul Elam!

    I just can’t be bothered to give anything Paul Elam the time of day.

    As one of the first people to criticize Elam (and as a guy who was banned from AVFM back in ~2010 for it) I can certainly understand your sentiments.

    I find Elam’s recent work worthy of watching, only because he tends to shotgun me with tons of sources I have never read. He also recently got a very good interview with Tom Leykis. I posted a copy of that several weeks ago.

    Ah well… I’ll try again and hopefully get better at my poasting.

  8. I thought it was a good video. And gave it a like.
    I’m not too up on MGTOW considering I’ve been unhappily married for the last 17 years and counting. After 18 months of divorce proceedings, I may actually get to go to court for the first time next week. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you can probably assume I’m in jail for contempt of court. From the bottom of my heart I do have contempt for our family court system and the sexist shit they’ve already pulled on me. If I can’t talk some sense into that female judge who stole my kids for 9 months, I’m likely to give that usurping woman an earful.

  9. Paul Elam isn’t merely a dick, he is actually a parasite who swindles donors out of money while pretending to advance men’s rights. He has no intention of truly advancing men’s rights, he just wants to appropriate donations from men who have been duped by him.

    Elam is scum.

  10. Anon says:
    2019-06-16 at 01:23

    Yup. That’s EXACTLY my beef with Elam. He earns his bread and butter through pseudo-activism that does nothing but exploit and prolong men’s misery and suffering. If he were just an amateur making noise on his own time and dime, I might pay him some slight attention, even if only for my own amusement. But to pay him attention so that it profits him is unacceptable. I think of him as a human version of the American Cancer Society; the last thing in the world he wants to see is a solution to the problems he yaks about, as that would require him to go out and earn an honest living.

  11. Paul .. was against MGTOW because he couldn’t profit off of it and it cut into his MRA money. Also, he couldn’t control them either.

    Then he realized he could profit (e.g. media attention whoring and books) from calling himself the Leader of MGTOW. He knew the MSM would play along because they wanted to put a face to a faceless group. And since MGTOW lacked a face .. he knew he would get little push-back.

    Hey Paul .. if no one has told you .. MGTOW don’t have leaders .. meetings .. pay dues .. buy books on the subject .. attend functions .. stroke your ego .. or care what anyone else thinks of them .. they also don’t ban / censor other men .. especially if they have a different opinion.

    You’re not a man .. you’re a parasite .. and act like th enemy wimminz / male feminists.

  12. The manosphere has always been filled with con artists trying separate men from their hard earned money. Elam is just the tip of the iceberg. There were Roissy, Roosh, and all the game peddlers. (Roosh has already tried to reinvent himself at least twice, first with “neomasculinity”, then by becoming a tradcon, due to his failures.) There’s Anthony Johnson and his 21 convention who everyone is now realizing is a con artist due to his dispute with Rollo Tomassi. (I was pointing out that Anthony Johnson was a con artist before anyone else, 8 years ago.) And we can’t forget all of the conspiracy theorists with their BS about the Rockefellers and cultural marxism (along with their complete lack of understanding of economics).

    The manosphere isn’t just the land of con artists. It’s the land of con artists who are crap at being con artists. If you look at the history of game, it was started as a scam by Eben Pagan (who also went by the name of David DeAngelo). He was a much better con artist than anyone in the manosphere, and he knew when to get out. (Last I checked Eben Pagan moved on to another scam having to do with new age business consulting.) Not only was he able to leave someone else holding the bag on game, the manosphere was the second string of bag holders. Yes, the manosphere picked up a scam that others had abandoned. That’s how crap all the con artists in the manosphere are.

  13. feeriker,

    Oh yes. This became obvious in the beginning, from his deliberate deletion of

    A website that actually did register and expose women who are false accusers, abusers, murderers, etc. Something like that would actually *work*. Which is why he deleted it, and refused to explain why (i.e. he could not admit the real reason).

    This was the start of a pattern where any actual damage to feminism done by Elam was accidental and quickly reversed.

    The same was true of his late mentor, Angry Harry. Another parasitic scumbag.

    I wonder why there are people who actually think he is any good. I hope no one still gives him money.

  14. Well, if you have noticed Vox and his cultists have attacked MGTOW again, openly calling them cowards,pricks and liars. The interesting point is that he and his ilk never suggest any solutions for young men to improve their situation to find these women they can mate with and procreate.

  15. Take what you did and discard the rest. I have found a lot of Elam’s videos helpful and some have annoyed me. I was one of those people that found MGTOW too late as I was already married. Sort of lucky if you want to call it that is I live in Asia and the divorce laws are different here. But a least watching MGTOW content over the past five years has finally allowed me to tell my wife to STFU. I am a kind of pick up artist in my own marriage. I just play the role of a cnut. This Vox guy that someone mentioned, is he not the man that has joined up with Owen Benjamin? If no one has watched his streams he basically goes on about how he is winning at life. All it will take is those four little words from his wife and he can kiss his homestead, his money and his kids goodbye. I do not have a pot to pee in and no kids so divorce holds no fear for me. On another side note I understand the Tradcons frustration and for the West the Red Pill will lead down the path to our own long term destruction, but what can ya do? PS The Earth is not a spinning ball. I know not all Earth’s are like that!

  16. Welcome, brother. There’s a lot in this message. I dig it. Please feel free to expound if you ever have the inclination.

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