The Decline of The West


So, my jobs are finally winding down, and I’ve had more free time of late, which has caused me to make the mistake of looking at the television and mass-media internet outlets. Rather shocking it is, too; to see the ongoing degradation of our society.

Of course, my friends on the right wing will tell me that the end of western civilization is all the fault of black men, jewish men, arab men, the men at the head of China’s Communist Party, men in academia (like ya boy Boxer) and other such social piñatas, upon which it is easy to place the blame for bad stuff.

And then there’s my friends on the left, who will tell me (with a straight face) that the decline in American strength is all due to straight white males (like ya boy Boxer), and their hierarchical social constructs like the “patriarchy”, “white supremacy,” Zionism (our Jewish bros seem to take it from both sides) and other such nonsensical buzzwords, which the speakers can never well-define, and about which they get all defensive when questioned.

Never mind the fact that my friends on both sides of these spectrums tend to live in gated communities, which function like medieval fortresses, and who spend 98% of their lives with “straight white males” in the “patriarchy” of the upper middle class neighborhoods, and will not bat an eyelash when telling me about how their sister or daughter just divorced her husband, and how she’s moving her two (white, straight, male) divorce-bastards into her parents’ home in the same all-white medieval fortress. There is not a hint of embarrassment or shame about such nonsense, and it is spoken as though it is accepted as just an ordinary part of everyday life.

One of the news programs I was watching last night discussed the most popular baby names in North America. I snatched out my smart phone (designed and built by heterosexual men) and compared this with the most popular names in my grandfather’s era.

My grandfather was named by his father, and he was named after his own grandfather. Names like Robert, John, James and Charles predominated back then.

Today, the most popular names are shit like Liam, Elijah and Noah.

Men name their children after honored ancestors. Wimminz name their kids after whatever degenerate pop-music or film star is currently being sold as “hip” by degenerate Hollywood.

Men instinctively “get” cultural continuity. Fathers are the people who carry civilization on their backs.

Wimminz don’t have a thought from one moment to the next, except where to get the next Frappuccino and what pair of shoes they ought to wear tomorrow.

When you look at clown world, and are tempted to bemoan the state of things, it’s important to give credit where due. Rather than blaming men who don’t look like you, place the fault where it belongs…


Author: Boxer

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10 thoughts on “The Decline of The West”

  1. I know that people don’t always indulge in “self help” type stuff but I wanted people to know that they will never stop being victims unless they learn to move on. Added on to this: Jocko Willink mentioned a great leadership skill, extreme ownership or as I call it; accountability. There is always something I could have done differently. When I do more to ensure a positive outcome; I do better. Only when I learn to not blame others but see what I could do differently; I can live a beautiful life and see the wonder of this life.

  2. It seems those on the left think that hierarchy and patriarchy (aka authority) is the reason why people are oppressed and that to get rid of oppression you have to get rid of authority. Hence wimminz divorcing their husbands turning their kids fatherless and parents letting their kids do whatever they want is seen as a ‘good’ thing. Societal chaos is a small price to pay. Problem is even Satan and the fallen angels rebelling against the authority of God didn’t get rid of God’s authority over them.

    Right wing men…who probably personally don’t get authority either…would rather blame other men than looking in the mirror to see if they’ve rejected their responsibilities.

    The common denominator is that nobody takes accountability or responsibility anymore.

  3. Dear Earl:

    I guess what jumps out at me is how eager all men are to look for some scapegoat. The fact that nearly every social problem is directly traceable to wimminz and their shit behavior can never be addressed honestly. So much easier for them to pin the blame on some man (or group of men) who had nothing to do with it.

  4. There are tangible scapegoats out there…I wouldn’t even call them scapegoats because they put their name on it.

    For instance…who brought wimminz suffrage and no-fault into law, legalized abortion, created the pill, promoted women into the workforce because of wars, etc. We were supposed to keep the lid closed on Pandora’s box rather than letting the wimminz open it.

  5. This is a good example of why the pro-life movement is useless. They think that abortions or situations like the one in the article are forced upon women. They believe women are completely innocent so they are in the business of saving women.

    What this example shows like many others before it, is that women should not be trusted with raising children at all. Simply being pro-life/anti-abortion isn’t enough. Women are the problem, and civilization has made a great mistake trusting women with raising children.

  6. Children need both parents to raise them. Once the sexual revolution kicked into full force…single motherhood and no fault exploded as well. Pretty much any modern societal problem can probably be traced back to fatherlessness.

  7. Earl: I swiped your link for my latest post. None of these statistics are new, but it’s nice to have them handily laid out here.

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