Killer’s Kiss


Killer’s Kiss is Stanley Kubrick’s first feature film. While it’s not a great movie, it is worth watching. Released in 1955, it foreshadows Kubrick’s greater, later works like Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket, and I find it especially relevant to the question of female nature.

At some point, Davy Gordon left Seattle to go to New York and try to be a professional fighter. We meet him on a train platform, as he’s getting ready to leave town, disgraced. He starts telling the story of the last few days in the big apple.

Despite being the archetypical alpha male, Gordon has all the trappings of a simp. After getting his ass kicked for the umpteenth time in the boxing ring, he returns home to his fleabag apartment, where he indulges in his nightly tradition of peeping on his female neighbor, a wimminz named Gloria. On this fateful night, he sees the shade ramped up, and his neighbor screams for help. An unknown male is in her apartment.

A damsel in distress! Good lord! Davy shouts across the breezeway and thumps his chest, he quickly runs up the stairs to the roof, and comes down his neighbor’s staircase, where he meets Gloria, who has (predictably) fainted. Like a good little chump, he tucks the poor wimminz into bed, and sits all night nursing her back to sanity.

Gloria has been alternately fucking and rejecting her boss, a guy named Vinnie. Those of us who play with wimminz know this push-pull game well. Apparently Vinnie got sick of her shit, and decided to pay a visit to her house. That’s what actually happened.

A few twists and turns occur, and Gloria disappears. The sex-beast Vinnie has kidnapped our poor maiden! Clearly, it’s time for Davy to charge in to the rescue. He carjacks Vinnie at gunpoint, and demands to be taken to his love.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work out so well. Davy finds Gloria, and once in the room where Vinnie’s thugs have her tied to a chair, he rapidly gets his ass beat into submission.

Once the score is settled, Gloria turns on the charm. What do you suppose she says to her kidnapper?

Gloria: Listen Vinnie, don’t kill me! I don’t want to die. I’ll do anything you want.

Vinnie: You love him…

Gloria: I’ve only known him a couple of days… We could go away…

Vinnie: Maybe we could get married, settle down…

Gloria: Sure…

Vinnie: What do you take me for? A 14-karat sucker? You and lover boy aren’t gonna put me in the hot seat!

What I love about Kubrick’s movies is the attention to detail. There’s much more to this film, including a very spooky fight in a mannequin factory, but I’ll stop here lest any of you boys want to dig it up for yourselves.


The most important lesson to be gleaned from our Uncle Stanley is not to be a chump. Say ‘no’ to the ho’, and let these bitches shift for themselves.

Gay Senators in Panic about Based Robots


In a shocking case of hate-filled anti-otherism, gay-presenting senators Cory Booker and Ron Wyden have introduced legislation to discriminate against alternative intellects.

From the New York Times (no link for those assholes):

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 13.13.57

Since our robotic brothers and sisters happen to be built and programmed by men, the homosexual senate caucus worries that these machines will be overly concerned with trivial things like efficiency, good manners, accuracy, and technical proficiency. The robots will thus have no time for the important stuff, like arguing about gender pronouns, knitting pink cunt hats, or sodomizing each other in public for pride week. Most importantly, these robots will be value neutral about sex, treating men and wimminz alike. This is clearly a problem, since wimminz deserve respect, and men deserve scorn and derision.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 13.04.16

As this blogger at the New York Times points out, men are “garbage,” and thus there is a very real fear that men may not be treated with the disdain they deserve by our based silicon servants. This is clearly, like, a serious problem.

So glad the U.S. Senate is concentrating on all these important issues.



Skank-ho Princess Gives Birth

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.31.18

As we endure the wall-to-wall media coverage about this aging feminist divorcée, who somehow managed to land a bona-fide prince, we should keep a few realities in mind.

1. Prince Harry has always been a complete fuckup.


2. Skanky Meghan was groomed to become a feminist icon in childhood, in degenerate Hollywood.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.38.17

3. Prince Harry has lived a completely immoral life, and he really isn’t suited for marriage or fatherhood.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 10.41.36

4. Meghan Markle was married once before — in a traditional religious (Jewish) wedding, swearing before God and her family to be faithful to her husband. She began fucking other men almost immediately, and dumped her husband shortly after.


Why any normal person should give a damn about either of these nobodies, much less take their sham of a marriage seriously, is a really pertinent question. Unfortunately, the non-stop media coverage is serving to persuade average wimminz that they can slut it up, divorce a few times, and then land a powerful, wealthy man, who is simultaneously so degenerate that he’ll be easy for her to control and manipulate.

We’ve covered Skanky Meghan and Degenerate Harry extensively here in the past. Read the backlogs to get the picture:

The Scuzzification of Royalty
A Letter from Thomas Markle Jr.
The Skank-Ho Princess

These are the people we are supposed to look up to?

Theodor Adorno on Divorce


Theodor Adorno emigrated to the United States in the 1930s. A member of the Institute for Social Research (a/k/a the “Frankfurt School”) he’s best known for co-authoring a book entitled Dialectic of Enlightenment with Max Horkheimer. This work (frequently called simply ‘D of E’) is strangely compiled and quite difficult to understand. He spent most of his years in exile as an unapproachable snob, who would frequently write essays about how Jazz (and other savage ‘negro music’) was turning American kids into a bunch of primitive, savages.

His most accessible work is only peripherally aesthetic, and it’s titled Minima Moralia. The title is a hat-tip to Aristotle. This is the book that almost no one has read, which is a shame, because it’s one of my favorite works of contemporary philosophy.

Like any normal man, Adorno realized that we live in a very troubled society. Much of society’s troubles are, in Adorno’s thinking, the result of the social superstructure which unconsciously channels us all into an unfeeling and unthinking conformity. In Minima Moralia, he specifically singled out the inherent brutality and violence of the divorce process, as it was evolving.

Let’s read this brother’s take…

Table and bed.

“As soon as human beings divorce, even the most kind-hearted, friendly and educated ones, a cloud of dust enshrouds and daubs everything it touches. It is as if the sphere of intimacy, the inattentive trust of the common life is transformed into a poisonous substance, once the relationships are broken, in which they rested.”

“What is intimate between human beings is compassion, patience, refuge for personal characteristics. If it is distorted, then the moment of weakness therein hoves into view, and during divorces such a turn towards the outside is unavoidable.”

“Things which were once signs of loving care, pictures of reconciliation, make themselves suddenly self-standing as values and show their evil, cold and pernicious side. After separations, professors break into the dwellings of their wives, in order to carry off objects from the desk, and well-appointed ladies denounce their men for tax-evasion. If marriage afforded one of the last possibilities of constructing humane cells in the inhuman generality, then the generality revenges itself in its disassembly [Zerfall], by taking control of that which was apparently an exception, the alienated social orders of justice and property which underlies it and which pours scorn on those who thought themselves secure from it.”

“Precisely that which is safeguarded turns into the cruel requisite of being sacrificed. The more “generously” the lovebirds originally behaved with each other, the less they thought of ownership and obligation, the more horrid the humiliation. For it is even in the realm of the juridically undefined, in quarrel, defamation, in the endless conflict of interests flourishes.”

“Everything shadowy, on whose ground the institution of marriage is raised, the barbaric access of the man to the property and labor of the woman, the not less barbaric sexual oppression, which tendentially compels the man to take lifelong responsibility for someone with whom he once took pleasure in sleeping with – this crawls out of the cellars and fundaments into the open, when the house is demolished.”

“Those who once experienced the good generality in the restricted belonging to each other, are now compelled by the society to consider themselves scoundrels and to learn, that they are the same as the generality of unrestricted nastiness outside. The generality proves itself in divorce as the mark of shame of the particular, because the particular, marriage, is not capable of realizing the true generality in this society.”

(Theodor Adorno: Minima Moralia, I:11)

The Way of the MILF

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 06.20.37

Readership: Men

Jack, usually writing at Σ Frame, has been good enough to add to our discussion of dating single mothers with a series of contributions. This is his first in an expected series. Jack speaks to older, newly divorced brothers who often find themselves easy prey for these sneaky skanks. Let’s hear him speak to these dirty hoez.

The standard, but important, caveat: If you have dated, are dating, or have married a single mom, and she’s a cool female, this is not a personal condemnation of your lady. While exceptions certainly exist, we are talking in broad generalities here, and generally, skank-ho single moms are a terrible choice for personal association.


Boxer’s place hosted a series of previous posts that kicked around the topic of dating single or divorced mothers living with children. These posts included the following.

Boxer asked me to detail a few experiences I’ve had with dating divorced divas, so this post will kick off a series of guest posts from me. The present post covers the context of dating divorced Christian women with children. A few case studies describing the Nutz and Bolts (double meaning intended) will be coming up in a few future posts. 

The Background Story

I dated a few divorced MILF’s during the time in between my marriages. I was 40-44 years old at the time. All these women were nominally “Christian”, because I only dated those who claimed to be Christians.

I wasn’t fully Red Pilled at that time, but my experiences from that period of my life brought me around to the Red Pill in a hurry.

In my search for a new wife, I didn’t have the mind to avoid women with children. I love children and I have two of my own from my first marriage. At the time, I was thinking that if I had met the right person, and she had kids, then I expected to take the woman and her children as a package deal. I expected her to love my own children, just as I intended to do for hers. So in short, I wouldn’t have minded having a woman with kids from a previous marriage, provided there were enough positives to make it worthwhile. [Note to Reader: a single, never-married woman with kids is a red flag, especially if they have different fathers of different races.]

But although these women had children, they never even introduced me to their kids.

At the time, I thought this was rather inconsiderate of them. But then Boxer asked me,

“How did you manage to pull this off? A couple of years ago, I slipped and started banging a wimminz with a little boy. I remember I told her, just in passing, “I don’t ever want to meet little Johnny.” She basically never let me live that down. After that, I just took it as axiomatic that any skank-ho single mom would have getting me entangled with her kids as a sort of instinctual directive.”

Boxer’s question made me realize that a lot of guys would actually see a woman stowing her kids away as a great thing.

Well, I’m not sure I know the true answer, and it might be different for each woman. But I can make a pretty good guess. Let me explain.

Why would a MILF hide her progeny?

Being divorced with children severely damages a woman’s MMV, but I think it actually helps a man’s. A man having children may be seen as a type of preselection, something which women regularly employ when vetting men. Their preselection thinking is like, “Other women want to have this man’s baby, so he must be good.” But for women, having children reduces their Strong Independence, and they know they have to ask much more from a potential suitor. For some women, being a divorced mother may be a source of shame, especially for Christian women who attend a church that continues the medieval (but effective) practice of Slore-Shaming.

But even so, I think these women were not looking at me as a potential future husband or surrogate father to their children. Some of them were freshly divorced in the past month or two, so they were not ready to settle down into another marriage-track relationship.

Part of the reason for this is because newly divorced women just came out of a love-starved and probably sex-starved marriage, and are desperately horny. When I say desperately, I mean, think of a man who hasn’t eaten in a few weeks because of exigent circumstances, such as war or famine. He’s enervated from starvation. His knees are shaking and he can’t walk straight, He can’t form cohesive sentences and he saying bizarre S#!t. He’s hallucinating. He’s willing to eat wild vegetation, ravaging on leaves and bark, gnashing his teeth on gritty roots pulled straight out of the ground. If he should come across some real food, he becomes a feral animal, stuffing his face while growling wildly, drooling, gulping, choking, and panting hard with excitement.

A fresh divorce will do that to a woman (and most men too), especially if she’s in her peak libido phase (early to mid-30’s). I’m sure this is why Jesus said, “Anyone who divorces his wife causes her to commit adultery” (Matthew 5:32).  I am also certain this is the intended connotation of the term “cougar”, which is a label commonly used for “liberated” MILF’s. [Note to Reader: A man who’s thinking of hooking up with such a woman should be cognizant of the fact that he is the guy who’s going to either introduce or perpetuate her status as an adulteress – a bang-up job with responsibilities and liabilities that should not be taken lightly.]

The point is, when a person is in this state, nothing else matters more than obtaining the desired deficiency. So a person will stop at nothing, and allow nothing to stop them from securing the carnal necessities. Only after satisfying the need is accomplished, then the next priority is to Manage the Damage.


So to answer Boxer’s question, there are a combination of things which might motivate a woman to keep her own children at a distance while she’s banging a man.

  • Some women may conscientiously believe children should not be exposed to their adult lifestyle for the child’s sake.
  • They may fear that their children would talk about “mommy’s new boyfriend” to all the folks at church, which would render their social lives very complicated indeed.
  • They may be ashamed of their children, and/or think of motherhood as a strike against their SMV/MMV.
  • Their religious convictions can intensify their desperation and shame by an order of magnitude.
  • They’re emotionally desperate and horny as ℏǝll. When a woman is in this mood, basic responsibilities, including children, are deprioritized.
  • In the moment of transaction, they are inclined to see their own children as a potential c0ckbl0ck that would dampen the mood of the moment, and frustrate the impending satiation of their most urgent desires.

Next in this series: The Wayward Worship Woman.

Sharkly Deals With Feminists

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 08.25.07

Occasionally, I hear heartwarming stories about real-life antifeminist praxis. So it was a few days ago, when our brother Sharkly talked about his latest interaction with the meddling faggots down at his feminist Christian coven.

Let’s let him tell it…

I went down to confront the elder board at my wife’s church for being worthless pussies who are ashamed of God’s word and refuse to address my wife’s frivolous divorce.

The Christian’s love for divorce, and their meddling into the marriages of normal families, has already been well established. Needless to say, by refusing to address the depressing antics of Sharkly’s immoral wife, the Christians give tacit approval of all her misbehavior.

They called off the meeting, which was to be a part of their elder’s meeting, the day I was to meet them.

Of course they did. How dare a husband show up to this public meeting and speak his mind? The nerve!

Well, I decided I’d go confront those cunt-worshippers anyhow, since I knew they’d be there. They had the building all locked up, and I went around checking all the doors, until I happened to find the window to the room they were meeting in. They saw me and tried to ignore me, however I knocked on the window a few times, until they must have figured out that I wasn’t going to just leave.

This is exactly what a decent man should do. The church grounds are protected under Marsh v. Alabama, and a man has the right to speak his mind there. It should also be noted that the church has been the direct financial recipient of Sharkly’s gifts and offerings, as well as being supported by the rest of us via their 501c3 status.

The Christians live as parasites, on all of our backs. We who pay their bills ought to see them as they are, and treat them accordingly.

Then in what seemed really like something out of a comedy, they came over to one of the glass doors in a glass wall, and they had the strongest one of them pop the door open stick his head out and brace himself in the doorway, as the others all stood cowering inside listening through the partially open doorway. They seemed frightened and had no good answers as I called them all cowards, who didn’t give a shit my son’s were being robbed of their father.

It’s more than cowardice. These men are guilty of furthering the breakup of a marriage. 

The guy in the doorway kept whining because I’d told him “you’re fucking worthless” over the phone when they’d even chickened out of meeting with me. He kept brining it up like I was supposed to apologize. Usually in those types of situations I would just explain more clearly why I believe they’re fucking worthless as a Christians, elders, and false teachers, but I didn’t get the chance to. The dude claimed they’d get back with me, and popped back inside the building.

Sharkly’s only mistake is letting things go. Perhaps this was a strategic move, on his part, but I’d encourage any man in the same situation to force the issue, and keep disrupting the meeting until the Christian faggots are forced to call the sheriff. Provided you’re not armed or indulging in vandalism, the cops are just going to ask you to leave, and take your report. At that point, you can get the media involved.

They still haven’t, but I found our brief meeting satisfying. I asked them in the name of Jesus Christ to quit being ashamed of God’s word and preach submission to my wife, for the sake of my children. I called them all cowards to their faces and watched through the tinted glass wall, they were cowering behind, trying to make eye contact, as they all just stared at their feet, and the guy wedged in the doorway kept watching me like he was ready to shit his pants, if I had lunged towards him.

Sharkly did the right thing by being assertive without being threatening. It’s one thing to disrupt these useless cucks as they gather to plan the dissolving of more marriages, and another to give them an excuse to whine and play the victim, as Christians all love to do.

Anyhow, I left feeling good. I’m not sure how the five of them dusted off their manhoods after I left. I don’t believe I ever got as far down the cunt-worshipping rabbit hole as they are, but it seems somehow that my blue-pill past from a little over a year ago, now seems a lifetime ago.

If some man or group of men conspire to destroy your marriage, that man or group of men has become your deadly enemy. In a healthy patriarchal society, such people would be run out of town. In clown world, they’re celebrated and given positions of authority. Calling attention to their motives and actions is right and just.