The Longest Requirement List

She’s dated a lot, but she knows that this man just has to be out there. One question she doesn’t seem to want to answer: why should he want her?

Here’s Steve taking down a wimminz who calls herself a “hot commodity” and thinks she’s too good for the nice men who ask her out.

News for this bitch: You’re overweight, need dental work, and have a lazy eye. You’ve clearly got a lot of issues to work through, and this preemptive rejection is some sort of self-destructive ego-defense.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

8 thoughts on “The Longest Requirement List”

  1. That level of control and idolatry in a woman must mean she’s had quite a few Boxers in her life.

  2. I think that isn’t necessarly so ..

    Almost any woman that works has this level of (self-)decit.

    The attention they get is artifical and not anymore than for a fling .. but they can’t dif-fur-in-she-ate the suttle differences.

    Treat a woman (truly) equal and you will get a level of disgust reserved for the garbage-man on non-pick-up days.

  3. Her list came from a lot of men she dated.

    The rest was standard entitled wimminz demands.

  4. Finally a crazy dog lady. You don’t see many of those

  5. She, less than a 10, is getting no younger, yet she remains picky. How dare she!

  6. Welcome back (stalker) Sue ..

    She, less than a 10, is getting no younger, yet she remains picky. How dare she!

    There are no 10’s .. well except this one ..

    Picky you say .. why two an play that game .. it’s just that a man will increase in SMV & MMV as he ages up til around 55 years old.

    She is a used shoe. Lots of un-clean things have been lodged in that shoe. And just like a shoe .. I buy mine new. And I’m worth it

    Hey .. if you get the time .. send us a pic of yourself .. I’ll grade it for free .. just for you doll. Yeah .. I know I’m a swell guy .. and your welcome in advance.

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