Religion of Death

Lulu's bilateral tibial hemimelia. The feet are flipped inward and upward.
Is this low quality of life?

America is governed by a religion of death. Moloch is god and abortion is the worship ritual. It is the primary religion of feminism.

For nearly 50 years Christians have been fighting back against Roe v. Wade. The battle lines have been drawn with infanticide on the left and a nearly complete ban on the right. The stage is being set for a Supreme Court showdown. The result of this showdown could be a multi-generational inflection point even more important than the abolition of slavery and the civil rights movement.

Consider the power of images. Pro-life supporters show pictures of aborted and unborn babies. They use memes. Some of us use images of our own children.

My adopted daughter has Bilateral Tibial Hemimelia, affecting about 1 in 2 million. In America, Doctors would have recommended that she be aborted. They would say that her deformities were grave and she would have a poor quality of life, that her genetic condition may indicate a weak heart, and that her medical treatments would be a financial and emotional drag on both family and society.


My daughter has above-average intelligence and is a natural leader. She can now walk, run, and do cart-wheels. Her heart is fine. She has never been a drag on us. She is a beautiful person, full of life. Her life has value.

Mark and Natalie Weaver’s daughter Sophia has Rett syndrome and various other problems. She is physically disfigured and has had 30 surgeries. Her life has value. Their daughter’s image was used in a tweet advocating coerced abortion and they were told that their daughter should die and be put her out of her misery. Natalie Weaver is an activist feminist, yet even she can see the destructiveness and hatred of the religion of death when it hits her personally, even if she misjudges the cause. Dehumanizing those with disabilities goes hand-in-hand with dehumanizing the unborn. The inevitable result is death.

Brother Boxer recently criticized me for insulting, lying, and being ineffectual:

“Why would I indulge someone with such a history of bad-faith arguments? Go do something to reclaim the Christianity of 100 years ago, rather than insulting and bearing false-witness against men on the internet.”

I took a couple weeks off to consider this. I regret that my behavior has not been Christ-like. I’m not sure if I can improve the quality of conversation or be more effective, despite my deep desire to do so. As such, I have been strongly considering giving up blogging entirely to avoid causing more harm than good. I’m not even sure if I should try to bring back Christianity. Perhaps mainstream Christianity should just be allowed to wither and die.

Regardless, there is one thing that Christians should be doing.


Throughout all of recorded history it is thought that as many as 1 billion people have died in wars. It is estimated that almost 2 billion persons have been aborted in the last four decades. Abortion is now humankind’s leading cause of death.

For all the arguments against Christianity—legitimate and illegitimate—abortion stands apart. It is the greatest evil humankind has ever wrought. If there is a problem of evil that Christianity needs to respond to, it is abortion. Moreover, abortion may not be the sole facilitator of feminism, but it is a major contributor. Thus, fighting abortion fights feminism and its fruits (e.g. frivorce). It won’t bring back historical Christianity, but it’s a necessary prerequisite.

 The ritual of frivolous divorce results in the death of marriage and family. Similarly, the rituals of promiscuity and contraception prevent the formation of marriage and family, the lifeblood of society. The ritual of censorship is the death of freedom.

Contrast this with the life of forced prostitution she likely would have had in China.

17 thoughts on “Religion of Death”

  1. Well to reclaim the Christianity of 100 years ago we basically have to undo disastrous two world wars and the Iron Curtain…if you really think about it you’ll probably even have to go back and undo the French revolution days. Wide scale abortion was certainly a fruit of communism.

    Not sure if Boxer knows about the second coming of Christ…but that might be the only possible event that does it.

  2. Really Christianity needs to reclaim a lot…for example the denouncing the disastrous teaching of many psychologists, the promoting of widespread Weimar everywhere, banning of all contraception.

  3. I just proofread a case report about managing pregnancy in a woman with no upper limbs and flipper-like lower limbs. She got along just fine in daily life, conceived spontaneously, and had a healthy baby whom she successfully breastfed. People are very adaptable, and barring mood disorders or other mental illness they generally prefer living to being killed off.

  4. In Sept 1966 my older brother was born. He had Downs Syndrome with life and death health conditions most of his life. Especially at birth.

    He was one of the first babies to have open heart surgery done (remember, the first one done ever was about a year earlier in 1965). He had three holes in his heart. He also was born without an esophagus, they had to take a piece of his large intestine and place it there. He spent the first eight months of his life in Albany Medical Center (Albany, NY). When he did come home, he had to be fed through a tube in his back for about another five months. My parents would sleep on the living room floor at night, every five hours waking to feed him.

    His complications from Down Syndrome left him lower functioning (never progressed further than a first grade level mentally). He had a very weak immune system…..he was sick. Always sick. Coming off a cold, or flu or going back into another.

    In 1984, another hole was discovered in his heart, and he again had open heart surgery.

    In the 1960’s… fathers medical insurance would not cover any expenses except the birth. There were no “social programs” at that time to cover him. He was “supposed to die”

    My parents got the bill for his care in spring 1967. 47,000.00 dollars. Remember, a yearly wage of an mid ranking professional was maybe 12 to 15K a year at that time. They paid it off in 1982. Monthly payments.

    There was no respite care, no stipends, no monthly “checks” from the county, or state in those days, and through the 1970’s. My parents were taking him to the psychology department at Skidmore College and SUNY Plattsburgh for testing, teaching and help. Yes, they had to pay for this.

    In 1972, he entered a a public, new special-school program in New York State (called BOCES) in the emrging field of special education. He had to be toilet trained in order to attend. He was. I still find it funny that today “normal” kids are now coming to school at 5 and 6 years old still in diapers…..”the child decides when…not the parent” attitude.

    Tonsils removed, all kinds of other complications all through the years, and decades…….hypothyroid, rashes, sickness…..always sick…..always at the doctor….always on some sort of medication………

    I love my brother. I was always his “keeper” from a very young age. I saw the cruelty in people at a very young age on how he (and I….. indirectly) was treated. There were never dates, or friends over. Greg was always sick. I had to do my share of bathing, transfers, and caring when I became a latch-key kid in the late 1970’s and all through elementary and high school.

    I blame my awkward, single status today not on “predetermined genetics” or inheirited “beta” genetics (according to more than a few on Dalrocks site). I was expected to be “my brothers keeper”

    While everyone got to date, finger-bang, make out and socialize, gain these crucial mating and dating skills at the right age and time……..well, I had to stay home……..why? Greg was *always* sick. Yes, my parents loved me. Yes, they sent me to camp. I always got the things I needed. I was sent to be an exchange student. I always was well dressed. Yes, they spoke to me, and yes….I had my time with them as well (dad and I camping, hiking, or canoeing…… to Florida every spring, that Greg even came with us on…..I was not a neglected or abused child or teen). Much was expected from me because I was in this family and situation.

    Now? Greg is in a nursing home…….he moved into a group home in 1995 only 30 minutes from my parents. It was a great experience for him……….last year, his health has declined. Weakened lungs from all the sickness, flu………the perstaltis from the esophagus worn out and he has a feeding tube again. Dementia setting in….and he needs oxygen…….his time is limited, hence……….the state moved him into a nursing facility in Saratoga Springs, NY. and it makes me sad. I live 3000 miles away. Mother gone. Dad gone. Just him and I left…..his time is ending. I have spoken with countless professionals, staff, doctors……..I am his “ward” and I now have to make final decisions when they come.

    These are the questions I cry out to God with… answer. These are situations I beg for an answer to and for, and get no reply. I don’t believe for a second that “God chose me for this role because he knew I would love my brother”

    His life has caused me intense sorrow, pain and sadness for the fact that *I* could not and have been denied being a father, a husband, a properly socialized adult in these areas that DO matter to women (making them laugh, treating them like dog-sh*t and they somehow liking it)

    I saw the dignity many were denied at a very young age, and I have a deep seated contemplation about people who just had more than me in these matters. It cannot be fixed. Now I am old. Alone. Sad…………….and now *I* have to make decisions for and about my brother. Even after prep school. college, grad school, moving across the country, the drugs and alcohol to kill the hatred I had of my life, myself, and the situation I was given. Not requested. Given……..I still cannot escape. I am my brothers keeper.

    A burden I never wanted. Something I never asked for. No answers to questions from God. I ask myself frequently now……….wasn’t my brother just “supposed” to die in 1966 right after being born???????? What was his life worth to God? What were the effects on me………???????

    It’s hard. Maybe it was the times. The situation. I got a raw deal in this area…..and I don’t think God cared if he lived or died when he was born……because……if he had been born just over one year earlier. He would have died. The first open heart surgery was in 1965.

  5. “Why would she have been a forced prostitute in China?”

    China treats those with disabilities as less-than-human. Once they reach the age of majority the responsibility of the state ends. Indeed, they cannot even be adopted past the age of 14. Where does a young adult with severe physical abnormalities (who cannot walk) and no education go? On the street.

    The best case outcome would be a lone beggar or thief scratching out a living on the street. Much more likely is that a vulnerable lone girl on the street would be picked up by a handler. She would be provided food and housing in exchange for her… services. Perhaps she’d even have serviced American businessmen.

    China, unlike America, does not have a “Judeo-Christian” ethic. Despite widespread rejection of Christianity we are still a nation with Christian roots. Excepting abortion, we see all persons as having inherent worth, no matter their disability. It is not like this in China.

    We had a fundraiser to raise money for my daughter’s medical treatments. The community came out in droves. My native Chinese relatives were amazed. They informed us that such a thing would have never happened in China. She would have had no opportunities besides living on the street.

    Americans tell us we are amazing people for adopting kid with special needs. Chinese people thank us (especially for adopting girls). The cultural divide is huge.

  6. Jason writes:

    intense sorrow, pain and sadness for the fact that *I* could not and have been denied being a father, a husband, a properly socialized adult in these areas that DO matter to women (making them laugh, treating them like dog-sh*t and they somehow liking it)

    Your articles and comments regularly serve to convince me of a dual purpose to this blog. The hidden praxis of it is reassuring men like you that they ought to be grateful for the blessings of St. Paul upon the bachelor.

    It may be that your god had some special lady picked out. Call her Medea (the mythological Jason’s sorceress girlfriend…) She does exist. I know. Me and the boys all fucked that ho’. She wasn’t worth a shit in bed. Had you met her before we did, she’d have run you face-first through the feminist divorce courts, after several years of miserable attempts at making her “happy”. Then she’d have raised your two kids, Johnny and Janie, to be a drug dealer and a street prostitute. They both would have died before you.

    So, you happened to forego such a “blessing,” and instead had a lifelong relationship with a man who will always love and respect what you did for him, and who you were honored to know as your closest living relative. I suppose you can mourn the trade, but I wouldn’t.

    You can get angry at me for pointing this out, but I am merely the humble messenger of truth, and these are the alternate timelines of which you were deprived.


  7. I suppose I have no choice but to accept that answer. Still doesn’t change the fact I am reminded daily of what I did miss out on through dating advice, how to meet women, how to talk to women, how to vett and marry a real Christian woman, how being viewed as a lesser man in the church culture for not being one of these men, of how my medicore abilities have left me alone. The skills and potentials I have are still just “well, ummm…….it’s not enough”

    and then usual verbal dumping of “there is no marriage in heaven / have you ever read what Job went through / God doesn’t promise you a wife / Christianity is suffering / well, since you profess Christ, people will hate you / women are skanks….but you gotta have an active dating life / Just pray and ask God for a wife, he always fulfills his promises

    I am ready to leave the faith if truth be told. Not so I can go back to drugs and drink but it has little appeal to me now. I believe Jesus and what He did……but its a faith for very smart people and I am not one of them.

  8. Wow, Jason! I had no idea that your brother’s health issues were that severe and that you and your family went through such hell taking care of him. Having had just a SMALL taste of caring for chronically ill relatives (including my terminally-ill father in his last weeks), I cannot imagine the stress you and your parents suffered.

    I know that this sounds like shallow comfort, but I can say with absolute certainty and conviction that while your life her on this corrupt, polluted orb might be unadulterated hell, there is an unimaginably rich reward awaiting you in Heaven, not only for what you’ve done for your brother, but for all else that you’ve done with your life since turning it around.

    I know that I haven’t suffered nearly what you’ve been through, and indeed I’ve been blessed in certain earthly riches that I’m very grateful for. Still, I’ve reached the point in my own life where I realize that NONE of it is really satisfying to the soul, that at the end of the day I find myself asking “is this REALLY as good as it gets down here? If so, I’m very disappointed.” All I really care about is what God has for me in the next life, no matter how humble the reward (and given my track record “down here,” I’m sure it will be VERY humble). Putting it another way, I’d rather live in the “favelas” of Heaven than the Beverley Hills of this world.

    All I can say is, hang in there. We’re ALL being put to the test right now.

  9. feeriker….

    I visted my brother in this past Sept after my fathers funeral. I tried so hard with the medical staff at the nursing facility to let him go with me to the funeral. He was just too frail. He sleeps under an oxygen tent now at night……and I can transfer him, give his meds, and even feed him. I wanted him to spend the nights with me in the hotel. It was a reality that he indeed is now going downhill. Hard to accept. After and between handling my fathers business I sat in the nuring home with him. He would be okay, then fall asleep. He is slipping…….knows who I am, then gets confused and asks to see “muther” (mother). I did a very gentle way of explaining that “daddy” is gone now. He looked at me and was crying. Could I have said nothing? Yes. He’s my brother, and our dad is gone. He had to be told. AS painful as it was to explain this. I have a way with him because we were boys and grew up together.

    I cannot be mad at the group home, nor the State of New York placing him here. The group home was not equipped to handle his care now………what was the state going to do? Dump him on me? The move to California would have probably killed him. How would I take care of him? Not work and care for him and somehow pay the expenses?

    The facility is clean, the staff nursing staff are caring. Speaking with the one doctor I said “no heroics” for future life and death issues. Please keep him comfortable and please, please, please keep his dignity (shaving, bathing, and clean of urine and excrement). A few volunteers from Skidmore College’s Gerontology dept do come and read to him (childrens books), talk to him and he has pictures in a book of me, dad, mom over the decades that he really enjoys. He has been diagnosed with Dementia (very common for Downs Syndrome population at or around this age). I checked him for bedsores myself and he has none, nor any starting. The staff buy a few puzzles a few thousand pieces each, mix them up…..and he slowly and methodically puts them all back together.

    My parents were not activists for this population. They just did and dealt with what they were handed. They had each other. I will say my brother probably indirectly streghtned their young marriage at the time.

    I have to hold back from decking someone across the jaw when in church culture someone says “Oh…….he is so special, and that is God’s love showing how much He loves you and your family for giving you a brother like that.”

    Yet, their children are healthy, normal, have a life, have now grandchildren, a wife, be popular, liked and can lecture men like me about “God’s love”

    I take it for what it is. It gave me a deep heart for broken people, and it was also almost my own demise. It gave me lenses from a very young age…..even when I was a little boy, I *knew* he was different than me…….and the phony, BS radar detector was up and running in my life way before most people.

    I at one time thought that with a brother like mine it would indeed show and demonstrate the heart I had to a woman about my abilities to be a father and husband.

    It does, but only if you have the looks to back it up. It’s worse inside the church if truth be told in these matters.

    I appreciate men like Derek who at LEAST understand of what I went through, and the tasks he faces are not easy but he choose this path concerning his adoptive children.

    I had no choice.

  10. So, you happened to forego such a “blessing,” and instead had a lifelong relationship with a man who will always love and respect what you did for him, and who you were honored to know as your closest living relative. I suppose you can mourn the trade, but I wouldn’t.

    Yeah I’d have to agree with Boxer here. Taking care of your brother like that shows more masculinity than highlighting the last woman who trapped you with sexual immorality.

  11. He has been diagnosed with Dementia (very common for Downs Syndrome population at or around this age)

    Fifty-three is a VERY advanced age for someone with your brother’s condition (roughly the equivalent of a supercentenarian for someone not so afflicted). That, to me, indicates that, despite his condition, he’s stronger than people imagine, just for having survived for as long as he has.

    He truly is blessed to have you as family. Having visited facilities like the one that he is in on several occasions, it’s really heartbreaking to see people like your brother who have literally been ABANDONED by whatever family they might once have had. The staff of these institutions are literally the ONLY thing even close to a family that they have.

  12. @Jason

    “I appreciate men like Derek who at LEAST understand of what I went through, and the tasks he faces are not easy but he choose this path concerning his adoptive children….I had no choice.”

    I do understand. Every day my wife and I have challenges that normal couples do not face. Like you, we’ve had to sacrifice many things. I have to spend time and money on lawyers to advocate for my children because a feminized school system doesn’t care about children. It’s not easy, but at the same time it’s my life and I wouldn’t go back and change it. This is part of what I meant about it not “being a drag”.

    From a human perspective, yes, I did have a choice, but it was out of obedience (see: James 1:27). Of course we could have refused. What you’ve done is what matters most.

    “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”

    That said, I empathize with those, like you, who didn’t even have the option to do otherwise.


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