WordPress Censors Roissy

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The book-burners have returned…

Author: Boxer

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21 thoughts on “WordPress Censors Roissy”

  1. Disobedience of any kind will soon be a criminal charge .. think NZ .. UK .. EU .. oh yeah th fusa (film maker blamed for ben-goz-ee).

    Soon all of the objectionable content producers will be killed off .. then they will come for the consumer of such material.

    The problem is .. when they kill off one producer .. two will take his place. And firm up the convections of the consumer.

    How dare we desire to be free-men.

    How dare us indeed!

  2. As I’ve stated before elsewhere, I really do hope that someone (or a group of someones) with engineering skills far superior to mine is actively working on developing not just an alternative media, but an alternative internet based on a new variant of comnectionless protocols (a “Next Generation IP,” if you will) that can evade and overcome censorship attempts by the reigning SJW regime and their Deep State enablers. I would classify such an undertaking as “an essential step in the preservation and advancement of Western Civilization” and would actively support it in any way I could.

  3. The wonder is that it took so long.

    Agreed…although I wonder if promoting the promiscuity agenda was enough to keep it afloat despite the other agenda it was pointing out.

  4. Roosh is coming to San Francisco? I wonder if he’ll be hanged or lost in the crowd of freaks. “Breaking news, a Silicon Valley tech billionaire was just murdered by peace-loving New Americans attending college. Police believe it was a case of mistaken identity. The victim had dressed like a slob named Roosh.”

    I wonder if I should go just for the fireworks… nah, they’re sure to cancel the event. But he’s targeting shitlib cities… what’s his real agenda… oh. He just turned 40 and is starting his Bucket List. Suicide by shitlib, that’s a new one.

  5. But he’s targeting shitlib cities

    Is there any other kind of city in North America anymore?

  6. Don’t ask for whom the [funeral] bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

    Roosh V. & Roissy; dissident voices, squelched by the minions of mediocrity, those who enforce the status quo during the slow and steady descent, slouching into Gomorrah. I didn’t find either of them to be morally a model to follow, but I found them to point out and dissect the moral failings and falsehoods of the current order quite well. I await their reappearance on a new platform with better protection for their freedom of speech.

    Happy mother’s day to you all.
    Thankfully I won’t be attending church on this, their cunt-worshippingest day of the year.

  7. Fuck you, WordPress.
    There is little I could do to ding the armor of those who wield the ban hammer, but I’ve been considering just moving my blog and stuff over to Minds.com. Its not anywhere near as robust, but WordPress can go to hell. CH had no offensive content unless you fear words, which leftist SJWs do.

    Now excuse me while I go check out what it will take to move.

  8. I’ve done that in the past, like, real ‘self hosting’. Had a home web and file server using dyndns to direct traffic, but I don’t even have a desktop computer anymore, much less one to host a site. I’m looking into moving my WP blog to Minds and will run some posting tests during the week to determine if its a good idea. Minds is fairly robust, but their blogging feature is a bit on the weak side. Still, if all I want to do is get some words on the screen with a couple of pictures it should suffice, and I likely won’t get banned for my opinions. Thanks, though.

  9. Get email alerts of your favorite blogs. You’ll still have them after the blog disappears

  10. “Get email alerts of your favorite blogs. You’ll still have them after the blog disappears”

    I still have some of Brother Jason’s posts in my RSS reader, but it doesn’t replace the need for the author to have backups and a plan in place to self-host or re-host the content. Artisanal Toad… gone. Roissy… gone. There were no backups.

  11. Did AT get banned or did he leave? There were a number of pages of his at the Wayback Machine but it appears they are now gone as well.

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