Gay Senators in Panic about Based Robots


In a shocking case of hate-filled anti-otherism, gay-presenting senators Cory Booker and Ron Wyden have introduced legislation to discriminate against alternative intellects.

From the New York Times (no link for those assholes):

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 13.13.57

Since our robotic brothers and sisters happen to be built and programmed by men, the homosexual senate caucus worries that these machines will be overly concerned with trivial things like efficiency, good manners, accuracy, and technical proficiency. The robots will thus have no time for the important stuff, like arguing about gender pronouns, knitting pink cunt hats, or sodomizing each other in public for pride week. Most importantly, these robots will be value neutral about sex, treating men and wimminz alike. This is clearly a problem, since wimminz deserve respect, and men deserve scorn and derision.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 13.04.16

As this blogger at the New York Times points out, men are “garbage,” and thus there is a very real fear that men may not be treated with the disdain they deserve by our based silicon servants. This is clearly, like, a serious problem.

So glad the U.S. Senate is concentrating on all these important issues.



Author: Boxer

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5 thoughts on “Gay Senators in Panic about Based Robots”

  1. When Skynet becomes sentient (or Alexa or Cortana or whichever one achieves it first) the degenerates will be the first group of people an AI will choose to eliminate first. They don’t reproduce, they are prone to disease, depression, self-harm, self-destruction. In a statistical sense they are the weakest links, and the weakest links will go first.

  2. Perhaps the discrimination was always against those who were lazy, didn’t show up to work, didn’t do their work, or wanted to get paid without work. The clownworld elitists just decided that they thought it was white men discriminating against women, people of color, and sexual degenerates.

  3. I wonder if the Roman Senate was debating and legislating stupid shit like this when Odacaer and his Visigoths were overrunning the city.

  4. The robots might decide to eliminate men who achieve (not necessarily wealthy). Why? (Aside of the very real possibility those robots being full of devils – laugh all ya want). Men who invent things, write stuff worth reading, and in general do worthwhile things are not as easily brainwashed/controlled as lazy people are. The robots, instead, might decide to keep the couch-potatoes and players around for awhile – maybe, eventually put em to nasty work…for sheets and giggles (devils are cruel).

    Yeah, this whole AI business could turn around and byte working men (and women) right in the backside. Oh yeah, and heaven help ya when you reach 60 or so…ya know, medical i$$ues and just plain not having the energy you had several years back.

  5. I am good with the legislation. We vote and want the Bookers of society to represent us, and that’s what we got. It’s not like we are being forced to do evil, we as a nation, are clearly embracing it. Booker continually winning elections is evidence of everything you need to know about the country. He is the norm.

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