Another Gem From Usenet


I’m having a really good time digging around in old articles on the usenet archives. This story was posted by someone I’ll call John, way back in 1995. Let’s hear this brother tell his tale of marital bliss…

My wife is romantically involved with another man. I found out last week.

I had my suspicion before but now I know for sure. I heard them talking on the phone when she didn’t think I was home. Listening to them talk was like a knife twisting slowly in my back. I am really upset. I am going crazy. She doesn’t know I know. I have hardly slept or eaten for the last several days.

Since then I have put together all the evidence I ignored before. Some background information: We have been married 10 years. We have 2 kids, 9 and 2. We never got along very well, it has been downhill since the beginning. I’m a nice, easy going kind of guy. I give her everything she wants. I have always been faithful to her. She treats me like dirt.

John’s marriage sounds like the typical American coupling. He gives the bitch everything she wants, she sneers at him and fucks all and sundry behind his back. Really makes me regret my bachelor life, lemme tellya.

I finally talked her into marriage counseling, we went a few times. It seemed to help. We both know that we don’t really like each other that much. There is nothing that we like to do together, except for sex, and that has tapered off to almost nothing. We both agree that we would have split a long time ago, if it wasn’t for the kids. We don’t think it would be good for the kids. I don’t know what to do. I have thought about these options.

1) Don’t do anything, just let it go on. This is not good for my mental health. I have seen this before, and I always wondered why do they let them do that, why don’t they just leave? The advantage is that it makes her happy and she doesn’t treat me as bad. Sometimes she said I should get a girl friend and she would get a boy friend. I thought she was joking. I think that she wants to have her cake and eat it too. A husband to earn ca$h, babysit and fix the plumbing, and a lover for fun on the side. I think she still cares about me, even if she doesn’t like me. It makes me nervous when she asked me to take out a big life insurance policy, though. I care about her, but I don’t like spending time with her  any more than she likes spending time with me.

We must note that John is not thinking clearly about his situation. He thinks this bitch cares about him, yet she’s encouraging him to take out a huge life insurance policy (I’m sure she and Chad would ideally be the beneficiaries of such largess.)

This is a decent illustration of the inherent handicap men face when dealing with wimminz. Men simply can not face reality. No wimminz sees a man as a human being. At best he is a useful piece of farm machinery, and usually a wimminz will look at all men as deadly and hated enemies. That includes your wife, your mother, and every other wimminz you will ever meet. Moreover, wimminz are naturally skilled at lying, grifting, and every other aspect of dishonesty, to a level which you will never, ever approach.

2) Get my own girl friend. Turn about is fair play? All I wanted was a  wife who treated me like a human being. I never thought it right for a  married man to be going out with other women. It doesn’t seem fair to the  woman either. Between the kids and my job I don’t have a whole lot of  time, usually 2 hours in the evening, some weekend days. (She has a more  flexible schedule, they see each other at least twice a week, I think).  And how would I go about finding a girlfriend? I have been out of action  for 10 years. And what woman wants to go with a married man, anyway? I  have seen the lonely hearts ads but there isn’t a category for MM seeks F.  Is there a group for people like me?

John’s wife wants him to get his own slut, because that will increase his wife’s leverage over him, and it will further distract John from possibly fighting his wife for the things she’s trying to rob him of. John is already in dire straits with one wimminz, he is correct to decline the generous offer of inviting others to the party.

John is absolutely wrong about the inability to find a wimminz, though. If he were in his situation today, he’d just fire up Tinder and be fucking one of countless new whores within hours. There are no shortage of skanks on the dating sites who are married and cheating, just like his own slut wife.

3) Confront her. Tell her I know. She would probably deny it, or play it  down. She might say so what, what are you going to do about it? What then?

Why bother confronting her? She doesn’t care if you know. She’ll probably just deny it anyway.

What might be more entertaining is sitting down for the confrontation, and telling her that you’ve got a mass e-mail ready to go out to all the neighbors, everyone you go to church/temple/synagogue with, and the managers of all the shops the bitch likes to frequent. John’s wife wouldn’t be seen as such a big shot once he mashes that button.

If any of you boys are ever in John’s shoes, try this out. See what she does…

4) Confront the guy. Tell him to get the hell out of my wife. But she  works with him, she sees him everyday. They probably wouldn’t stop. I  don’t know exactly how involved they are, lots of lovey-dovey stuff on  the phone and “wasn’t last night great” and “you are the only woman for  me” and stuff, but would he divorce his wife and marry her? I don’t know.  I could tell the guy’s wife (if I could find out where they live). She  might stop it. Even if I do stop this affair, she would probably start  another one. I have been suspicious of her off and on for many years, but  I always thought she was true. How blind I’ve been.

John thinks that the other guy is actually in love with this whore, but he is absolutely mistaken. The other guy sees her for what she is: a skank, with no loyalty and no self-discipline. That man is himself a seriously damaged individual, even to entertain this affair. He probably has homosexual tendencies, and gets excited thinking that he’s kissing her right after she sucked off her husband. The cheater surely eats John’s wife’s cunt, with visions of John’s cock and balls plowing into the very furrow he’s greedily sucking.


Anyway: What is actually going to happen is that these two lovebirds might fuck for a few more weeks, before that dude loses all interest in this skank, and kicks her hard to the curb. When John’s bitch wife gets rejected, that is the proper time for a confrontation.

In general terms, I think that if the other party is married, one is somewhat obligated to approach the other victim, and at least let him or her know what’s up. I think that if I were John, I would probably do this with an anonymous letter.

5) Confront them both, in the act. I would probably go ballistic but I  might feel better afterwards. I’m not sure that it would do any good.

This seems like a potentially terrible idea. The two of them are in the room. You’ve caught them, and all bets are off. Do you know if one or both are armed? Hope you didn’t buy that “large life insurance policy.” It’s also very likely that they’d scheme up a story and have John arrested, by falsely accusing him of bursting in and assaulting them during an innocent business meeting.

A wise man will bide his time, and get revenge on his own terms.

6) Divorce her. I know I would be more happy living away from her. I have  been happier when she was away on vacation. If it wasn’t for the kids it  would be easy. Our 9 year old daughter likes living with me much more  than with her ill tempered mom. She would prefer us not to divorce, but  if we did she would want to live with me. Our 2 year old boy loves being  with me. She has her relatives living with us, they take care of him in  the day time. He would probably have to stay with her for now. We have  talked about divorce before, she says, fine lets get divorced – but you  can never see your kids and you have to give me lots of money. We live in  California, I don’t know what the divorce laws are. It seems expensive  (“it’s cheaper to keap ‘er”). And of course we save on rent and taxes and  whatnot by living together.

I don’t know the law, but it seems like a general rule is that divorce gets gradually more expensive, the longer the marriage lasts. The bitch is going to divorce John anyway. He needs to see a qualified professional immediately. No matter how bad the payoff is now, it’ll be worse next year.

I’m not an attorney, but I have heard that some states are better than others. John might investigate whether it is feasible to set up a “household” in Arizona or Oregon, and then, a couple months hence, drop the papers from there. Beat the bitch to the punch and make her travel to court.

Either way, divorce needs to happen. There’s probably no way for John to “win” in such an exchange, but he might be able to minimize the brutality of his losses, and an attorney is the one to help him.

7) Just leave. Get my own apartment. Come by to visit the kids some times.  Take them home sometimes. I would not miss my wife at all, but I’d miss the kids. She wouldn’t let me take them, I think. Showdown time. I don’t  think it would bother our 2 year old a lot, but without me our 9 year old  would be devastated. This would be a prelude to divorce. She might clear  out the bank account, blow up the credit cards, etc. I should split the  accounts, cards, etc. before leaving? We own property. Dividing things up  could get messy and expensive if lawyers are involved. What should I do? Any advice, suggestions, information? I need to do  something soon, I’m really freaking out. I cried on my way to work today,  I know that a man isn’t supposed to cry, and I usually don’t but I’m way  out there. I can’t sleep. I lay down, and my body is tired, but my mind  is racing. I can’t make myself eat, I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last 4 days.  My co-workers can tell something is wrong, but they don’t know what. I  haven’t told anyone. My wife is so out of tune with me I don’t think she  notices anything different. I try to hide it. I feel angry, hurt, sad.  Sometimes I’m so mad I’m just shaking. For some reason I keep remembering  the few good times we have had together, the precious little moments when  we were both happy to be with each other and not the bad

These are the consequences of signing on to that marriage certificate. If ever you’re tempted to marry one of these skanks, remember John’s sad story, and just say no to the ho’.

The Bowing of The Head


One of the brothers sent me a link to the following video, produced by Glenn Beck.

Beck, an LDS convert and a notoriously disloyal, globalist cuck, would like to teach us about manliness and masculinity. Let’s see what we can learn…

Respect to a woman is a deference to her. It is manliness. That’s why I bow. That’s why I open the door. Whatever you want, I got it.

What is a man? What is masculinity? It is the bowing of my head to you, it is the bowing of my will to you. That’s what a man is. That’s what masculinity is. 

You yield to the will of the woman. That’s a real man…

Aside from the numerous other qualities of Beck, we see that he is also a male feminist, and an enemy to men everywhere. In this video, we hear him promoting the message that wimminz are clearly superior to men, and that men need to bow down and defer to wimminz in every interaction.

So, we know what our degenerate capitalist and feminist society preaches. Let’s contrast these stupid teachings, with some wisdom from healthy, patriarchal sources…

Her father protects her in childhood, her husband protects her in youth, and her sons protect her in old age; thus, a woman is never fit for independence. (source)

Our ancestors found it appropriate, because of the levity of her disposition, that a woman may never be freed from guardianship, even if she achieve the age of her majority. (source)

There is no wisdom in women other than the spinning wheel… The words of Torah should burn rather than be taught to women. (source)

Never forget: All our ancestors spit on the feminists, and mock their enablers.

IMG_0032 1

All your forefathers smile on you, when you resist our enemies.

Finances for Marriage-minded Men

Stand strong amid life’s tides

Over here, Boxer gave this warning to the unmarried brothers:

Johnny Depp has millions of dollars and plenty of free time at his disposal, with which to defend himself…If this happened to one of us, we wouldn’t have access to the resources to give us a fair chance. This is why I encourage brothers to not get married, or at least to vet a potential wife very carefully.

You are not Johnny Depp. So while Boxer continues to warn against getting married, I’ll recommend ways to have a successful marriage. Of course you should vet your potential wife carefully, but you should also implement a financial plan. This not only protects you in the event of a divorce, it also keeps you and your wife’s spending disciplined. This leads to a happier marriage and greater financial security.

Three Cents

Aim for a minimum personal yearly income of $50,000. Pick an appropriate career. Avoid taking on a lot of debt if possible. Avoid getting married until you have financial stability. The more you make the easier the plan will be, but it’s not a strict requirement.

50% of your income goes to the spending budget. You will live off of this. Make a budget and do not exceed it. 20% of your income is saved and 30% is put into savings for a house down-payment or to paying down the principal on existing student or mortgage debt. Any income she makes goes straight into savings or debt reduction, split according to the 2:3 ratio. After combining your income, total general family spending should be no more than 50% of your income alone.

You’ll eventually have a lot of savings, but its primary use is for real emergencies, like divorce, and for spending when you are older. Yet, even if you do not get married, you won’t regret it. It wouldn’t be so bad if you end up being the rich person nobody knows about.

Eventually you’ll have enough money to buy a house. Consider waiting to buy until your down-payment is at least 20% to avoid throwing money away on private mortgage insurance. Make it a sensible house: your monthly payment should come out of your general spending budget. Set aside enough money out of the 30% debt budget for 2 emergency mortgage payments. Choose a maximum of a 15-year mortgage. If you make more money than the minimum, consider choosing a shorter-term mortgage to get a better interest rate. The goal is to pay down the principle.

You want to get as close to full ownership of your house as possible before you hit 7 years of marriage, when the odds of divorce are the highest. Once you fully own your home, continue to live frugally. Save your money. Start a family. Owning your home means much less marital stress, especially as you add children.

Drive a smaller used car, ideally with a more reliable manual transmission. Pay cash for it. The only loans you should ever get are school loans or a mortgage. You can tap your home equity in a true emergency. Hopefully you will never need to do this.

Move out of the high tax states: California, New York, Oregon, Minnesota, Iowa, New Jersey, Vermont, and D.C. You can move to one of the 7 states that have no income tax or those with low taxes: North Dakota, Pennsylvania, or Indiana. If you live in a location with high taxes or a very high cost of living, you may need a greater income.

Three Cents

You will teach yourself—and her—how to live frugally. This improves self-discipline. Be thrifty. Reuse things. Use used things, and get free stuff. Don’t buy the latest fashions. By forcing you and your wife to live within tight means, you’ll filter out any women who can’t live with such constraints. Don’t marry them. If you are not sure, implement this financial plan during your engagement period (manage her bills and bank account for her).

Keep your standard of living reasonable. If you get a divorce, you don’t want to have to pay to keep her living at an unsustainable living standard. Establish a standard of living in the marriage that you can afford in divorce, while planning to get additionally screwed over. A judge may give away 60% (or more) of your income and wealth in some situations. If you’ve followed this plan, you’ll be able to live comfortably on 25% of your income and have some reasonable savings.

Your wife is most likely to divorce you in years 5-9, which is also when you are going to be hit by the the largest alimony payments. You want to live as frugally as possible until you pass the danger zone. By your 15th to 20th year of marriage, you’ll have saved up a sizable sum of money and can start to live more comfortably. This is perfect for your midlife crisis.

Three Cents

During our first year of marriage, my wife and I were both unemployed and going to college. We had no savings and almost no income. We lived off the money from our student loans. We used free cast-away furniture, bought our groceries in bulk, and got free dial-up internet by cycling through AOL and Earthlink CDs. We had one used beater car and utilized public transportation whenever possible. Where did we do this? In a one-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia city, where taxes and cost of living were high.

Eventually I got a job, but we continued to live simply (e.g. our next used car cost less than $2000, inflation adjusted). We were not well off, but we were able to pay all of our monthly bills with some money left for savings. In about 3 years we were able to buy our first house.

We waited 7 years to have children. We married young, so this wasn’t a big deal. After this many years of following our financial plan, we could afford children. The financial flexibility allowed us to adopt from China on three separate occasions. This was important because, in addition to the expense of adoption, our children have significant physical needs requiring many surgeries (with more to come).

We now have 5 children, so we have to buy more expensive used, high-mileage, 7-seat minivans, but we still live well within our means. We were married almost a decade-and-a-half before we got cable TV and cell phones.

Three Cents

There are various alternatives to the plan I described.

You may want to adjust the plan according to your personal risk profile. For example, you could push the monthly mortgage payment out of the general spending budget and into the debt reduction portion of income. This provides a lot more general spending flexibility. You may need to do this if you have a career that pays close to the minimum regardless of years of experience.

Consider changing the savings/debt reduction percentages from 20%/30% to 25%/25%. The goal is to save as much cash as you have equity in your home. In the event of a divorce, one of you can keep the house and the other can take the cash. This potentially avoids a financial loss from a forced home sale or her just taking the house outright with no compensation—or maybe she’ll get 100% of the home and 50% of the cash.

If your wife does not divorce you or cheat on you, congratulations on having the kind of marriage that up to half of married men experience. Enjoy your quality wife and family along with your acquired wealth.

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions. Having a financial plan is just one piece. None of these plans are sure things. You must do your due diligence and there is always risk. Consider talking to a certified financial planner.

Creative Commons LicenseArticle text and photo by Derek L. Ramsey is licensed under a CC-BY-SA 4.0 License.

Unintentional Hilarity

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 18.43.19

Wimminz have now made themselves so objectionable, so repellent, that even young, hormone-addled men are increasingly laughing at their best attempts to cajole them into a sexual relationship.

Over at the typical feminist web page, the typical feminists are doing their best to reassure their dupes about how they’re currently being depicted. In this article, a pseudoman named “Dan Van Winkle” assures wimminz that there’s no cause for alarm, because all the men who are refusing them dick and attention really aren’t worthy of their skank cunts anyway.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 18.44.03

The feminists are correct, to some extent. Wimminz are indeed still getting fucked (and chucked) by men like me and the boys. We plow their holes and send them packing, until the next time we find them useful. Rinse and repeat.

The men that such wimminz really need, in a material capacity, are solid young brothers like Earl. Unfortunately, those men find harlots instinctively repellent, and the majority of wimminz on offer to such young brothers don’t meet the minimum standards for serious commitment.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 20.25.16

Old “Dan” is desperate to peddle the nonsensical idea that men going without sex have “such a problem,” but one will note that “he” never specifies what this “problem” specifically entails. I can help him out in that regard. In my estimation, the average young brother who disciplines himself to abandon the hoez has problems like:

  • more free time to do what he wants
  • more disposable income, to spend as he likes
  • the peace-of-mind which comes with being the master of his own house
  • zero probability of child-support judgment
  • No Herpes, HIV, HPV, etc.

It’s likely, in my estimation, that the average “incel” has much stronger ties to family members, without a meddling slut constantly attempting to undermine his relationships. He’s probably more likely to be politically and socially active in his community. I’m absolutely certain that he has none of the stress that I had, in my early twenties, when I was constantly trying to please a vacuous twat.

While it’s true that sex “takes at least two people,” it’s a mistake to assume that none of these men are actually fucking. They’re just being discreet. The sort of sex that these young brothers are likely having is the sort that won’t make it into a double-blind study in a peer-reviewed journal article. Some of them probably go see prostitutes and strippers. Others might have a downlow fling once in a while, no-strings-attached, thanks to Tinder. The rest might use VR porn, sexual devices, and/or just masturbate the old-school way.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 20.25.38

Hey, boys, wimminz don’t want to have sex with you! They don’t want to fuck you, and in return, you get to keep your money, your families, your homes, your vacations, your jobs and your sanity. I’m sure you’re all broken up over this sort of rejection, right?

As for “Dan”‘s more specious claim, that wimminz are likely dyking out with one another rather than coupling up in normal relationships — it might be true, but he gives no evidence, and so what if it is? The serious men find you sluts disgusting, and the playaz don’t care what you do, provided you’re available on demand to drain our sacks. So go at it.


Hegel taught us that history was a process, driven by contradictions. That young men are abandoning wimminz today is a very alarming trend, when viewed in a historical context.

One can go wander around the comment sections of Dalrock or Heartiste, and see men in their forties and fifties and sixties who have “gone ghost,” because after a lifetime of divorce, nagging, and abuse, they finally decided that wimminz were no longer worth the trouble. In generations past (including my own) it was rare to see a young brother, under twenty-five, with this same attitude.

Today, I rub shoulders with men in their late teens and early twenties, and these men almost all hate wimminz. I have said it before: If the young men I hang out with saw a woman being beaten to death in the street, I believe the likely response would be laughing, and perhaps a few of them would pull out their cell-phones to record the spectacle.

Men my age might instinctively recoil from the thought that young men could be so cruel, and we might be tempted to castigate their whole generation for their psychopathology, but I understand it.

The average 15-year old boy has endured as much wimminz abuse as my generation’s 40-something divorced father. They’ve suffered under their skank-ho single mom, and they’ve suffered under their teachers, and they’ve suffered under the filthy feminist mass-media and pop-culture, which has told them from birth that they are garbage, and better off dead.

Image: People gather for the Women's March in Washington

If the so-called experts and academics had an interest in our society (they don’t) they’d be scrambling to fix this problem. Unfortunately, that would mean changing wimminz into something more palatable — or at least fostering an illusion that a wimminz was worth more than her three holes. What are wimminz currently offering these men, which could compensate for the trouble and expense their presence causes? None of them know how to cook or keep a home. Examine some of the younger generation, and you’ll find that many wimminz seem to lack basic life-skills, like showering, shaving and brushing their teeth. Is it any surprise that their male peers find them untouchable?

Black Pill Soup


The following story comes to us from usenet. This poor brother signed on to a marriage contract, at some point in the past, and has subsequently been broken. Let’s hear him tell it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 09.24.44

That all sounds very reasonable. I wonder why the bitch hasn’t complied with the judge’s order?

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 09.26.09

While I don’t know for sure what the judge means, I can guess that he doesn’t want to deal with it, because he knows that your skank-ho ex has the potential to get nasty feminist protestors out in the street if he enforces his own order. Better for a cowardly man to pass the buck, than to risk negative press coverage.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 09.29.28

And, again, it’s easy to blame your solicitor, but if he knows that the order is not going to be enforced by the judge, then why would he attempt to enforce it himself? It’d just be a waste of time and money.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 10.05.51

I have no advice for this poor schlub, but if you boys are smart, you’ll take his story to heart, and not get married.