Something For Which To Aspire…


Over on quora, some stupid, lazy bitch writes:

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She doesn’t like working, but needs money to get her through to retirement.

Fortunately, Becca Bankston is here to help…

Becca writes:
You’re 27. Good (not too old). If you’re not in shape, get yourself in shape. Get a boob job and your teeth whitened and some braces if you need them. Get your hair and nails done and a fake tan. Corset train. Learn to be a good conversationalist. (basically ask questions and listen and really listen and make good comments on the answers)

Also take a class in finance and managing money.

Then, start going to places where you will meet men with money. Go out with whoever asks you out if you are attracted to him. (the better you make yourself look, the more men you will have to pick from).

I like this article, if only for its brute forthrightness. In the first place, it allows the brothers to see the historical inflation of female hotness.

Twenty-seven is certainly past the point of peak attractiveness for a wimminz. In the old days, this bitch would already be old news, and she’d have long ago been shunted aside in favor of the hot girls in the 22-24 range.

Today, she still has an opportunity to exploit a man. What happened? An epidemic of disgusting obesity, combined with a prevailing trend toward body-piercing and tattoos, which makes the average wimminz look like a circus freak or a human-walrus hybrid.

Do not sleep with any of them immediately. Wait at least three months. If some drop off, they were not serious marriage material anyway. You will also have more leverage if you are willing to marry an older man.

My advice, to demand sex on the first date, is something that I stole from Tom Leykis, and it has a practical purpose. By denying you sex, that hot slut is hoping that you’ll get thirsty enough to pop the question she’s dying to hear. Don’t fall for this. Cut ties the minute she starts fronting, because there are hundreds of other skanks who are ready to get it on.

Suppose you do get so thirsty that you’ll consider marriage, simply to get that ass? At that point, as Becca is about to illustrate, the game is over.

Once you get married. Have at least one child as soon as possible. So estimating that you get married at 28, and get pregnant soon after, and even if you get divorced right then, you should be set with alimony and child support and you will have the child support til you are 46 and the alimony til you get married again.

That’s right, kings. That hot woman, who seems so into you, has an ulterior motive. She is playing the long con, and you are the mark.

Only marry again if the next guy has more money than the guy who is paying you alimony. If you can, manage to get a house out of the deal. Also use that financial acumen you acquired from your finance classes to be able to live off of the interest of your capital and maybe rent out rooms in the house you have acquired.

This is what you get for toiling over that expensive, rigorous degree in finance, engineering, English, or mathematics. You worked hard, landed a decent job, and now you have enough income to be exploited by a disgusting skank-ho wimminz.

And as long as you are frugal and manage your money well, you might not have to actually ever work again. Also maybe not have the child, because if you marry high up enough, you will not need the child support, and children are a good bit like a full time job with a 24/7 work week. An older man who might already have children from a previous marriage might not care if you choose to remain childless. In fact, he might welcome it. If you do not have much energy, I highly recommend that you do remain childless. Children take up a lot of energy for as long as you are alive.

It is worth noting that Becca’s scam is very attainable. Unlike child support, which eventually ends, alimony is often a life sentence. In California, for instance, alimony is mandatory, and after only a few years of marriage, the alimony is permanent. There are men in this world who spend a relatively short time as a skank-ho wimminz’ wedded slave, thereafter to be forced to pay her weekly for the rest of their natural lives.

Before you even consider marrying, you should take Becca’s sage advice. Consult a licensed attorney in your area for the finer details.

You should also go sit in on a session of the divorce courts. They’re free and open to the public, in every state and province in North America. Quite a spectacle it is, too.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 13.13.04

Becca, who apparently works as a “massage therapist,” has given you boys a far more valuable gift than the standard “sucky sucky” happy ending she gives her usual clients. She has been absolutely candid about the grift that millions of wimminz are running. Take her seriously, and don’t be a chump.


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8 thoughts on “Something For Which To Aspire…”

  1. All I can say is insecure men who were in positions of power and authority created the laws that allowed the scores of women to emasculate them.

    This scam would die overnight with the end of no-fault, alimony, child support, divorce courts and lawyers, and the state in marriage. I’ve long given up the thought any wimminz will want to change this scam…it’ll have to be men that does it or civilization collapsing that causes change.

  2. In a more righteous society the woman giving advice would be drug into the street and burned at the stake or worse. I can think of worse. Of course, her advice is nothing new and she is not the first woma to advise other women to take men for everything they’ve got, but I guess in earlier days women werent so blatant about it, maybe. I dont know nor do I think I care anymore. If my wife died I would never marry again simply because I dont care for the hassle and trouble of dealing with women anymore. Its just not worth it

  3. My advice, to demand sex on the first date, is something that I stole from Tom Leykis, and it has a practical purpose
    So why do men( Cough my dad cough) tell the daughter to keep the virginity if other men only want to pump and dump them.? You’re killing me, Smalls what about losers mean late bloomers like…. some one

  4. Renee:

    So why do men( Cough my dad cough) tell the daughter to keep the virginity if other men only want to pump and dump them.?

    Your father is giving you good advice. There are different types of men. Nice girls like you shouldn’t be wasting time with playaz.

    When I meet some bitch off Tinder, I’m looking for a ho’ to fuck immediately. I’m not looking to court a nice Christian lady like you. When you tell me that you won’t fuck me, I politely thank you for your time, and scoot on out the door, in search of someone who will. That’s what you want.

    You’re killing me, Smalls what about losers mean late bloomers like…. some one

    You’re not a loser. Your virginity means you have self discipline and dignity.

    My best guess is that you’re still single because maybe you have really rigid standards, like only dating black men, or only dating Christians. I can tell you that lots of white dudes would love to have you for a wife. It’s true your parents and his might be sort of put out, but he’d have a wife who was traditional, kept fit, and loved him, which is about as good as any family man could aspire to get. I’m pretty confident that everyone would get over themselves if you both proved you were serious about living a good life. If you’re open to dating non-Christians, you might consider Muslim or Jewish dudes. Many of those brothers would not make you convert to their thing, and would also be glad to have you.


  5. When my mother died in 2008….my dad was heartbroken for a few years…….he tried dating again (women around his age) and decided it was just a hassle. His last nine years after mom died were productive. Traveled. Read a ton. Bought a time-share, finally learned to play golf (and got quite good for his age), sold the house he had built, and lived in since 1969 (and left me a very nice nest egg for my future… my shock in his will) and moved to South Carolina. He died in his beat-up reading chair that was around when I was a kid…with a book closed on his lap. Died in his sleep. A life well spent and well read at the age of 84.

    Life goes on.

    It’s surreal to be alone now….well, my older brother who doesn’t have much time……… goes on.
    I really don’t know what to expect from my upcoming UK trip, or what I am supposed do or “should” get out of it. Clothing shopping, records……a tour inside Abbey Road Studios………a personal tour at the Tate Gallery (modern / pop), Rod Stewart in concert, lots of relaxing for almost a month.

    Anyway…….I have to accept that “my time” has indeed passed for children or a wife, unfair that it is but its reality, and I learned a long time ago in AA / NA that reality is the first thing we all have to live in

  6. seventiesjason,

    Of course there are lots of must-see sights for tourists in London. I enjoyed going to several of them. Even if you think they are of no interest to you, I would recommend the Tower of London because you can see the British Crown Jewels. It’s about £25.

    There is a lot of info at on things to do in London. And, when you are with your family in Wales, I would think they could point you to some good hikes.

  7. @Jason

    I wish I were tagging along with you on your trip to Wales. My paternal great-granddad was born there and I’m sure I still have cousins of some sort living there, though I have no idea who they are (having one of the top 5 most common Welsh surnames [or the mere dozen or so that there are] wouldn’t help me locate them, either).

  8. Very interesting how not only is the man a means to an end, but so is the child (it’s like a job [said twice], it’ll tie you to the man but can be foregone if you marry well enough). Men are people. Children are people. Would-be golddiggers are people, too, but they seem unwilling to recognize the humanity of those whom they would exploit for their own gain. Rather a psychopathic lack of empathy there.

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