Definitions and Misconceptions


Nick Griffin, a well-known British politician and kook, has released a free book in PDF format on the so-called “alt right” movement. Anyone can download the book here.

While Griffin gets a lot of things right, he paints in broad strokes, and he goes out of his way to lambaste those of us in the broader MGTOW community as the source of all sorts of social problems, including homosexual pedophilia and satanism.


Nick Griffin: Alt Right Not Right, p. 39

If you ever wondered where white nationalist kooks and loons like SirHamster and Cane Caldo learned to cook up false allegations, I’d posit guys like this as a first cause.

Griffin writes:

“But while some of the male victims of the liberal feminisation of society have responded with active protests, others have reacted by withdrawing from female company altogether. This is taken to extremes by the largely online ‘community’ known as MGTOW, pronounced ‘mɪɡtaʊ’.

This uses websites and social media to urge young men against romantic relationships with women, especially marriage” (Griffin, 40).

It is, of course, nice that Griffin has his position, with tenure in the parliament of the European Union, and a well paid career as a holocaust-denying kook. I am curious as to what Griffin suggests regular men do, in a world dominated by policemen eager to enforce laws like the Violence Against Women Act, and the Child Support Responsibility Act of 1994.

Since he hasn’t heard, here’s the news: due process has been suspended in most western countries (including his,) and regular men are responding to the (very real) threats of having their kids kidnapped, their property stolen, and their freedoms curtailed, on nothing more than the baseless whining of some wimminz who his “unhappy.”

I use my web page to encourage men to be very careful in all their dealings, (not only with wimminz, but also with scroungy politicians like the author) because our toxic cultural milieu never forgives or forgets men who trip through life’s wires. We are going to keep doing this, whether Griffin likes it or not. Our message is important, and men will continue to respond to it, because it is a very powerful message.

According to columnist Martin Daubney, followers of MGTOW believe that legal and romantic entanglements with women fail a cost–benefit analysis and risk–benefit analysis. Jeremy Nicholson, writing for Psychology Today, similarly described MGTOW as “guys who have been frustrated and punished to the point that they see no further incentive to relate [to dating] […], they focus on making themselves happy” (Griffin).

Nick is here repeating the feminist mantra about how we’re all a bunch of bitter losers who deserved our run through divorce court. Nothing could be further from reality. I’ve sent hundreds of young brothers off with credentials which will enable them to support a family, if they choose to do so. Many of them are intuitive MGTOW men, who have never bothered to visit our web pages. They’ve learned well from their fathers, their uncles, their neighbors and friends, and they won’t be making the same mistakes. If some of these men do marry, it will be after a long process of deliberation, coupled with rigorous scrutiny on any potential wife. That is exactly how it should be, in this world.

…most – if not all – older MGTOW devotees have a very strong personal interest in turning impressionable adolescent boys off girls. They use MGTOW in the way rural Spaniards still use sticky birdlime to catch song thrushes as edible delicacies. (Griffin).

While it is true that homosexuals hate women, (See Reuben, 1982) almost no MGTOW that I’ve run across are openly homosexual. Moreover, most MGTOW brothers who have any sense eschew real-world contact. MGTOW is not a mass movement for furthering gay sex. It’s an individual reaction to material conditions in the real world.

There is more, and it only gets less credible, but I’ll stop here.

What’s your definition of MGTOW? Shout at me in the comments.

Author: Boxer

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13 thoughts on “Definitions and Misconceptions”

  1. I agree that MGTOW us not openly homosexual. However; I have seen many people rake it as such, and various blogs try to make it as such.

    Being an old fart, I remember that feminists and faggots were tightly aligned in spreading hatred of men.

    Homos are no friends of this movement, as my 11 years in it, I have seen them do nothing to help straight men, other than to say the hardships brought on them from mingling with women is their own damned fault. Wrong…it’s women’s fault.

  2. What’s your definition of MGTOW?

    I think it came about as a response to the overwhelming amount of feminist hatred of men and the nanny state pretty much making it the law of the land.

    Although I have noticed the minute a man doesn’t ‘toe the line’ to the harpy ethos…he’s immediately accused of either being a fag or can’t please a woman. It would go something like…a man tells a woman she’s being rebellious, difficult, aggressive, or outspoken and hoards of fellow wimminz or beta white knights coming to her defense by insuinating the guy won’t get laid, get married, or is a sexually repressed incel. Feminists and white knights think their defense of this ethos is this guy isn’t getting degenerate sex. Homos are just as much about degenerate sexuality as feminists…MGTOW from what I can tell is more about not supporting feminism.

    As a result I think most of these guys don’t even bother trying to fix anything anymore because it’s too far gone and is well on the way to collapse and instead just live their lives best they can not submitting to the gynocracy.

  3. MGTOW is a broad umbrella as it should be. Some men date. Some men don’t. Some men can’t no matter what they do. Some men are monk. Some men MGTOW until they do meet the unicorn and become like the men out there with prefect marriages. Some are Christian. Some are not. Most are athiests. Some are incel. Most are not. Many are young, many are old, and older……….

    MGTOW cuts a wide swath across who men are in the west. As it should.

    Sadly, MGTOW is now a “penis measuring contest” about who is more MGTOW than the next guy and full of many men who somehow think they are gonna be the next voice for the movement (MGTOW John for example). It is full of men who spend all day in the chats and forums and comments section talking about “how MGTOW they are, yet have to tell everyone that they are Chad on the looks scale, and they bang only virgins / porn stars / and only the hottest girls in their town……”

    MGTOW is only a loosely connected philosophy of sorts……a loose family of ideas, principles and morays……’s not a “movement” (there is too much disunity, yet…..yet….men out there think they are going to co-opt and speak for it)
    and as an *identity* men who live their life proclaiming MGTOW are no better than the feminists, or the gay thing, or any other *activist* or social cause.

    Most of the men who are indeed very vocal about their MGTOW status are like Face&LMS stated very well (paraphrasing) “MGTOW’s are like the homeless man walking into a Mercedes Benz dealership and telling the sales staff that the product is terrible, garbage, and no good…….yet they themselves couldn’t afford the product, the maintenance, the insurance, and responsibilities of said product for the long term, or even a test drive…….they are low quality men in general, and them complaining about the product (women) does nothing”

    If the real high quality men of merit, that top 20% were indeed “swearing off women” and going MGTOW, there would be a “crisis” and in some cases, women in general WOULD be forced to the table. That isn’t going to happen. It’s never going to happen.

    I personally believe MGTOW has some solid baselines for a man to be aware of, and then they should take that info and go with it, or forgo it. As an identity? It will be doomed to fail in the long term. It’s already flooded with men who were zeros to begin with, and now with the MGTOW label, they now get “justification” to why they were passed over. “not your fault……..women, hypergamy, pump n dump, hatred, PUA, getting jacked, incel, womens’ expectations…”

    The 24 hour a day complaining by “grown, self aware, manly, awesome, talented, strong” men about women is a turn off for the average rank and file man out there. Want to “Go Your Own Way” and turn your back on female nature???? Then please just do that. We don’t need ANOTHER video, blog, book, v-blog about how “women suck”

    Just go your own way and be done with it…..since there is “no hope” for you anyway.

  4. … men who live their life proclaiming MGTOW are no better than the feminists, or the gay thing, or any other *activist* or social cause.

    If this is how you think while sober, you must have been a real trip, on drugs.(Easy bro, it’s just a joke)
    I’m not MGTOW, but I can certainly respect their choice and even their desire to share their beliefs in public. Respecting yourself and other men made in God’s image is a healthier perspective. Shame is not the same as humility. Homosexuality really is abominable, shameful, degenerate, and certainly is worse than some man who chooses to abstain from becoming entangled with women and their fleshly priorities, whether to focus on living for God, or whether he squanders much of his life on his own mundane pursuits. Feminists really are a satanic and corrosive influence on civilization and all civil communion between people of every type. Last I checked MGTOW doesn’t poison the well like Feminism does, and as you stated, some do find a unicorn and then make a fit mate. However, satanic Feminism poisons the soul, skews the mind, and sears the heart. A Feminist would require a complete repentance, and then a ton of rehabilitation to become a good mate. Don’t ask me how I know! LOL

    Yes you are correct that the top 20% of men dropping out of the sexual marketplace would have the most effect, and yes they aren’t likely to do that as a group, but that doesn’t make MGTOW entirely ineffective. I assume it isn’t entirely about teaching whores a lesson, so much as it is one wise way to live your life in a wicked and adulterous age. I’m sure there are plenty of folks who live MGTOW, who aren’t online bellyaching, but you wouldn’t hear about them then would you? And most everybody likes to vent their spleen, online, you, yourself, are certainly not immune to that.
    I feel like I am better adjusted when I can respect myself and other men. Satanic Feminists would like us to drag each other down, and tear each other up, so they don’t have to do it themselves.

  5. Looks like Ar-Kansas is fast becoming the new Flo-Rida of news stories ..

    Incidently .. she seems nice .. and reasonable!

    Now .. I know what you’re thinkin’ .. ole Jed here didn’t want to be thought a homo so he got martied .. pheeeeef .. that was close .. (can’t be worrying about what other people think I don’t .. 1) know .. or 2) care what they think) ..

    So .. you youngmen should know .. I meet very few truly happily married guys .. and they’re gay.

  6. lol .. just a play on words Derek .. 100% Sarc .. a 180° flip of script ..

    Plus .. I said gay (I chose that word carefully) .. not homo .. gay means happy 😉 .. right

    Anyway .. just havin’ a lil funny with the MGTOW bashing (supposedly) conservative ‘mericans.

  7. “What’s your definition of MGTOW?”

    Men who refuse to marry. It’s an easy metric and most of the related behaviors, from lounging poolside to social ostracism, happen as direct results of not marrying. Also, that definition covers men from the players to the ghosts.

    Clued-in, married men would be welcome as MGTOW except they don’t really have the freedom to sever ties with the Powers That Be. A problem of opportunity.

    “Incidently .. she seems nice .. and reasonable!”

    Actually, yes. Her moronic husband was PAYING for porn! Who does that in the Internet Age? The murder was triggered by the Dish satellite bill’s arrival in the mail.

    They say most breakups happen over money issues… looks like they’re right.

  8. “They say most breakups happen over money issues… looks like they’re right.”

    Which is why, for anyone seeking marriage, building yourself a financial plan and properly vetting your future bride’s frugality is so valuable.

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