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yet another instagram slut… yet another fish-lipped photo…

The ugly skank in the mugshot was just charged with murder in Clark County, Nevada. Who did she ice? How did it happen? Let’s hear it straight from the ever reputable feminist press.

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This wall-hitting former hottie iced the old simp who paid her rent. This same scenario plays out so often, it hardly even seems newsworthy. If I have any sympathy (simp-athy?) for this man, it’s only based on the fact that he was an elderly boomer, who was raised on a whole constellation of lies that paint wimminz as inherently sweet, pure, honest and moral.

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Dead as dirt: Dr. Thomas Burchard

She wanted to “change the world…” yezzzzz

Note well, little brothers. This man was a psychiatrist. A professional, who spent his entire life devoted to deconstructing and treating society’s neurotics. It’s hard to imagine anyone less likely to be chumped out by a lying instagram prostitute; yet, there he is, dead as dirt.

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Burchard is described as “avuncular,” which is a fancy word meaning “uncle-like.” There are men who may have had cause to pay some nasty slut’s rent, but Burchard wasn’t one of them. We must remember that if some bitch can’t get her actual uncle to act all “avuncular,” then it’s a strong tell that she doesn’t deserve such treatment.

Another thing: Burchard has a girlfriend of ~20 years named Earp. Burchard is fucking supporting Turner, with Earp’s full knowledge and apparent consent. One wonders why Ms. Earp didn’t dump this philandering old fool. A few scenarios come to mind, one or more of which may simultaneously be plausible…

  • Burchard is also paying Earp’s bills, and Earp didn’t want to upset the apple cart.
  • Burchard was one of a great many simps Earp had on her roster, and she didn’t care.
  • Earp and Turner were secretly friends, and Earp wanted Burchard dead too.

To me, it’s entirely conceivable that the “string of text messages” sent from Burchard’s phone, to Earp, were coded messages letting one bitch know that the other had snuffed the target. Earp may have pre-emptively turned Turner in to the cops, in order to shield herself from scrutiny.

All of this is idle speculation, of course. I’m just one man who has seen wimminz scheme together before instantly betraying one another, and I’ve seen such things too many times to count.

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LOL! This bitch has two children. It seems that we have discussed the perils of dating a skank-ho single mom in the recent past, no?

Incidentally, Earp’s description of Turner as “evil as Manson” is actually just adding to my suspicions that she was part of the deed in the planning stages, and has possibly set up her co-conspirator to take the fall. This is just too transparently theatrical to be believable.

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Here’s a tip. If you boys want to exercise some “extreme generosity,” direct that to people in your extended family or perhaps your immediate community. Your own nephews deserve your “avuncular” attention, so help them finance their first cars. There’s probably an old man three doors down who gets meals-on-wheels. Buy him some steak. The old illegal alien who cuts your lawn probably has teenage DACA kids who need tuition paid. Not only would you be more likely to “change the world” in a positive way, but you’d also be devoting your attentions to people who are likely to be worthy of them.

And I can tell you how Turner and Burchard met. She sent him a message on Instagram, on Tinder, or on Plenty of Fish.

There’s more to the story, but I want to stay within fair use guidelines, and we’ve covered all the important stuff. What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Just Trying to Change The World”

  1. Here’s a tip. If you boys want to exercise some “extreme generosity,” direct that to people in your extended family or perhaps your immediate community.

    Or at the very least not towards the prostitute. I’d direct her to the confessional and the Lord.

  2. Huh, this happened in my backyard and I missed it. Community Hospital where he worked, locally known as CHOMP, has the reputation of being the second most expensive hospital in the United States excepting Manhattan. Back when I had medical insurance (I lost it when Obamacare rolled out), my plan refused in advance to cover any visits to it. Not a problem for me but a fun fact I remembered from the insurance salesman. Burchard might truly have been the only child psychiatrist there because being literally next door to Pebble Beach, its emphasis is probably on geriatrics.

    Here’s hoping I never blow out a lung while scuba diving there.

  3. Will our nanny justice system start forcing men to wed crazy wimminz just because she stalks him…one of them thinks so.

    ‘PHOENIX – A woman accused of sending a man more than 159,000 text messages and breaking into his Arizona home wants her case to go to trial, believing a jury will find her innocent while also ordering her and the man she’s accused of stalking to wed.’


  4. The Fathers / Dads were not available for comment ..

    Well now if they had said that…it would have been an end to the problem. They’d rather have kids on drugs so they can keep that cash cow going.

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