The Redhead Contingency


Brother Charlie says ‘no’ to the ho’

Down below, I asked for personal submissions related to dating single mothers. A couple of you were good enough to comply.

The first man to volunteer was Earl, who breaks it down immediately, after I asked him about some crazy bitch he met. 

I met her through work. She was certainly still attractive looking (red heads are the death of me) and we had similar sense of humor so that was probably the attraction.

This sounds like she was older than you? Is that right? 


I knew she had three kids…but then eventually I started to find out they were from two different fathers and even one of the fathers I found out I was distantly related to.

How far into the courtship was it revealed that the two kids had different fathers?

A few months, though I wouldn’t call it a courtship.

For Mormons, the whole distant relatives thing isn’t that big a deal. We’re all descended from the same group of people, though we generally don’t marry immediate first or second cousins.

We would often go to similar parties where alcohol was available. She would often go full party mode when the father had the kids for the weekend. She also had flings with a few guys (at least the ones I was aware of).

Back then I was in a crazy time in my life, so I didn’t see the red flags as clearly as now…but I hung out with her. Basically, the end of it came during a drunken make out session. She told me she was ‘raped’ at 15. In that alcoholic stupor, I finally got clarity. It was then that I regreted ever getting involved. I think she sensed that, and we mutually broke whatever was going on with us. I remember to this day I said out loud… “I never felt so relieved.”

Did she get revenge on you for nexting her? Was there any drama? Did she become tearful and beg to get back into your inner circle? Did she immediately start banging your best friends, or otherwise attempt to stay within your field of vision?

No revenge, not any drama that I can think of, no back stabbery. If it helps we never engaged in sex either…which I think is a good fire extinguisher to potential drama.

What I didn’t do was ever spend a lot of money on her…meet her kids…or become her full time simp. So I did save face there.

Of course during this time too I met another red head at a party (this one single, no kids) and agreed to what I thought was a date with her. This date consisted of going to a party where I met a group of her ‘friends’ and it turned out one of the guys was her ‘make out session’ guy or something. So I made the mistake of riding to the party in her vehicle because she knew where it was at…her and this other guy disappear for like 4 hours and I’m just here at this party not knowing anybody hoping that I’m not spending the night there. Fortunately she did eventually return (after doing God knows what) and took me back to my vehicle. I don’t think I spoke one word to her because I just wanted to get back to my car. I think that was the last red head I’ve been involved with.

It’s funny. I’ve meant to talk about this phenomenon. I’ve had a couple of experiences where some slut invites me out to a public or semi-private event, and the minute we get there, I realize she’s brought me simply as a cover, or to make her intended target jealous, or for some other underhanded reason. 

Tom Leykis used to warn men not to go to concerts if their date mentioned being “on the guest list,” or having “a backstage pass,” because that implies she’ll be fucking the band, while you’re finding your own way home. It’s basically the same scenario.

And since then if I do a date…I make all the plans and I drive myself to it. I don’t give ladies that quick of trust anymore.

So yeah when ladies want to whine about real things that happen to guys and trying to warn their fellow brothers…understand a lot of this doesn’t just come out of a vacuum.

Long story short…even if she’s attractive to you, single mothers are corrosive.

Thanks to Earl for kicking off this discussion. If you have a story, please contact me. I think these stories can be beneficial for the young brothers coming up, and I won’t include any personal details about anyone.

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  1. Boxer, i posted my story as a comment on the other thread, where Jack and Earl made their initial remarks about MILFs and redheads.

    The one thing i didnt mention, was that NEXTING a Ho can be expensive the longer you wait. So the lesson for the young guys is to cut bait quick. Since i waited until the BIG WEDDING DAY, i ended up having to write checks for all the vendors that had already been booked… it was a super cheap wedding, by NYC standards, but i still ended up writing checks for close to $9k…. in retrospect, cutting it at the 6 month mark like i wanted to would have been way cheaper. but 9k is a small price to pay to avoid getting divorce raped a few years later anyway…

  2. Welcome Brother. Would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions and made your comment into a post of it’s own? Please email if this is ok.

  3. “#CoachRedPill”

    Says there are no exceptions, but a widow is a valid exception. Rare, sure, but a valid exception.

    “Long story short…even if she’s attractive to you, single mothers are corrosive.”

    If she’s not a virgin or a widow, it’s best to stay away. Perhaps if she divorced her husband because he cheated on her you could consider marrying her, but even so you are standing in the way of a potential reconciliation with her ex-husband. She may be divorced, but she is still someone else’s woman, so no wonder she is corrosive: you don’t belong with her.

  4. I attended the opening of a special exhibit here in Santa Rosa at the Schulz Museum in February discussing Charlie Brown (Schulz’s) “little red head girl” really a lot of fun. Schulz Museum, Santa Rosa. About a ten minute walk from my apartment

    And why was Schulz so good at what he did? This short clip from the early 1960’s explains it all, and why “Peanuts” always will resonate with me. Schulz interview at his studio and home here in Santa Rosa.

    Boxer. You posting something….anything about Peanuts strikes a nerve, because I am Charlie Bown and even as a little boy, related to him so well. My dad even nicknamed me “Charlie Brown”

  5. Ughh smack…….this clip here is from the early sixties.

  6. Boxer. You posting something….anything about Peanuts strikes a nerve, because I am Charlie Bown and even as a little boy, related to him so well. My dad even nicknamed me “Charlie Brown”

    I watched the Charlie Brown christmas special, on an old DVD, with some relatives this holiday season. It was astounding to compare it to the mindless crap that the studios churn out today. No product placement, no kids cursing or eyerolling their parents. The biggest malcontent is Pigpen, and he’s a bit part.

    I have always listened to Vince Guaraldi’s background score as though it were a standalone album. It brings back very early memories of living as a kid in the American south. They didn’t do Charlie Brown shit in Canada (they don’t like any good stuff up there, I sweartagawd) so it evokes fragments from when I was 3-6 years old. The music just never gets old for me.

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