The Traditional Male Role On Full Display

Of special interest to my Christian brothers: Ballista has a thoughtful deconstruction of traditionalism and feminism in (my new best pal) Chad Prather’s blathering. Check it out!

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I’ve taken great pains over the course of this blog to describe the traditional female and traditional male gender role, and have even come up with this graphic to describe the nature of traditional marriage:

Note that I have the woman in a deific role, while the man is in a chattel role. This means the woman is thought of as a god, while the man is thought of as a worshipper, who exists as long as he is useful to a woman and then is ultimately thrown into the fire to be burned.

Ultimately with male mother need conditioning both parties from birth, both parties are willing throwing themselves into this arrangement. Women are raised to believe that their will, whims and fancy are supreme and that all needs to be fulfilled, and they are pointed to the men in their lives. Men are raised…

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4 thoughts on “The Traditional Male Role On Full Display”

  1. This is why “marriage” is irredeemably broken and cannot be fixed, It’s all about HER, her wishes, her happiness, her wants, etc. It is a total reversal of the biblical model….The modern day concept of marriage has Christ bowing down and serving his “bride” when it should be the other way around.

    We submit to Christ, we don’t to tell HIM what to do…..women have become usurpers of the worship that is due to Christ alone….In modern day marriages it is analogous to women ruling the home, and her partner/husband, and making damn sure that he pleases her, makes her happy, you know, the old “happy wife/happy life”

    We need to absolutely stop supporting women and marriages like this and go back to where wives serve their husbands, they revolve their lives around HIM, she supports HIS goals, and wishes etc

    Ain’t going to happen though….society with it’s gynocentrism has seen to that with the millions of cucked Churchians supporting the new model of obeisance to women. DISGUSTING

  2. Marriage as defined by the feminist state is broken and can’t be fixed because that is not what marriage is.

    How God defined marriage is not broken…but is the model of what marriage is. We don’t need the owner’s manual because it is already given to us.

  3. @earl

    Your comment makes no sense whatsoever, because NO ONE is following the biblical model of marriage in the west, except perhaps less than 1%, so we’re not dealing with God’s design for marriage….we’re dealing with reality here, and the reality here is women are ruling their marriages in defiance of Christ

  4. I don’t care if more than 99% are doing it the wrong way. God designed marriage so His design is the right way. The feminist method for marriage is not reality but the lie.

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