Self-Deception in Microcosm

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As we have already seen, wimminz have made themselves so repellent that even young brothers are giving them the brush, en masse, and the feminist media is desperate to obfuscate about it.

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The Daily Star (UK) (no link on purpose) is featuring “experts” to “explain” the disparity to the panicked young sluts, who are now realizing that the jig is up.

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In the first place, Mizz Dr. Twenge seems to be assuming a few things. Namely:

  • all the young men who aren’t having sex live at home with their parents.
  • before permanent cohabitation with a wimminz was common, no one ever had sex.

In fact, what happened before permanent cohabitation (exclusive of the bounds of wedlock) was common, was that people got married so that they could have sex. Today, the wimminz on offer tend to be so revolting that young men are not pursuing them.

Like Mizz Dr. Twenge, I tend to believe that the surveyed kids were fudging a bit. What I think is happening is that young men are occasionally having sex with wimminz who are so disgusting that they don’t want to report such things. Self-deception is not a trait exclusive to females, after all. And, who among us hasn’t had drunken sex with some dog ugly, crude skank? Would you admit to doing such things? Me neither.


Mizz Dr. Twenge has written several books on social atomism and scale, and has been widely criticized for methodological shortcomings. From her Wikipedia page:

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Whether we should take this aging feminist seriously in the yellow media remains an open question, but I certainly wouldn’t take her assumptions as conclusive.

If the movers and shakers were actually interested in reversing this trend, there are several things they could do, namely:

  1. Abolish the divorce courts.
  2. Defund all “wimminz studies” departments, establish old school “home economics” programs in secondary schools instead.
  3. Incentivize marriage and family with tax breaks, simultaneously taxing single parents.
  4. Make repeatedly having children out of wedlock a criminal offense, punishable by several months in a work camp. Fatherless children to be removed for adoption by a normal couple at birth.

Options 1-3 were the status quo in America, just a few generations ago. Option 4 was instituted by Stalin in the Soviet Union, right after World War II. It may seem alien to our sensibilities, but a serious society would penalize those who abuse its social services programs.

Note that these steps will not, in themselves, make wimminz more attractive to men. They will merely force wimminz to have some “skin in the game” when they couple up. Taking the extra steps of becoming attractive and marriageable will remain a personal decision.

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8 thoughts on “Self-Deception in Microcosm”

  1. Fat or Ugly wimminz are like mo-peds .. they’re fun to ride till your friends catch ya’ on one .. HEH!

    On a serious note .. EVEN IF you got your dream list (which is a good start) .. it THEN would (still) take generations to undo the mess we have in front of us today.

    And we ain’t nowhere near the turn-around point either.

  2. Women have grown more obese, angrier at and about men, more promiscuous, have less feminine skills, over 90% of the time abort kids because they want to, often destroy their families on a whim with state backing and are drinking more alcohol and taking drugs at unprecedented levels….but it’s because men are playing video games that civilization is falling apart.

    I mean I know why the media highlights feminist thought as gospel…but it really is laughable what new theories they come up with.

  3. That also didn’t include the fact that more women are uglying themselves with the clown hairdos, ink, and oddball piercings.

  4. Again….the large elephant in the room is never mentioned……most women find most men “unattractive” to their “fair and balanced standards” that they see on TV, movies, and countless stories of “plain n average” with a hunk of a man. This is viewed as normal today. 90% of young men don’t make the cut today

  5. What’s the story about the picture? Without mocking, is the blond Mizz Twenge? And are you using mizz instead of Ms. on purpose or was there an operation or conversion along the way?

  6. All single women of child-bearing age should be on depo shots until they hit menopause.

    Single women over the age of 25 must pay a spinster tax of no less than 15% of gross income.

  7. The Hamster is powerful, for sure. I keep saying it: Why do they observe something and then continually rationalize a reason to blame men for it instead of looking at themselves? It’s just one of many things that brings the nature of traditional feminism into focus: Women are deities who can do no wrong against God or man. They each deserve their own personal slaves simply because they are women and exist. Men are evil disgusting creatures that fall short of being what they are put on earth to be, looking at porn and playing X-box all day.

    They are just simply incapable of looking in the mirror and seeing anything wrong. But then again that’s the nature of being raised in an environment of female supremacy. Oprah 3:16.

  8. What’s the story about the picture? Without mocking, is the blond Mizz Twenge?

    It is indeed. That’s a stock photo in the public domain, that I pulled from ucsd.

    And are you using mizz instead of Ms. on purpose or was there an operation or conversion along the way?

    Empowered wimminz reject Mrs./Miss as sexist. Get with it, you misogynist bigot. It’s current year, and on this gay-friendly feminist blog, we call all wimminz Mizz.

    As for being a transwimminz, I have no evidence either way. I just assumed she was the typical masculinized cougar. It’s a good question, though…

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