The Red Pill Guide To Dealing With Churchians

When you’re done laughing at my narcissistic assumptions of internet importance, make sure to head over and read Ballista’s guide to dealing with Cane Caldo, and similar fake Christians.

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When you travel online, there’s always the possibility of getting into discussions with people. This is very much true with those that claim to be Christian. However, you will find very quickly like Necron48 did that things will often not go the way you expect as a Christian man who has given himself to the Lord and has pledged to follow His teachings. I won’t blow-by-blow what happened, mistakes made, or link there as they don’t need the traffic. I explained what Necron48 saw in a previous instance, so I thought I would offer advice for being in such an environment. So, with a H/T to RedPillPushers, which inspired this post…

Deal With Them As You Would A Woman
Remember that any of the Red Pill advice you hear about women applies to almost anyone claiming to be Christian. Women are incapable of being objective, are solipsistic and…

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