The Bowing of The Head


One of the brothers sent me a link to the following video, produced by Glenn Beck.

Beck, an LDS convert and a notoriously disloyal, globalist cuck, would like to teach us about manliness and masculinity. Let’s see what we can learn…

Respect to a woman is a deference to her. It is manliness. That’s why I bow. That’s why I open the door. Whatever you want, I got it.

What is a man? What is masculinity? It is the bowing of my head to you, it is the bowing of my will to you. That’s what a man is. That’s what masculinity is. 

You yield to the will of the woman. That’s a real man…

Aside from the numerous other qualities of Beck, we see that he is also a male feminist, and an enemy to men everywhere. In this video, we hear him promoting the message that wimminz are clearly superior to men, and that men need to bow down and defer to wimminz in every interaction.

So, we know what our degenerate capitalist and feminist society preaches. Let’s contrast these stupid teachings, with some wisdom from healthy, patriarchal sources…

Her father protects her in childhood, her husband protects her in youth, and her sons protect her in old age; thus, a woman is never fit for independence. (source)

Our ancestors found it appropriate, because of the levity of her disposition, that a woman may never be freed from guardianship, even if she achieve the age of her majority. (source)

There is no wisdom in women other than the spinning wheel… The words of Torah should burn rather than be taught to women. (source)

Never forget: All our ancestors spit on the feminists, and mock their enablers.

IMG_0032 1

All your forefathers smile on you, when you resist our enemies.

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9 thoughts on “The Bowing of The Head”

  1. Whatever you want, I got it.

    That’s how you end up the husband to a wife with 5 kids with 4 different fathers and you aren’t the father of any of them.

  2. I couldn’t even get through the video. That’s how pathetic and disgusting it is. Remember, gentlemen, this kind of stuff in the video represents the male traditional gender role. Furthermore, remember that masculinity is defined by women in the interests of women. If you don’t bow and scrape to a woman’s every whim and desire, you’re not a “real man”. Be red pill and don’t be ruled by women. Men like what are in this video are cowards. Pure and simple.

    I’ll add some more wisdom that the Jewish rabbis applied to the lesson of Ahab, who was ruled by his wife Jezebel: He who allows himself to be ruled by his wife [or any woman] will cry out and no one will answer him.

  3. “does your dad have a patreon?

    I’ll be using that one in the future .. thank you ‘Hickory’ ..

    Though .. “who bitch this is?” is still a classic.

  4. “You can tell a lot about a woman by her relationship with her father.”

    So a woman gets beaten by her physically abusive father and…. becomes a dominatrix and sadomasochist. Like father, like daughter. Pretty much proves the point, doesn’t it?

  5. “who bitch this is?”

    That’s still #1 in my book.

    Although ‘tell that bitch to be cool’ is another good one.

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