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The following story comes to us from usenet. This poor brother signed on to a marriage contract, at some point in the past, and has subsequently been broken. Let’s hear him tell it.

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That all sounds very reasonable. I wonder why the bitch hasn’t complied with the judge’s order?

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While I don’t know for sure what the judge means, I can guess that he doesn’t want to deal with it, because he knows that your skank-ho ex has the potential to get nasty feminist protestors out in the street if he enforces his own order. Better for a cowardly man to pass the buck, than to risk negative press coverage.

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And, again, it’s easy to blame your solicitor, but if he knows that the order is not going to be enforced by the judge, then why would he attempt to enforce it himself? It’d just be a waste of time and money.

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I have no advice for this poor schlub, but if you boys are smart, you’ll take his story to heart, and not get married.

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9 thoughts on “Black Pill Soup”

  1. That all sounds very reasonable. I wonder why the bitch hasn’t complied with the judge’s order?

    Well if she went for years not submitting to her husband…what makes you think she’ll submit to a judge. Wimminz are all about the rebellion (encouraged by her destructive friends and society) no matter which authority figure it is.

    I’d say don’t get married to a rebellious woman…but trying to find one that isn’t is getting into unicorn/needle in a haystack territory.

  2. KHH .. you know that story for a book biz idea you had ..

    Tempus Fugit .. jus’ sayin’ 👍

  3. I’m no lawyer but if he has a judgment against her and she is refusing to pay he should get a new lawyer to have her wages garnished.

    Obviously I’m just speculating here, but I can see some very plausible scenarios where this wouldn’t work. For example:

    1. Bitch has zero income
    2. Dude has exhausted all his money paying for current legal shenanigans
    3. Apathy on the part of judge

    The point is that when you get divorced, you’ll be asked to pay, and pay, and pay, and none of the solutions will ever be enforced against your skank-ho wife, anyway. It’s not like wimminz go to jail. Only men go to jail for contempt.

    When the game is this dysfunctional, the correct response is refusal to play it.

  4. Oh, I don’t really think he’s got a prayer of getting anything from her in this cuckoo-cloud-land we all live in. I was just having some fun fantasizing about a bitch being held responsible for something.

  5. I work in commercial property rental. I have a female lawyer in my building. She is my age. You can tell when she was 25, she was pretty smokin’ hot…….living the Alley McBeale thing………and her practice is doing okay now……..but was never picked up and made a partner somewhere, and she is not some “newsmaking” power broker here in the North Bay.

    He lease is up for renewal…..and it has been for FIVE months. Letter after letter. Phone calls from our legal department in San Francisco that she “must” comply, and agree to a new lease or “give notice”

    She plays the “im-just-a-dumb-girl” thing with me, about not “really understanding” what we mean. If she signs, her rent is going to increase……probably by 15%……………and wants ME to explain the “legalease” of the lease. Now, I cannot say “you’re a lawyer you stupid girl, read it yourtself”

    I have to politely, cooly and calmly explain “Ms. Evans, you may call our legal team and ask questions to them about these matters”

    Then she tires to change the discussion to “If you cannot explain it excatly, you should not be in the position you are in”

    I then have to gently parry “The discussion is not my capabilities of this position or me as a property manager, the discussion is about you signing a lease or giving notice to vacate”

    What she is trying to do is to “corner” me into saying something incorrect, and then her being “just a dumb girl” and the “manager told me this” hoping for some sort of default of just letting her rent month to month……yes, I have been told I have a “third grade education” and “you’re so ugly and stupid that this is only work you can do”

    I just raise an eybrow over my heavy frames and say “I think we’re done. The letter states to call the number listed if you have questions about the lease”

    But she still tries to corner me, and we also run a “terrible property” and she could “sue us for this, or that”

    As a younger man, she was the type who charmed me at a bar to buy her a drink, she was the girl who always told me “there is a great gal out there for you” and now…..her looks fading, and her language and insults don’t phase me…….she’s the one who is goijng to be stuck in the end. Please sign the lease or get out.

    Women are good at stalling, lying and denying…..but it does catch up. Our legal team really is losing patience with her. With her. Not me. I’ve done my job.

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