The Parasite’s Life-Cycle


I found a very interesting photo shoot over on Facebook, depicting some ugly old post-wall wimminz and her divorce celebration. The captions are a fascinating study in self-deception.

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This wimminz and her handlers (the photographers to whom she paid her ex-husband’s money, in return for a fatuous online ego-boost) seem desperate to sell female bystanders on the idea of divorcing their husbands. Of course, this is profitable to the photography company, because it will increase the pool of potential customers. It’s also a way for a hideous, immoral, failing skank to assure herself that she made the right choice, in violating her most important promises, and in ruining the lives of her children.


As we’ve seen many times on this blog, the natural symbiosis which obtains between the male and female who couple up in a traditional human dyad has been warped, perverted, mutated. What exists in a contemporary pseudo-marriage is more akin to a parasitic life-cycle, in which the female parasite seeks out a male host. Through a variety of psychological tricks, the parasite weakens the host and feeds on the decaying physical and financial organism. She does so only so long as she feels she is maximizing the return on her efforts.


It is very common for the host to begin failing before the parasite’s life-cycle is complete. When this happens, the wimminz will inevitably look for a new host to which she can attach, and often this will occur before the present host is even aware of the ongoing transformation.

When a new parasite is located, she will make her move with a rapidity which shocks even the most hardened of misogynists (like me.)

Once the new simp is in place, the hammer is dropped, and she announces that she “loves” her husband, “but is not in love” with him.

In order to maximize the profit of this transition, the parasite will use the power of the capitalist and feminist state, to strip her host of any final remaining assets. His residual wealth will usually be split between her, the government, and various divorce attorneys.


Thus we might see the first husband as an intermediate host, through which the parasite gains full maturity, developing her ability to grift and rob and lie, while simultaneously learn the intricacies of the family law system and the rules with which the capitalist mode-of-production allows her to efficiently and successfully exploit the men around her, for the maximum dollar output.


Many divorced wimminz, in my experience, sport a tattoo which memorializes the victory she achieved in the divorce courts. The tattoo which commemorates the successful destruction of her victim is much more common than the photo shoot. Tattoos convey several collateral messages simultaneously. Tattooed people are unemployable in most serious professions, and thus the skanky tatt communicates the fact that she is independently wealthy — supported by a man she chumped — and thus is not used to working, and doesn’t like productive labor. The tattoo is also a signal to the weak, evil, and destructive men in her vicinity. It identifies her as a fellow traveler in the decadent lifestyle of the hedonist, the criminal, and the undisciplined. It signals that she is available for mating to this decadent and shiftless element.


The parasite’s transport host has been discarded, and her basic needs have been met, but only temporarily. She knows instinctively that she needs to attract and keep a subsequent man. As her looks have gone, she amps up the vulgar displays of sexual accessibility to all men within view. She hopes that her cottage-cheese thighs and her turkey-neck will be passed over by you, her next victim, as she lewdly flashes her cunt in your direction.


With arrogant preening and sarcastic laughter she mocks her last victim, and within seconds, she turns on a dime, to express what seems like sincere empathy and commitment to the next. She has already betrayed all the men who came before you, but she assures you they deserved it. You are worthy of the love that all these other men never managed to merit.

She’s such a wonderful wimminz, who has been the victim of a long series of misfortunes. Won’t you help her achieve her potential?

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11 thoughts on “The Parasite’s Life-Cycle”

  1. @SnapperTrx

    Except in this case this washed, up, used “mother ” didn’t do much “fucking ” while she was with her husband… She reserves the best use of her cunt for the chads and tyrone’s out there

  2. Many divorced wimminz, in my experience, sport a tattoo which memorializes the victory she achieved in the divorce courts.


    In my discernment there is a big reason why any tats is pretty much a woman not worthy of marriage at least for me.

    To me that looks like a faded tat…like she got it perhaps before she found her divorce victim to memorialize all the cads she seduced before the simp. She’ll probably get more though.

    There’s one woman on the twitter who went through the common partying 20s, begomed single mother, and has ugly tats on her arms. Now she says she’s done a conversion and is now back in the Catholic faith, wearing modest clothing, being pious and is looking for a husband. It was probably 50/50 the guys wanting to wife her up versus the guys pointing out she’s a single mother so they wouldn’t marry her.

  3. To quote another movie…Fight Club.

    ‘She’s a predator posing as a house pet.’

  4. The destruction of the nuclear family was a fleecing scam.

    Everyone but the husbands are making bank. And I mean everyone.

    And th wimminz are so gullible .. I doubt that it’ll ever end.

    The only answer is for men to avoid marriage .. therefore starving the beast. Again .. I doubt that it’ll ever end.

  5. And gentlemen, don’t think you are immune from this if you end up with a Christian woman. They are exactly the same or worse. After all, the Daughter of the King deserves everything her little heart desires, even the requirements of God be damned!

  6. This one’s my favorite

    Mine too! She looks like she’s taking a dump, hobo-style… which she probably is.

  7. Hey, I’m out the woods in a leather skirt and high heels. I’m one classy bitch! Ugh, I need to pinch a loaf, hold one, please… Fucking Taco Bell.

  8. So he got married when he was 41 and got divorced at 55?

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