Still Angry, After All These Tears

rjsp2Earlier I honored one of this post-code’s most dedicated critics, a wimminz who calls herself ‘sue,’ and who has posted almost daily, for several months, in a vain attempt to garner some attention from all you brothers. Such people are useful, even when they are unable to make a sound argument in support of their positions. As such, I decided to allow ‘sue’ to make an occasional rage-poast, in case one of you brothers wants to fulfill her masochistic abuse fantasies.

This week, ‘sue’ has appeared to mock and jeer the unfortunates who find themselves victims of opioid addiction.

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Sue’s point, that wimminz never become junkies, is hardly credible.


Even so, I think there’s some general sentiments behind Sue’s inane babbling that I can get behind. Escapism is for the weak. If you are hooked on some substance, then getting rid of that backmonkey will be your greatest achievement. Brother Jason can probably give better advice about kicking bad habits, but in a pinch, one can also call the National Drug Helpline (+1 888 633 3239) for local assistance. For similar reasons, if you are connected (through blood or marriage) to a self-destructive junkie, then keeping him or her at arm’s length while finding outside help would also be advised.

Keep these wonderfully bright, helpful, interesting poasts coming, sue. Poast more! Poast more now!

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5 thoughts on “Still Angry, After All These Tears”

  1. Hey, my fingers are burning…

    ‘Round these parts it not unusual for the junkies to shoot up in the ER parking lots. They leave the windows down and hope someone sees them if they start foaming at the mouth.

  2. Escapism is for the weak.

    I’d put porn above drug addiction in that arena. I did find it interesting someone on twitter liked an article about porn that stated some countries would use porn as a military tactic against the population.

  3. If a man needs help with drug or alcohol addiction….there are people who care, and want to help you. AA and NA were excellent for me in the first few years especially. “One Day At A Time” and let me tell you….sometimes it was “minute to minute” but if you are indeed “sick and tired of being sick and tired”?????????????

    I would encourage you to go to a single sex AA / NA or one that allows cigarette smoking…..much more real talk in those meetings, and hard slaps of reality than the “herbal tea” types of AA / NA meetings.

    Get your life back.

    Addiction knows no racial identity. It doesn’t care about your age. It doesn’t regard who your daddy was or is…or if you were the all star forward on your high school basketball team. Addiction could care less if you were popular or not, good looking or not… or poor. It doesn’t care. If you need help. Get it. I am available to help any man that struggles with drug and alcohol problems. I am not a professional, but I can say “that I have been there”

    The road back will not be easy, but if indeed…I…..a pathetic excuse of a man can rebuild. You may well be able to as well. I may not have your solution. I very well may not “understand” your exact situation, but if you are an addict……it is the result of a broken spirit.

    The Salvation Army has nationwide many centers for rehab. They are for men. They are called ARC’s (Adult Rehabilitation Centers). It is a year based in house program. It’s FREE. Three meals a day with hard work in the centers that rehabs good for their “thrift stores” and the like. It is quasi military with rules, regulations, heavy and deep spiritual development, Holiness Meetings on Sundays at the local Salvation Army, anger management, job placement and recreation. One thing most male addicts need is ROUTINE back into their lives. The program does have a decent success rate. I never went through this program but I as a Soldier worked with the men there extensively when I lived in Fresno.

    Please drop a note here if you need more information. Get your life back.

  4. 30 Minute Documentary about The Salvation Army’s “drug and alcohol” rehab program. Our ARC’s operate nationwide, and it is one of the programs that the Army has done very, very well with.

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