Be Like Johnny

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Earlier we learned the sad story surrounding Johnny Depp’s failed marriage to Amber Heard.

Depp, widely regarded as one of the most eligible and attractive men alive, got cucked and falsely accused of all sorts of horrible shit by his skank-ho wife, the minute she got tired of pretending to be married.

Folks in this post code may have assumed that Depp was going to follow the lead of weak simps like Neil Degrasse Tyson, who apologized to the (hideously ugly) women that falsely accused him of sexual assault.

In fact, Johnny is not the sort of weak cuck that Tyson is. Johnny is going to teach Dr. Tyson, and the rest of us, the correct response to a lying wimminz who tries to ruin a man’s life for sport.

Not only is Johnny suing this whore, he is actively lobbying with industry execs for the cancellation of her contracts, and that is exactly as it should be.

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Before I ever fuck any wimminz, and often before I meet her in person, I let her know that every interaction is being recorded and stored in the cloud, and will be used if the need ever arises. Johnny had the same policy, and it is serving him well.

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Every wimminz you meet should be keenly aware of the fact that you are prepared to spend the rest of your life fighting her. That’s the only way to mitigate the existential threat of #MeToo.

I pulled the full text of the Depp v. Heard lawsuit. Read it in pdf format here: Depp v Heard.

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8 thoughts on “Be Like Johnny”

  1. Oh this would be “Happily evva after!” if she gets sacked (heh) fired for cause.

    “Go Johnny Go .. Go Johnny Go .. Go Johnny Go!”

  2. Reblogged this on Free Matt Podcasts and commented:
    Responsible men cover their bases when things start looking strange. JD didn’t just hope that things would fix themselves. He stopped being a victim and brought the ball to the hoop.

  3. I’m hope he wins too. There should be consequences for instigating this type of behavior and slandering a man in this way. There should be no p-pass on this.

  4. “Go Johnny Go .. Go Johnny Go .. Go Johnny Go!”

    JD didn’t just hope that things would fix themselves. He stopped being a victim and brought the ball to the hoop.

    I’m hope he wins too.

    Of course I hope he’s successful too, but note that Johnny Depp has millions of dollars and plenty of free time at his disposal, with which to defend himself. When a wimminz makes a complaint, all the resources of the state are at her beck and call to help her. If this happened to one of us, we wouldn’t have access to the resources to give us a fair chance. This is why I encourage brothers to not get married, or at least to vet a potential wife very carefully.

  5. My inclination is to tell male Hollywood actors to avoid marriage to actresses and to look for a hometown girl type not in the spotlight. Unfortunately, uncontrolled hypergamy combined with the his-fault divorce regime makes that an impractical suggestion, too. Wealthy, influential American men are truly screwed in this regard (i.e., marry a famous [attention] whore who will stab you in the back/frivorce you on a whim, or marry a Plain Jane Nobody who will do the same, but grab even more of your assets than the already-famous and wealthy whore).

  6. @feeriker

    Tight financial discipline helps. A man’s goal should be to make enough money to live on half his after-tax pay. All of his and her remaining money should be saved or put into home equity on a sensible house (up to 30% on house payments on a 15-year (or fewer) mortgage). Plan your budget accordingly. If she won’t live that lifestyle, don’t marry her. Don’t touch that money for 10 years minimum. The goal is to get her past her wall, the divorce danger zone, and give you enough mileage to assess your risk. Adjust for the kind of woman she turns out to be.

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