How NOT To Get Banned (part 2)

Artisanal Toad Banned.png
Artisanal Toad is the latest to fall

If you want to avoid getting banned on someone’s blog you can follow the instructions. These include setting up your own WordPress site. However, like all WordPress bloggers, you will put yourself at the mercy of your new overlords’ Terms of Service. If you act like Artisanal Toad or Boxer, exercising your right to say whatever you want, you’ll probably get banned eventually. Or you can be like Dalrock and cave to the Terms of Service, self-censoring to keep yourself online.

There is an alternative: get a domain name (quite cheap) and self-host. This requires a bit more work, but no one can take it away from you.* It costs more money, but if you are financially stable, it’s not all that much.

Perhaps, you think, you’ll be fine. You don’t believe in status, marrying multiple Ninja wives, that sex=marriage, or that spanking your wives is a good thing. Please don’t be so naive. Just like working hard by getting good education and a good job prepares you to absorb hard times, self-hosting is the best way to fight censorship of your blog.

If you are not willing to do this, at least take backups of your site. This way when you do get banned, it will be easy to setup your own replacement site. Just make sure you setup WordPress with your own domain so your links don’t break. This is easy, but it does cost money, meaning you’ll have to financially support your censoring overlords. Consider the consequences of this. Alternatively, you can get something like this for free using domain and path forwarding with SSL.

* You’ll really have to tick off some very important and powerful people before you’ll lose your site. It’s possible that your hosting service could kick you off. You just find another. If you get your domain name taken, you probably did something amazingly illegal or ticked off the President or members of Congress. Don’t do that.

I do not use a hosting service. I have a mini-Linux server that cost me around $200. It has no moving parts and costs about $6/year in electricity, so it will last nearly forever. It’s my equipment and no one can take it from me. It can be hosted anywhere: I can move it from one server co-location to another. I can even setup redundant servers in multiple locations if I want.

6 thoughts on “How NOT To Get Banned (part 2)”

  1. I just noticed today that Toad got the boot. Unfortunately, this will curtail my study of his “sex = marriage” arguments. Does anyone know if his arguments are available elsewhere? I tried the Way Back Machine, but there’s not much on record there.

  2. @Jack

    Yeah I just noticed as well, I wonder who Toad pissed off to get himself banned?

    I’ve taught the sex=marriage as long as AT has taught it…..It’s not a very popular belief amongst Christians because they wish to retain their shame/guilt over others into pressuring their converts into a state funded marriage where they falsely teach that unless you say vows to each other, in a formal ceremony, needing a license/marriage certificate then you’re not married in the sight of God

  3. “I’ve taught the sex=marriage as long as AT has taught it…..”

    My Mennonite peers and I debated sex=marriage in high school decades ago. I never bought into “marriage requires a wedding.” Then Artisanal Toad argued his position on Dalrock’s blog in August 2017. I took part in that massive discussion and honed my argument. While I disagree with Artisanal Toad’s final analysis, I used some of his arguments to support my take on the subject. When Jack publishes his analysis, I’m sure I’ll be over there arguing the topic some more.

    Losing Artisanal Toad’s site is a loss. I don’t have to agree with him to appreciate his independent, original thought and ability to craft plausible arguments. I hope he took backups and brings the site up independently. Plenty of unregistered domain names are available.

  4. Toad got under their skin because he was relentless ..

    I hope he stops bye ..

    Thanks for the link to the archives Boxer .. I re-read some oldies just to jog my memory banks.

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