Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?

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From National Public Radio (no link, because they’re assholes):

In February, Pope Francis acknowledged a longstanding dirty secret in the Roman Catholic Church — the sexual abuse of nuns by priests.

It’s an issue that had long been kept under wraps, but in the #MeToo era, a #NunsToo movement has emerged, and now sexual abuse is more widely discussed.

The Vatican’s wall of silence was first broken in Women Church World, a supplement of the official Vatican daily, L’Osservatore Romano. An article in the February issue by editor Lucetta Scaraffia — a history professor, mother and feminist — blamed abuse of women and minors on the clerical culture of the all-powerful priesthood. The piece was based on hundreds of stories she heard from nuns.

It’s very hard for a nun to report she has been raped by a priest, says Scaraffia, because of the mindset that, in sex, women can always say no.

“These nuns believe they’re the guilty ones for having seduced that holy man into committing sin,” she says, “because that’s what they’ve always been taught.”

Adding to the trauma, she says, raped nuns who get pregnant become outcasts from their orders.

I’m sure this happens occasionally, and I’m also sure that the Catholic Church attempts to cover it up when it does; but, does anyone really think this is some sort of epidemic? Are churches and missions run like Bosnian rape camps?

Incidentally, in case any of my readers are wondering as to what these hot nuns look like, here’s another specimen that tells lots of stories about her own irresistibility to the average priest.

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Would you sexually assault this wimminz?

I didn’t think so.

I am not a Catholic, but I did my undergrad at a Jesuit school, and I went to mass regularly for about four years, when I lived in a heavily Catholic town. I have known a fair number of priests and nuns, and have some personal observations…

Priests join the priesthood either because they are idealistic strivers, who think they can do some good in the world, or because they are flaming faggots, who think that they can meet other gay men this way. Sadly, the split is about fifty-fifty, and anyone who cares to venture into a few services will rapidly get a clue as to which end of the bell-curve his own local fadda sits.

Nuns join their orders largely because they don’t have other options. A girl becomes a nun because she’s not attractive enough to find and keep a man, and because she’s not ambitious enough to get a degree in chemistry or English, and become a schoolteacher. Again, venture into your local Catholic church and tell me how many hot, bright, smily nuns you meet… All the ones I’ve crossed paths with look like the two wimminz pictured above.

“The Vatican is a world of men,” she says. “Some truly are men of God. Others have been ruined by power. The key to these secrets and silence is … abuse of power. They climb up a career staircase toward evil.”

Aubin, who also works on Women Church World, describes women’s treatment inside the male Vatican world this way: “We are unobserved, invisible, ignored and not respected.”

The first extensive report on abuse of women in the church was in 1994 by an Irish nun, Sister Maura O’Donohue. Her report covered more than 20 countries — mostly in Africa, but also Ireland, Italy, the Philippines and the United States.

In the report, O’Donohue, who died in 2015, linked sexual abuse of nuns in Africa to the AIDS epidemic: Religious sisters were considered less likely to carry the virus.

She cited a 1988 case from Malawi, where a bishop dismissed the leaders of a women’s religious order because they complained that 29 nuns had been made pregnant by local priests. She also reported that a priest arranged for a nun to have an abortion; the nun died during the abortion, and the priest then officiated at her funeral.

The nuns in this report are painted as a gaggle of poor victims, but we don’t know the circumstances. While I don’t know what happened, I find it perfectly plausible to imagine that:

1. Sister Skanky flirted with, groped, made eyes at, and eventually spread her legs for any man-of-the-loin-cloth who would give her some dick and attention.

2. Sister Skanky returned to brag to other nuns about how she was fucking every swinging dick in the local parish.

3. Wimminz, competitive creatures that they are, took note, and all the other nuns started competing for sexy time with all the male clergy they had access to.

4. Twenty-nine of the nuns became pregnant. Most begged for abortions, because while they knew they were sluts, they would be horrified to have their sluttery confirmed in the collective consciousness of the community.

5. One nun died because of the voluntary, elective abortion she begged for.

O’Donohue briefed Vatican officials on her findings, but the document was shelved. Its contents were made public only in 2001 by the National Catholic Reporter, which also publicized another report, from 1998, titled “The Problem of the Sexual Abuse of African Religious in Africa and in Rome.”

Again, if this was “sexual abuse,” at least one of the twenty-nine poor victims would have approached the civil authorities in Malawi with a complaint. Forcible rape is a crime there. The fact that this story only got told when some butch dyke talked to the press makes it hard to take at face-value.

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8 thoughts on “Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?”

  1. I’d agree with your assessment of the split for both men and women.

    You may have forget the other option for women to become nuns…namely they can be lesbian feminists and sexually abuse women? I’ve heard sexual abuse occuring that way too.

    I don’t know how much of the priest on nun stuff is true…but I wouldn’t doubt a more homo priest and a lesbo nun might give in to sexual immorality based on their shared disordered sexuality.

  2. Sister Lauren a nun I worked with in Fresno……wasn’t feminist or a lesbian, she was just very hopelessly plain. Pretty smile….but not striking, and women like her probably just knew from their teenage years that “this was the only option”

    She wasn’t mean, or bitter but I do know she was very lonely. She mentioned after some work we did one afternonn “Well, brother, I’ll leave you to your bachelor bat cave……..this is the hardest part even now…….ministry and fellowship done, all the tools put away…..the silence…….just nothing to do”

    She was about my age (I never asked) but just from ironic comments made, some references….she was GenX for sure….

    I nodded in sympathy…..or was it empathy? I just said with hands in pockets….”sister, just because I am a man I am not living some incredible social life outside His Army.” She seemed surprised by this reply….”but you’re tall and have blue eyes…..” she said smiling. We gave a friendship hug and parted.

    In another world we probably would have married. But not this one.

    Like Priest…..many are doing their calling effectively without thanks ro approval from men. These holy ones are the of the flock who should be talked about…..but there will be nothing. That makes for boring news and in all honestly…..they are too busy serving to really take recognition…….nor would they want it.

    No, this nun pictured doesn’t drive me with desire.

  3. Nuns join their orders largely because they don’t have other options.
    Dude! Did you not watch The Sound of Music? It is Hot young women in high demand who are overwhelmed by their pursuers that turn to the nunnery in hope of a time of tranquility to think things through. /S

    This might be a blue-pilled question, but, are there no idealistic women who become nuns?

    That last photo is just one nasty butch! It is hard to believe she was ever a good nun.

    Jason! Dude! WTF! Go find her, and ask her to become your wife!
    Maybe not immediately on your initial reacquaintance, but she sounds like she wanted you to save her from a life of celibacy. She also sounds like a safe choice. Go find her, vet her a bit, and if she is still attracted to you, which it sounds like she was, then ask her to ditch the sisters and fulfill God’s plan, for her to be a man’s wife. God may have been saving one for you, all this time, at the nunnery. Initially she may say “no”, but tell her, you won’t take “no” for an answer, that you prayed about it, and that you think she should too. Then her stifled sex drive and her emotions will take over, on your behalf, and she’ll begin to think God is telling her to follow her feelings and have all the benefits of a man she admires, that it was meant to be, and it was a divine appointment. You’re in like Flynn!

    I won’t even charge for this possibly life altering counsel.

  4. wasn’t feminist or a lesbian, she was just very hopelessly plain.

    Not necessarily a bad thing at all. For those brothers that may be marriage minded – the immortal words of Jimmy Soul:

  5. Not necessarily a bad thing at all. For those brothers that may be marriage minded – the immortal words of Jimmy Soul

    The sentiments in that song were probably true in Jimmy Soul’s day. In present times, every ugly wimminz is told she is “beautiful at any size,” and that “hotness comes from within,” and other such nonsense, from the time she is zero years old, until she is in the grave.

    When reality hits, these same fat, ugly wimminz never seem to get introspective, and decide they need to lose weight. They don’t grow their hair long. They don’t go dress shopping, or laser off the skank-ho tatts. They don’t quit riding community dick down at the nightclub. They simply delude themselves with the idea that men “can not handle them,” in all their awesomeness.

  6. Those NUNS were thrilled to be there .. & those menz sexual needs were their sexual needs (sic) .. [1]


    [1] .. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6841461/Barbra-Streisand-says-Michael-Jacksons-accusers-thrilled-there.html

    ‘It didn’t kill them’: Barbra Streisand sparks outrage for saying Michael Jackson’s accusers were ‘THRILLED to be there’, his ‘sexual needs were his sexual needs’ and for suggesting their parents are to blame.

  7. They simply delude themselves with the idea that men “can not handle them,” in all their awesomeness.

    Sadly true, the evidence abounds. Still a catchy tune to this day though.

  8. Africa is quite easy to explain. There is a widespread belief having sex with a virgin cures aids, so wealthy men buy girls from villages while the poorer men rape. A nun would be a very, very appealing target, especially if they were in a cloistered order. Easy and safe picking either way for a priest with the disease, especially as local men are largely too superstitious about incurring the wrath of God to have gotten there first.

    Lets not discuss cultural issues though, western men are obviously the real problem.

    Side note: Russian soldiers got up to the same activity in basically all the convents in the territory they took in WWII, although largely due to the fact the nuns were less likely to have VD than other women.

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