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So, I’m over in the cesspool which is twitter, when suddenly someone shares a video of Alex Jones, squabbling with a bunch of college students in some bar someplace in Austin. Jones, behind the camera, runs from table to table, getting into people’s faces, telling them they’re assholes, and generally doing what everyone who knows Jones is familiar with.

Long time participants in this post code will remember, back in 2017, when Alex Jones went into family court. A Texas divorce court judge subsequently stripped him of his children. When I wrote those old articles, two years ago, I held out some hope that Jones would turn some attention to the faggots in the divorce courts.

Did Jones lead protests against the family courts in Texas? Did he mobilize his thousands of supporters to raise awareness about the abuses of the feminist divorce courts? No, he did not. He kept his mouth shut, and took his punishment like a bitch. For two full years, Jones has been completely silent about the matter.

Jones put an edited video of his latest squabble up on his web page. I’m linking to it (link does not imply an endorsement) here.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 18.57.40

The most interesting part of my visit to infowars is highlighted in the screenshot above. Alex Jones was at the aforementioned tavern with his wife. It caused me to wonder, this afternoon, if he had reconciled with the kidnapper. Did Jones roll over and kiss the ass of his ex-wife, in order to continue to see his children? Did he give her a lavish second marriage? What’s the story? I had to google around to get the info.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 18.54.36

Jones’ three kids, who once lived under his roof, are now limited to going on vacations with their father. Furthermore, Jones has played the simp, by marrying a new woman, and giving the new bitch a subsequent hostage to kidnap away from him.

This whole article (at the Austin American-Statesman) is humorous. Jones, who bends over to take it in the ass from his first wife, met Bernie Sanders in an airport. He subsequently chased the old geezer around with a camera, exactly as he did with the college students in the bar.


Jones chases and squabbles publicly with random college students, presidential candidates, and almost everyone else. This must be a terrible embarrassment to Jones’ ex-wife, his current wife, and his four kids by these two wimminz.

There is one notable exception. While Jones has no problem screeching at almost anyone else, he sits down, shuts up, and does what he is told, when the orders come down from the feminists at the divorce courts.

If anyone deserves to be harassed and abused by Alex Jones, it is the faggots and dykes at the divorce courts, who have taken his three eldest children from him. Moreover, if there were anything Jones could do, which would have a meaningful impact on the life and health of his average listener, it would be criticizing the family courts publicly. Jones is not doing this. He has never done this. I don’t believe he ever will. When examining Jones’ behavior, it is impossible not to conclude that he is a feminist and an enemy of men everywhere.

Alex Jones is the controlled opposition that he pretends to rail against. Don’t buy his overpriced vitamins, and don’t give him any of your money.

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  1. A long time I wrote about the poor schlub who, decades after divorcing his bitch wife, was hit with an alimony judgment. At the time, I thought it was only a looney Massachusetts thing. I was wrong…

    In North Carolina, it is possible to petition for alimony after the divorce is final, provided certain procedural requirements are met prior to the judgment.

    If you sign that marriage certificate, it’s game over for you. Forever.

  2. What’s the statute of limitations of child support?

    Rule of law means nothing when it comes to wimminz and getting their socialist payout from the state through tearing up families.

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