How NOT To Get Banned

Don’t follow the light at the end of the tunnel

Brother Sharkly has been banned by Dalrock. He requested assistance. I’ll explain how to avoid getting banned using my method.

Start by creating a WordPress blog (see instructions). The purpose of this blog will not be to get readers. It will be to store your really long arguments so you can link to them from other blogs. This is why I started my blog. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to be functional. Name it whatever you like (e.g.

Having setup your blog, create a post on your favorite esoteric, eccentric theology topic. Publish the post and view it. Copy the link from your browser. You’ll need it later.

Next pick the victim blog that you wish to comment on. Many bloggers use moderation for the first post, so write an insightful comment and try not to be controversial. Your goal is to get out of moderation and have people not hate you immediately:

It didn’t tolerate my wife demanding that I do chores. Men who put up with that are so beta. I guess they have no choice, since it takes self-confidence to stand up to that. I’m so alpha it hurts.

If it isn’t explicitly stated in a comment policy, you’ll want to ask about the link policy:


“Do you have evidence to back up that claim?”

Yeah, I do on my website. Is it okay to post links on this blog?

As soon as you get approval, you are good to go:


“Unless the Catholic church has blessed your marriage, you are fornicating. Full stop.”

I don’t agree with that. I think marriage starts when you have sex and no church is required.

You create links in your comments by doing this:

<a href="">marriage starts when you have sex</a>

Your goal is to avoid really long comments or having to repeat yourself. Let’s say a month later you want to make the same kind of comment on another post. Just refer back to what you said previously:


“There is really nothing wrong with fornicating. It screws the feminists. Literally.”

As I said on a comment on the post – True Marriage™ – last month, marriage starts when you have sex. So, fornication is not cool.

This assumes they know what you are talking about. If not, wait for them to ask questions. This allows the conversation to die if they are not interested in pursuing it. You really shouldn’t try to force the issue if no one wants to talk about it. So…

“As I said on a comment on the post  – True Marriage™ – last month, marriage starts when you have sex.”

I’m not very bright and don’t know how to search. Can you remind me?

….and you reply…


<blockquote>"Can you remind me?"</blockquote>

Of course. <a href="">Here it is</a>. As you can see, fornication is an abomination in God's eyes.

In this example I show the raw code you actually type into the comment box.

You are the guest at their blog. You may be God’s messenger, but you still need to be civil and respectful. Treat them like you’d treat visiting someone in their house in meat-space. Keep long comments to a minimum, moving them to your blog instead and linking to them. Try not to repeat yourself. Trust the strength of your arguments and let your opponent have the last word.

Even if they ignore you, your link sits there always potentially driving traffic to your site. One day someone may read it and be moved by your eccentric prose. They may even comment on it or blog about it.

Just be careful not to link-spam. If you link to something, make it on topic and directly applicable. Don’t derail the discussion with your pet topic. Make sure it applies to the discussion.

This is a work of fiction. A resemblance to real people may be intentional.

Boxer is an incredibly lenient host. It makes me lazy. I don’t actually follow most of the advice here, but he probably wishes I would do so more often. He practically had to force me to become a contributing author on this blog. You don’t really want to do that on a blog with a less tolerant host.


6 thoughts on “How NOT To Get Banned”

  1. Omg!! Are you serious?
    LMAO, this made my day….Dalrock keeps digging that hole for himself doesn’t he

  2. I’ve really been enjoying Derek’s recent posts here at Boxer’s place. I hope it will continue.

    It is a very efficient and effective arrangement for certain Manosphere personalities who do not post regularly and frequently (like Derek, Sharkly, Honeycomb, Earl, etc.) to collaborate with well established blogs in the form of guest posts or joint adminship.

    I recently had a couple guest posts from Scott K. and Blair Naso. They are both big names in the ‘sphere who don’t write regularly about RP topics anymore, but who occasionally have something to say.

  3. @Jack

    Thank you for the compliment. I also enjoy reading blogs, including yours, with guest posts. I started my blog mostly to link to long arguments. I’m more likely to do guest posts because I’m unable to write regularly and consistently due to the family situation and lack of readers. I hope others share your opinion and that Boxer doesn’t ever regret it.

  4. Thanks Derek!
    I commented on Dalrock’s site for a year. I only lasted three comments on The Catholic Answers Forum. I was cited there for harassment(I questioned a ladies pending frivorce) and twice for giving unlicensed psychological advice. I was on and off in one afternoon. However, I’m not the type who always insists on staying where I’m not welcome, I’m not afraid to move on. I got moved a lot as a child, so I’m quick to make new friends. I once rejoined Free Republic, under a different name, after they banned me for a racially-incorrectly pointing out the obvious, and then admitting that I was White. Apparently I could have claimed to have been a different race and saved myself from being banned, but I didn’t care. However, I haven’t posted there in years. I’m proud to have been banned for commenting on Blacks while being White. The free speech at free republic has its limits. I’m also proud to have been banned by Dalrock for pushing what I find in God’s word, which is apparently offensive to those who want to make women into the image of God, and therefore absolutely equal to men in the highest possible regard. LOL In just a year I went from being blue pilled to being so red pilled that they declared me to be heretically so. Dalrock is apparently not yet ready to cross that Rubicon river and march directly against the great whore on the seven hills, who purveys modern romantic notions of “love” directly opposed to God’s husbanding model of Love. When you proclaim that the Apostle Paul explains that women are not in God’s image, you are into a deathly serious match, ripping the foundational rug out from under satanic Feminism. I’ve crossed the Rubicon, its on like Donkey Kong, women are not equal to men, just equally given the grace of God. Men rule because we are all superior creations, bearing God’s image and glory, and women were made inferior to serve us, and be our glory, to the glory of our gracious God and Father who created men in his own image, and women as mates to reverence and serve their husbands.

    Husband: A manager or steward, as of a household.

    Jack, I just recently visited your Blog. I’ll be back to read more. I was quite impressed. Your Johnny Depp icon had initially come along with a poor connotation in my mind. I misjudged. I admire your blog.

  5. “You are the guest at their blog. You may be God’s messenger, but you still need to be civil and respectful. Treat them like you’d treat visiting someone in their house in meat-space. Keep long comments to a minimum, moving them to your blog instead and linking to them. Try not to repeat yourself. Trust the strength of your arguments and let your opponent have the last word.”

    Excellent advice for both the Net and Meatspace.

    Sharkly says:
    2019-03-23 at 13:03
    “I was cited there for harassment… and twice for giving unlicensed psychological advice”

    They do not understand, those are the purposes of Internet forums!

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