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Only a couple of years ago, ya boy Boxer defended the rights of dissidents to speak their minds (anonymously or not). I was roundly shouted down in places like the Dalrock comment section. (Hi Gunner!) It gives me no real schadenfreude to see Dalrock now labeled all sorts of nasty things, the same way I was on his blog, by people who are indulging in his own game of attempting to identify and “out” their ideological enemies as dangerous criminals, embarrass them in their neighborhoods, and get them canned from their jobs.

I still read Jack Donovan’s books, and I still read Weev’s blog, and I would read Lyn87’s biblical exegesis, if he were still online. Unfortunately, Dalrock, Cane Caldo and his friends were successful in driving that man from the internet. Of course I don’t agree with absolutely everything these people write. I’m not a Christian (like Lyn87) and I’m not a pagan (like Jack) and I’m not an esoteric white nationalist who hacks computers (like Weev). The difference between me and a faggot like Cane Caldo is that I don’t want anyone silenced. I want everyone to speak their minds — including feminists and furries. I’m confident that my ideas can compete, and if they can’t, then I deserve the opportunity to be schooled and improve my arguments.

This whole phenomenon is now being masterfully dissected on national media. I apologize for the ads in this video, but I encourage you all to watch it, before Youtube censors the shit out of it. In his program, Tucker Carlson names the SPLC and Media Matters as the foremost censors in American society.

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  1. SPLC is an anti-white hate / terrorist group.

    Media-(doesn’t)-Matters isn’t far behind.

  2. SPLC is an anti-white hate / terrorist group.

    The Village Voice (now defunct) had a great article on Morris Dees, the founder of the SPLC. It was called “On the Trail of A Hustler.” The whole thing was (and remains) a con.

    As an aside, Morris Dees was a pioneer in the junk mail industry. I remember getting scare-mail from the SPLC, begging for my donations, purporting that the KKK was hiding in my neighborhood, and was going to kill me if I didn’t write them regular checks. I believe they got my name from the ACLU mailing list, but can’t be sure.

  3. Luke 6:45

    Also I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed…but I wouldn’t use an axe to get a lugnut off. I’d probably use the jack most vehicles have.

  4. “”The Village Voice (now defunct) had a great article on Morris Dees, the founder of the SPLC. It was called “On the Trail of A Hustler.” The whole thing was (and remains) a con.”

    Speak of the devil. Breitbart reported just today that Morris Dees has been unpersoned by his own SPLC.


    “Effective yesterday, Morris Dees’ employment at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was terminated. As a civil rights organization, the SPLC is committed to ensuring that the conduct of our staff reflects the mission of the organization and the values we hope to instill in the world,” SPLC president Richard Cohen said in a statement. When one of our own fails to meet those standards, no matter his or her role in the organization, we take it seriously and must take appropriate action.”

    And he’s been reportedly scrubbed from their website. Speculation is that a sexual harassment dam is about to burst.

  5. My beloved undergrad of 185 years is closing in Vermont. The usual “we can’t compete” or “small, private liberal arts colleges are dying”

    While that is true, my undergrad stating in 1995 decided to become “progressive” and become an “environmental liberal arts college” and basically flushed out any liberal arts and became a spefic niche college. What did they expect? I sat on the Board of Trustees from 1998-2003. What a bunch of loons. Progressives, liberals and of course…..all Democrats on the board. Men and women who were dreamers with the attitude “if only the world was as wonderful as we are, there would be no problems”

    I demanded accountability on the books, good look getting it. After MY history was sold off to pay bills in 2002 (persian rugs from the 1890’s that graced the lounges of the camps), marble fixtures from the twenties….and the Welsh collection dating back to the 1840’s….I had enough. I was sinking 20K a year into a sinking cesspool

    So….all over the Alumni blogs and the like…….no one is blaming the “progressives” for running a fine, small, private residential college into the ground…..no, no, no. They are blaming ME for not standing up enough and being a “leader”
    for saving the college! These folsk demand Tiffany but want a Walmart price for everything. Story of my life.

    It’s a shame. It was an excellent college, and the only time in my life I was probaly :happy” were these four years in Vermont from 1989-1993. The past xix months have been rough on me, but you know……if I just had more confidence, everything would be great!

    Have a watch, click the video icon. What a dismal Vermont day in January when this was announced. https://www.news10.com/news/local-news/green-mountain-college-to-close-because-of-falling-enrollment/1723943938

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