Rules: the New Rape

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The governmental authorities of every country have rules which are to be followed by passengers on commercial airliners. One rule, common to every jurisdiction I’ve ever flown in or through, is that the passengers must wear clothes. This is important, both as a safety standard as well as to ensure the comfort of all aboard.

As a wimminz, Emily O’Connor (of Solihull, England) assumed that the rules did not apply to her. Rules are only for men. Wimminz are exempt. This is somewhat understandable, as that is the nonstop message her feminist society drills into the public consciousness.

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Most traumatic for Emily is the memory of some man, who was allowed to voice disproval of Emily’s attempt to fly naked. Emily simply can’t believe that there isn’t some rule against men disapproving of filthy wimminz, who try to invade polite spaces clad only in their underwear. Surely the four flight attendants should have carted that subhuman man off in chains.

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Poor Emily. She was forced to follow the rules that everyone else understood implicitly.

Author: Boxer

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14 thoughts on “Rules: the New Rape”

  1. The thing is clearly a bra.

    Emily, at the far left, is shown dining with “friends” … or are they coworkers?

  2. Her pusillanimous provocation proves that the power of the pooch doesn’t play out on planes.

  3. Miss Emily out and about in her undies again.

    FWIW my wife looked much like Emily when I married her. Except my wife had better boobs. But she turned out to be a hot mess. Not as repentant as she claimed. Serious issues suddenly appeared immediately after marriage. Now she’s up 40 pounds, and taking my kids and everything else. It was not worth it.
    Do not man-up and marry a “repentant” Ho. Boxer has helped to tell my tale of woe here in the past.
    If only I had been Red-Pilled before I fell for all her Ho trickery.

  4. At the rate Britian is going…she’ll be in a burka in 5 years…or will meet diversity on a solo trip in north Africa or central America.

  5. Just wait. Time cures all. This is an attention stunt. By the way, the guy who yells at her was doing her a favor, considering she doesn’t have enough sense to clothe herself.

  6. I presume that Emily is attractive enough that she almost always gets what she wants. By the looks of her crew, they know that advertising  sexually is effective.

  7. Nice! She gets to portray herself as a Brave Survivor of the Patriarchy AND show off her dinners. Bet you she’ll get an apology and voucher from the airline.

  8. A lot of people are incredibly selfish…however the way things are set up women are more often rewarded for it. So the few times somebody actually pushes back they have no idea how to handle it. I expect women to be selfish and they can still be disappointing.

    I dont favor completely oppressing them but I also don’t favor competely liberating them as both ruin women. Wearing bras in public is incredibly selfish and potentially dangerous if she catches the eye of some diverse male.

  9. In days not too far past, liddle Mizz Emily would’ve been put over her daddy’s knee and given a not-soon-to-be-forgotten azzwhuppin. Odds are, though, that liddle Mizz Emily grew up in a counsel estate flat without any hint of a daddy in her life.

  10. I presume that Emily is attractive enough that she almost always gets what she wants.

    She’s certainly not ugly…however the immodest attire more clearly reveals the ugliness.

  11. I was a baseball game in Fresno two summers ago (Fresno Grizzlies, farm team to the SF Giants at the time). In the mens room. A very hot girl comes in and says “girls room has a long wait, so I’m going to hang with you guys and use one of the stalls……”

    No one said a word. Twenty? Thirty men in the restroom.

    She comes out of the stall, and several guys (all above average in looks) start chatting her up “In Europe they are not hung up about sex and this kind of stuff like we are here….” and “Have to hand it you, really brave and just upfront….my name is Jake by the way…” and “Just want to say, you can come to my bathroom anytime…here’s my celli…”

    She was loving every minute of it. Not one man said anything to her to the likes of “GTFO”

    I quietly buttoned up, went out and seaid to the security guard “there’s a woman in there” and he shrugged his shoulders and gave me a look of “What are you some kind of fag” and said “Like I was gonna stop her, and none of men in there had a problem with it….except you. Why is that?”

    This gal will get an apology from the airline.

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