Snuff Film #69


Lots of fellas around the manosphere insist that the feminist rot is restricted to Anglo-American wimminz. These same fools will tell wild stories about emigrating to Latin America, where the women are all sweet and respectful. This video is for those dolts.

For those who don’t speak Spanish, here’s the story:

  1. Bitch lures her boyfriend to a cheap motel, where she stabs him repeatedly in the chest.
  2. Dude somehow escapes the scene of his murder, stumbles into the street, where passersby start calling the cops.
  3. Bitch runs out, pretends to be distraught, starts alluding to him being attacked by others.
  4. Someone starts documenting the incident. Apparently the owners of the hotel fingered the wimminz as the killer, and the camerawoman claims she has photos of the knife.
  5. Bitch starts holding “her love” while wailing dramatically. In reality, she’s trying to open his wounds and kill him before the ambulancia arrives (it’s late, and this is a tense video).
  6. Throughout it all, bitch puts on an incredibly convincing show of being a “victim”.


Author: Boxer

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6 thoughts on “Snuff Film #69”

  1. These same fools will tell wild stories about emigrating to Latin America, where the women are all sweet and respectful.

    LOL…I’ve read stories in Brazil and Argentina where feminists will descrate churches and people peacefully protesting at an abortion clinic. Daughters of Eve aren’t immune because of what culture they grow up in.

  2. What a disgusting treacherous bitch…. Hope she rots, but me knows better, that women are a protected species so she will get off lightly

  3. I thought most men regarded latinas as even more cray-cray than white women. Wasn’t that how they were usually portrayed before 2008 or so?

    This is a really interesting topic. It’s the intersect space between media studies, psychology and the manosphere.

    It strikes me that mass media portrayed las indias as crazy, at the same time Tom Leykis and various manosphere bigshots (many of whom had already emigrated to Mexico) started spreading the meme of the superior latina. Gravitating toward these women may have become a sort of countercultural protest reaction in many men.

    I actually agree that many latina women are superior to white and black chicks, until they hit 28 or so, at which point they rapidly transform into unfuckable, boxy, mustachioed, squat little goblins. In that regard, they’re much like the russic bimbos that manosphere guys also like. Good luck marrying one of these bitches, boys. Even of she doesn’t get you with the butcher knife, the bloom comes off the rose quick, fast and in a hurry.

  4. Fuck that. After trial, one bullet to the back of the head to end her. Case closed. Point made. One less murderous bitch in the world and one clear message to any other bitch who plans to do the same thing. Bonus points: They should let him pull the trigger, but he will more than likely forgive her and let her off the hook.

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