Rape in the Military

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Thanks to Jack Dorsey’s unwavering support for this blog, I’m back on twitter. One of the first stories I ran across on that open sewer was the sad tale of rape victim Martha McSally, the CONservative republican senator from Arizona. McSally ran as a Trump supporting politician, and makes a number of hot-button issues a feature in her political life.

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Those hot button issues include feminism.

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And McSally has also made a rape accusation against a superior officer.

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It is notable that Senator McSally has refused to identify the man that she claims has raped her. Why would a sitting U.S. senator protect a dangerous criminal with a history of raping defenseless subordinates? We have to wonder.

Of course, thanks to feminists like McSally, we don’t really know what ‘rape’ means, since the lexical range of that word has been widened to include things like smiling and nodding at some dumb wimminz on an elevator, or holding the door for an elderly granny. Nearly every interaction with any wimminz can be spun into a rape, at this point, and that is how feminists like McSally want it.

More generally, what was McSally doing in the U.S. Air Force? If anything, this sad tale ought to be a reason to expel every wimminz from military service immediately.

According to the senator, the armed forces are being used as a rape camp by degenerates. This wimminz, now a powerful political figure, and friends with the president, is in the perfect position to investigate and push for changes. Why is she doing nothing about this dreadful problem?

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12 thoughts on “Rape in the Military”

  1. Attention whoring at its finest. “Feel for me! Something bad happened. I wont say what, I wont say by who, just, give me attention!”

  2. Rule number 1 ..

    if she sez she was raped .. AND no charges are filed .. OR the accused is found innocent ..

    SHE’S CRA-CRAzier than a twice run-over dog .. steer clear brothers ..

    I rest my case.

  3. Why would a sitting U.S. senator protect a dangerous criminal with a history of raping defenseless subordinates?

    Because perhaps she was the instigator?

  4. Military Law is different than Civilian Law.

    Just the mere whisper of sexual assualt and you can ruin career’s. Then their is the NJP -vs- Court Martial aspect.

    Putting men and wimminz together is a bad idea. Biology wins. Hurt feelings (by th wimmimz .. that they’re just a piece of azz) can cause casual consent-two-ale sex into sexual assualt.

    Story time .. back in the 1st Gulf Conflict / War .. news reports circulated thru military chatter lines (encrypted radio) that wimminz soldiers were caught with, in excess of, $5k cash on person. When it was not allowed to carry more than $50 cash on-person in-theatre.

    You can do the math .. I hope.

  5. Because perhaps she was the instigator?

    That’s what I’m thinking… generously assuming (for argument’s sake) that she’s not simply making up bullshit for attention.

    McSally probably had sexual affairs with any number of married generals, in various attempts to get promoted, to get out of some crappy job, for attention, and for other attempts at incentive. Maybe one or two of these whoring incidents didn’t pay off, and now she resents the fact that she sold her holes for less than market value.

    It’s rape if wimminz regrets it, after the fact, right?

  6. McSIWlly and what passes for the U.S. Air Force more than deserve each other (as do she and my fellow Arizonans). This writer simply cannot bring himself to sympathize with any winminz who decides that, come hell or high water, she’s gonna be “one of the boys,” no matter how unrealistic that goal, and then gets burned when reality smacks her in the face. Needless to say, McSIWlly, just like her liberal Democrat feminist counterparts, is determined to toss reality out the window when it doesn’t conform to the narrative.

  7. Reblogged this on Free Matt Podcasts and commented:
    Although I understand the sensitivity and the emotional toll of sexual assault; I must share this with you to relay my frustration that victims of crimes need to report them. I feel like it is a social responsibility of people in a modern society. (I was also slandered by a pre-social media rape accuser).

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