Happy Wimminz Day!

Here’s to American wimminz! Watch now as some meddling American cunt tries to kidnap the children of poor refugee family. She got the phony accent slapped right out of her.

Author: Boxer

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3 thoughts on “Happy Wimminz Day!”

  1. My boss, the regional manager sent a bouquet to all female employees on my team (three) and gave them half the day off (with pay), which required me to handle leasing issues, there was no receptionist after noon on a Friday (one of the busiest days of the week)…..and I had to clean bathrooms in the lobby at 4pm and do some basic cleanup in the lobby and elevators before the weekend bc the afternoon janitor happens to be a sassy Latina

    If I complain “I hate women” and “I am whining” and if I say nothing it means “agreement”

    The putz (my regional manager) then at the end of the month pitch a gripe at me about the labor cost and lost labor. He’ll forget he gave them half a day off, and proceed to AMOG me on the phone over the labor budget at the end of the month……….I’ll wager a weeks wage on this outcome.

    The maintenance supervisor seemed a bit surprised to see me at 4PM with suit jacket off, sleeves rolled, tie tucked into shirt and me doing a killer job on mopping the lobby

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention International Subversion of Nations Day was first in honor of wimminz suffrage in the Soviet Union. Then the UN thought this epic failure would be a good idea to be celebrated globally.

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