Selling Out?


I wanted to wait to post this article until the emotions died down.

As all men have a stake in the future of this society, I’m a little bit troubled by the outbursts I’ve seen of late, in and out of the manosphere. This is an example, found on gunner’s excellent blog…

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 11.28.43

I am curious as to the basis for the “sell out” accusations, and moreover, what such people would have expected in place of the (wildly successful) speech President Trump gave, last week.

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I do have some possible assumptions, based on the character of the accusers. It seems like people were hoping or expecting to hear something like:

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we take you live to the National Zoo, where we’re dropping Hillary into the leopard enclosure; but first, let me take a moment to redpill you all on the dangers of blacks and Jews…

The lack of such goony nonsense in (arguably) the most successful speech, by any president, in recent memory, and the angst with which his so-called supporters met his very accessible address, says more about the grumblers than it does about the president.

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It apparently escapes many denizens of the manosphere that Bibi Netanyahu isn’t pals with George Soros, and even if these types ever managed to grasp that reality, they probably still wouldn’t realize that a billionaire who managed to become president, despite the best efforts of mass media and all political parties, isn’t well served by taking orders from anonymous internet malcontents.


Guest Post: A Response to Lori

The following is a response to Lori Alexander‘s comments surrounding her (ever controversial) post on how men prefer debt-free virgins. It was penned by our brother Necro. Visit his blog here.

Hi Lori

I appreciate very much you had the integrity of character to publish my comment, but you avoided the salient point of my concern.

Your main argument in your article here is the disparaging view you hold towards men, in that the only basis for couples moving in together is to meet the so called “boyfriends” sexual needs, and for someone to cook and clean for him….you portray men as opportunistic sexual fiends who use women for sex without the need for a serious commitment to them, i.e “marriage”

Now this might be or might not be the case with some couples but to entirely omit a WOMAN’S manifold reasons for moving in together, based on HER motives and reasoning’s, is not only disingenuous but shows an inherent bias on your part, which I feel needs to be addressed by you in all honesty, after all, you do claim to stand on the side of truth!

Throwing this at me, and I quote…… ” Here are a bunch of Bible verses about what God thinks about fornication (having sex outside of marriage)”
Like I said I fail to see how that addresses my concerns that I raised?

There were well over 100 verses quoted in that list on fornication you gave me! (Lori sent me a link here of the standard right wing conservative position of “fornication” and how it is wrong)

Something for you to consider though in your continual stand for the truth

1: Not one of them mentions the word “fornication”…….I thought those verses were meant to be about the actual term involved?
Those verses mention the term “sexual immorality” but NOT fornication. Sexual Immorality is a very broad term that not only is entirely subjective, based on one’s own definition of what constitutes “morality”, but it also means simply sexual activity that is not moral, and this is used regardless of the person’s married state or not, so it certainly cannot be used as proof texts against your phrase “sex before marriage”

2: The bible is indeed against “Fornication”, make no mistake about it, but YOU have assumed the term is defined as sex outside or before marriage, but be careful Lori, the scriptures are not so clear cut on this issue as you may think
For e.g, one of the biblical definitions of “Fornication”, and I’m substituting your term of “sexual Immorality” here, is the practice of SODOMY….see Jude 1:7
Also, see 1st Corinthians 6:13-18 where Fornication is very narrowly defined as sex with a harlot/prostitute, and this is regardless of the person’s marriage state, ….so to categorically go around and tell others that Fornication is sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend before you’re married, as you do here in your article, is not only untruthful but showing an ignorance of HOW the bible defines it’s own terms….Instead what we’ve done is to insert our own theological and cultural bias into the term “Fornication” without understanding what the actual word really means as God defines it

3: One of the strongest arguments that Fornication cannot possibly mean sex before marriage, as Conservative Christians use that term, is the passage in Matthew 19:9 where Jesus described a situation where putting away your WIFE should not happen, UNLESS she commits Fornication
Question: How is it possible to have sex BEFORE marriage, once you’re already married? Answer: It isn’t possible!!, so the term Fornication CANNOT mean an action that occurs before you get married, because Jesus said that a wife can commit the act of Fornication while she IS married, present tense!, and we know that is not referring to a time in the betrothal period, because Jesus used the specific term γυνή meaning WIFE

Anyway these few verses I’ve provided should provide sufficient proof that the term “Fornication” certainly DOES NOT mean sex before marriage in every case, so at the end of the day, the question remains, should we be condemning others for committing the so called sin of Fornication when 1: we don’t define the term how God defines it, and 2: there is dispute for what the actual term means

Also, Lori, I’m not too sure if you’ve considered this, but we can’t go around condemning others for sleeping together before marriage, unless we define what the bible defines as “marriage” and believe me that’s a topic for a whole other day! lol

Once again, I do thank you Lori, for allowing me to comment here in your blog, and I hope this comment here will provide an impetus for challenging and inspired discussion for everyone here who reads these comments!

I welcome everyone’s thoughts here, and I am certainly open to being corrected if I’m wrong, and I will be back to see how this plays out lol

Thanks Lori

God bless

From a fellow lover of truth

Lori apparently deleted this post and refused to publish subsequent commentary. In the interest of free-expression and in the spirit of open debate, a response is being published here.


Looks like I was wrong about you having any sort of “integrity” as you conveniently chose to NOT publish my comment.  I thought that was a bit odd so I did more research on who you are, and it confirmed my worst fears about you

Many sincere, Godly Christians have been exposing you in their blogs, social media platforms etc, and they ALL paint the picture of you as an incredibly insecure,  oft times heartless, and self righteous, narcissistic  woman who simply will not allow any critique of your views or allow any dissenting comments to be allowed on your channels.  You are simply too full of pride to allow correction and reproof

And to be honest Lori, I agree with those views about you wholeheartedly.  I find your veiled disparaging views against men disgusting, and I attempted to pull you up on it, and I used scripture to refute and gently admonish your views on Fornication, all to no avail

It must be nice to sit in your little echo chamber, in your little enclosed bubble, while you vomit out your self righteous, sanctimonious, far right garbage, whilst deliberately avoiding any censure or rebuke from others who try to reprove you as the scriptures command  2Ti 4:2  Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

You claim to stand for the truth, but you conveniently run and hide from any criticism, you cowardly block any comments that pull you up on your errors, you harshly condemn others with no compassion or love in your judgment of them, you show an inherent bias against men whilst pretending to be against feminism, so my question to you Lori is, where is the Godly fruit being evidenced in your so called ministry?

There is not even any repentance by you as your latest blog post: yet again reveals more of your disgusting and veiled disparaging views on men, as you attempt to blame them for apparently wanting their wives to go out to work, instead of holding women accountable for their OWN DECISIONS to work outside the home

To be honest Lori, I find your sneaky, belittling attacks on men disgusting….but you disguise it very well, as you seek to come across to the world as a Transformed wife”…..No you’re not, you’re a self absorbed, narcissistic, feminist with the Spirit of Jezebel controlling you, I don’t find you submissive or Godly at all.  I think it’s time you stop teaching, which by the way is forbidden for women to teach anyway see: 1Ti_2:12  But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

Please go back under the headship of your husband, submit entirely to him in everything, and then seek to make reconciliation to all the people you’ve hurt over the years by taking down your sinful blogs

Knowing what a coward you are Lori, this comment will not see the light of day, and either your husband, or one of your dedicated worshipers will delete this comment before you get to see it, but God will see it, and what is concealed in the darkness will be brought to the light

You are a disgrace to womanhood everywhere, and you are direct proof why the bible forbids women to have any teaching role or authority over men, because the result is just disastrous and wickedly sinful as your cowardly attempt to hide from the truth demonstrates.

I’m a Figment of Your Imagination: Or, My Husband Doesn’t Post Often, But When He Does He Stirs Up Trouble

YHBT by Heidi and Dave: Feminist Scum Owned Hard!

Lazy Mother Musings

It is well known that Christian women who subscribe to traditional notions of marriage don’t actually have any of their own ideas, being no more than puppets of their husbands. Well known to everybody except me, apparently, as I learned with surprise that I was not in fact the author of the blog post “Counseling, Feelings, and the Roles of Husband and Wife” which I have also discovered promulgates a dangerous, harmful model of marriage in which the wife’s feelings are not the ultimate authority. And now, here to explain more about the kind attention lavished on my post is that prime example of toxic masculinity, my husband.


An opening salvo declaring my wife toxic, abusive, and unsafe to be around greeted me in a post titled “How Not to Resolve Marital Issues?” My wife had just forwarded me a link to the blog “No Longer Quivering” which purports…

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The Stopped Clock


So, over on Dalrock, we have a long line of simps complaining that the author isn’t putting his real name, home and work addresses, and telephone numbers up on the internet. First in the queue is a rather strange guy named “bnonn.”

Forging a holy masculine identity is not easy, especially in a feminized world, especially online. Yet the Bible sets out a model for our conduct that makes it simple (not easy) to move in the right direction. Here’s a somewhat chiastic description of some key principles:

1. Don’t be anonymous. The prophets, the apostles, Jesus himself risked a great deal by open discourse. Everyone knew their names. Everyone knew their faces. Have you yet resisted to the point of shedding blood? Don’t be weak. Don’t be a coward. Don’t be anonymous.

I’m not here to contend that cowardice does not exist. I believe that it does exist. It is quantifiable, and it varies from person to person. Is Dalrock a coward? I don’t know. My opinion is that he’s not a coward simply for remaining anonymous.

Bear in mind that discarding his anonymity would not necessarily be an unprofitable trade-off for a writer like him. He’s an excellent rhetorician, and thus the ideological apparatus would likely cut him a good deal to start leading folks astray. I bet my readers can name a number of countercultural figures who, once they achieved a certain level of notoriety, were co-opted by the system in just such a fashion.

Next in line is a man from an outfit I’ve never heard of, specifically Warhorn Media.

It does trouble me that you are denying your readers the chance to examine your life—what sort of man you are, how you practice what you preach, and what authority you speak from. These are not insignificant question, and they’re not inappropriate to ask. Jesus and the Apostle Paul was never afraid to engage in “ad hominem.” Who a person is does matter. Not just their arguments taken in the abstract. That being said, I’m not sure I disagree with your choice. I just question it. However, I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking it through.

The Jesus character had the luxury of speaking truth to power and fighting in the open, because he was an immortal god-man, who could miracle himself anything he needed, from one second to the next.

St. Paul started raising hell in the open because he was a Roman citizen, and his enemies were not. There are allusions in the New Testament to the pharisees trying to get him beaten up and killed; but, such things were impossible without a conviction in front of a Roman judge, and no such judicial authority gave a damn about the whines and moans of his enemies.

The young brothers who read this blog are not Jesus. They’re not St. Paul, either. The establishment is in the pockets of our enemies, and it hates us.

It’s true that none of us are really anonymous. I recently got an e-mail that hit pretty close to my own identity. That doesn’t mean that you boys should open up your personal lives to the whim of the mob. I have a father, nephews, cousins, and they don’t need to be accosted by random bulldykes at the grocery store, just because Uncle Boxer made fun of feminists on the internet.

Your first obligation, as a man, is to your family. Causing these others to be hassled simply to stroke your own ego with internet-fame isn’t bravery. It’s not masculine. It’s just stupid.