Little Black Pill

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Following some link I found at the cryptofeminist Warhorn media page, I ended up back on the no-account social network known as Gab. I realize that a lot of the regs ’round here like that place, and I have to wonder why.

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This is representative of what I saw, repeated over, and over, and over. Such people are depressing to the point of nausea.

The day after I became eligible, I went down to my county offices to register to vote. I filled in the DEM box, so I get to go to Democratic party meetings, and vote in their primaries. That means I get to agitate for things in an arena where my presence actually means something. My guess is that among my readers, most don’t even vote, and none of you have actually become politically active (and it doesn’t matter if its DEM, GOP, LIB or GRN). My question is, why haven’t you done this?

People bash my president, and many of them whine because he hasn’t yet circumnavigated America with a 100m wall, and he hasn’t built a domed resort city on Ganymede, with daily spaceship flights, and he hasn’t yet thrown Hillary and Bill into the alligator pen at the D.C. Zoo. If things suck here so badly, I’d gladly send you my old passport, which will entitle you to go spend your life with Monsieur Trudeau.

How we all got to this point is interesting. Some of the self-promoting “thought leaders” of the MGTOW movement are partly responsible for this faggoty state of affairs. I’m thinking of Aaron “Captain Capitalism” Clarey, who wrote a book encouraging men to move back in with their parents, quit working, and go on welfare.

Maybe President Trump hasn’t hired all the people that this guy thinks he should be hiring, because there’s almost no one worth hiring. His response is not to become part of the solution, but rather to cry tears like a bitch, while refusing to do any meaningful work.

For those of you who have yet to receive the memo, here it is:

  1. That civil war you’re awaiting isn’t coming.
  2. That sweeping law criminalizing feminism will never be here either.
  3. In case you haven’t figured it out, Donald Trump doesn’t have the power to solve all of America’s problems by edict.

It’s incumbent upon all men to take a long-term view of historical events. One should ask himself what he’s done to improve or restore the level of sanity in his hometown.

How are you helping?

Have you joined political and community groups, to lend a sane voice to public affairs?

Are you starting a business?

Are you becoming a paralegal or attorney?

Are you running or applying for a position in the local government?

Nearly all of us would agree that the people in power today tend to be the lowest form of human scum imaginable. Young men need to quit taking that black pill, and work on taking the trash out themselves.

The time is now to gather what power and influence you can, and online bitching doesn’t help in that regard.

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  1. I am politically active and back in the day I was active with my local GOP county committee. An issue that was incredibly depressing was an open secret that the Dems would engage in massive fraud in every election. Our candidates would have to get 53-55% of the vote not 50.1%.

    So why not try to stop the fraud? 2 reasons, the GOP operatives were afraid of being called racist (which is what happened in New Jersey) & they thought if people realized how many elections were being stolen the masses would lose faith in the system.

  2. My question is, why haven’t you done this?

    I personally think most politics is nothing more than theatric nonsense to keep the highly emotional entertained. Just like media narratives on the political side they choose.

    Obama was probably the perfect type of prez for the political theater along with Trudeau, Macron, ad nauseam. Lots of style, little substence. Trump seems to be a little more substence…but of course most people will never be satisfied because it’s easier to complain than to actually be in the position of authority.

  3. Jew613!!!! I was active on the Bush and Romney campaigns and poll watched in an inner city precint in Detroit. I’m glad to see your comment because I can’t tell you how discouraging it’s been all these years for no one to care about the democrst fraud.
    Never heard of Gab, but love the pull quote you used to dis the site. I think the same way.
    Related to another post Boxer- the reason I like Dalrock writing about other evangelical leaders is because they are the ones that influence my family and are the biggest millstone on my heart. If I want to read about feminists, and I do, I can go to Theothermccain. But no one else takes on The Gospel Coalition or CBMW except Dalrock, and that has been an encouragement to me and a source of freedom from the unbiblical relationship advice peddled by my church.

  4. Not sure why the sudden hate on Aaron Clarey. I’ve been listening to his podcast on and off for a couple of years and although I’m familiar with the book you’ve posted (never read it), I don’t think your accurately representing him. He disavows “virgin-tows” as he calls them, has a girlfriend and encourages men to be debt free, smart with the futures and to scrutinize women before deciding to be in a relationship. I don’t agree with everything he says and his consistent harping on religion is saddening, but overall I think he’s been a positive force for the men who listen to him, at least on the financial side. He’s certainly helped me rethink what I dump my hard earned money in to every month.

    That being said, I do agree that those of us who complain a lot about the current political system don’t often participate in it as much as we should. We vote, we sometimes call or write letters to political heads, but we dont often get our hands dirty and maybe we should, though in an online, over the air world it gets more and more difficult to get ones hands dirty. In the old days loony political types who spouted nonsense and did things against the will of their voter base could be tarred and feathered then carried out of town on a rail. No such thing now days unless you want to be arrested or shot. There has to be another way, though. How effective has your “going into enemy territory” tactic worked? Other than cause a stir in the bees nest, has it caused anyone to rethink or question their politics?

  5. How effective has your “going into enemy territory” tactic worked? Other than cause a stir in the bees nest, has it caused anyone to rethink or question their politics?

    America isn’t my enemy, brother. I’m a citizen now. It’s my country. (Thanks Barack Obama!)

    I’ve only been to a couple of meetings in the town I recently moved to. Local dems are generally pro-1A, pro-2A, anti-globalist, and while sorta hippie-ish, totally conformist. There’s very little I can argue with them about.

    National dems and national gop are both thoroughly corrupt, of course. Trump only won because he could defeat the election-riggers (see Ron Paul). Even so, national politics is not my concern. My concern is my community, and I think that’s the attitude young men should take, also.

    (Re-)Establishing American greatness starts in your own backyard.

  6. “That means I get to agitate for things in an arena where my presence actually means something.”

    Such as?

    Blocking Amazon from building a huge corporate warehouse down the road, which will funnel young men into slave-labor jobs with no benefits, all while strip-mining my local economy, and sending all the mom-and-pop stores into foreclosure.

    Now that I’ve spilled the beans about my project, what are you doing to Make America Great Again?

  7. “I’ve only been to a couple of meetings in the town I recently moved to. Local dems are generally pro-1A, pro-2A, anti-globalist, and while sorta hippie-ish, totally conformist. There’s very little I can argue with them about.”

    That doesn’t sound like your agitating for anything.

    “Blocking Amazon from building a huge corporate warehouse down the road,”

    Aren’t most Dems anti- big business to start with? Did you lead the anti-Amazon measures? Lot of door-to-door canvassing/educating? Standing out in front of local businesses getting signatures? That’s be worth something. A lot really.

    “what are you doing to Make America Great Again?”

    I’m raising the next generation of actual Americans.

  8. The 00’s:

    I got married. I got a degree. I had the chance to make an impact on Wikipedia and I took it. Then I got a meaningful job working in a field that makes products that protect people and assets, from the President to the children at our local school (including my own). I went back to school to get a Masters degree in software engineering management. Meanwhile, in meatspace I started part-time preaching with the idea of going to seminary, however, due to chronic personal health issues I never went through with this. Instead, I started a family, having two biological boys.

    I still work at the same company, but now I’m a manager. I sometimes have to put in extra hours and I’m on call 24/7. I bring an internet-enabled laptop no matter where I go.

    I served on the local library board for a year and a half, but gave it up when we started adopting children with special needs. I didn’t have the time for it anymore.

    We eventually adopted 3 children from China, all with significant needs. We’ve had a combined ~10 surgeries in the family… so far. The latest one was this week. More are on the horizon. Some are extremely significant. We’ve had many dozens of medical appointments, therapy sessions, and prosthetic fittings/adjustments, sometimes daily appointments in a week. We had to split our family for almost half a year due to medical treatments in another state. We are probably going to have to do it again.

    “I get it, and to some extent, I think we (MGTOW types) owe it to you guys — and your kids — to raise that much more hell.”

    Oh we are. This past year plus, I’ve spent hundreds of hours fighting the school district, trying to force them to educate my child. This has involved significant preparation and effort as well as requiring legal help. Here is a hint as to some of why we’re having so much trouble. We’ve found other families that are having similar problems. We are trying to help them out and make a real difference in their kids’ lives. My wife, especially, has really suffered with the stress of it all.

    The 10’s:

    “And with your homemaking career, you’re too busy to attend a city council meeting?”

    Correct. Believe it or not, the time I spend on blogs is my down time. It’s why I blog so irregularly. Comments are easy and quick and I can think over my responses while driving the kids around or doing mundane chores. Significant free time is at least a decade or two away. I’m sympathetic to the cause, but I don’t even have time to be active in my church. I only do community service projects because those make a difference, but at this point I skip the Bible studies, men’s groups, and choirs. I don’t have time for those.

  9. Grew up in a Nixon-Republican household. My parents were stalwart defenders of him. My parents went to the 1969 inagural representing Essex County, New York. Looking back fifty years since he took office? He didn’t anything any more illegal than Johnson, Kennedy, or Eisenhower.

    Nixon just got caught. Not really a fan of him.

    I voted for Bush I in the 1988 election. That was the only time in an election the guy I voted for ever won the Presidency. I campaigned hard for Bush / Quayle ticket in 1992 while a college student in Vermont. It was a tough year to be a young Republican that year on a college campus.

    Sometime in 1995, when my party swept the house, the senate, and most of the state governorships………still shocked that Pataki won in New York State that year……….well, we were promised TAX CUTS, SPENDING CUT and SOCIAL SECURITY REFORM

    We got none, except Newt Gingrich shaking hands with President Clinton sometime in late 1995 on a “deal”
    Spending increased, tax cuts………sure, a paltry 1.5% and no Social Security reform. Then the Republicans ONLY focused on how “moral” they were and how Bill Clinton was the incarnate of Satan………at least at the Federal level…..the party then blamed “republicans like me” who were expecting them to actually keep their promises.

    They blamed Republicans like me. I was very involved in local California Republican Clubs (in Santa Clara County and San Francisco City & County) The Democrats hated me back then, and blamed me as a white male…….but when the Republicans blamed me. I wasn’t to blame. I left. I have voted a strict Libertarian ticket since. Barry Goldwater is still one of my few modern era political heroes, probably the last real “modern” conservative. Please….Reagan was hardly a conservative, and Trump is a man who voted for Bill Clinton twice. W Bush dollar for dollar spent more than LBJ did, and the iresopnsibilty of Texas politicians in general loving to spend OTHER states money is well known…….

    Since getting sober, clean and becoming a Christian-Protestant. I still vote Libertarian I want CUTS. I want SOCIAL SECURITY FIXED….no swamp is being drained…..let me assure you…the Federal Governement is actually on a hiring spree. Clinton and Trump were the same….a few minor wedge issues…..but they were really no different from each other.

    I never miss primaries, never have missed a local, state or Federal election since 1988.

    America has not been great since 1974. That is where the tide turned and rolled back…..and frankly, now…….a full reset will only wash and riptide the waste out to sea.

    1974. The year after that oil shock which really ended the post-war era. We never really got over it. The last year “real wages” in the USA grew, and when our pride and can-do never really recovered. Abortion became legal. Gold standard removed. We as a culture really on all levels just let ourselves go.

    I strive to live my life like this. A life pre 1974. I have only a land-line “ma bell” phone (1970’s harvest gold color). I don’t own a microwave. I have a “pong” video game system on my TV. I don’t have cable. Aside from this HP laptop I use…… Vespa is a 1966 model. I revere Encyclopedia Brittanica, and I dress like a Plymouth Showroom Salesman circ 1961.

    I am disgusted with President Trump and I am pretty disillusioned about the country and have been since 9-11-01

    America doesn’t want or need great people anymore. As long as women think you’re hot, you make funny Tweets and read books by Roosh and watch pro-football……hey that’s all that matters today.

    The America I love, emulate, and want doesn’t exist….and has not existed since 1974. And Nixon was its last casualty ironically

  10. A Plymouth Commercial from about 1963. I have been cheated. This is the USA I should have been in….though I would have had to live through Disco as an adult…..

  11. America doesn’t want or need great people anymore.

    The first part of that sentence is spot on, but not the second. America has certainly made it clear that it despises greatness, but it needs it now more than ever. Whether it DESERVES greatness in its current state is the real question (my answer, personally, is no).

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