Antiphilosophy and Strategic Thinking


Stefan Molyneux, a self-proclaimed “philosopher” (with no training in that field), whose greatest real-world achievement is an almost unlistenable podcast (that few pay attention to), is currently advising brothers to disown those family members who disagree with them.

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Should you do this? I would strongly advise against it. Why, Boxer? I argue you shouldn’t disown someone over politics because you’d be furthering the cycle of atomization that has led to most of the social problems I’ve been railing against on this blog.

I also argue that Molyneux displays the typical complex which afflicts the atomized individual. According to his own bio, he was deracinated early, moved from his home and family (in Ireland) to the most atomized area on Earth (that’d be Toronto). He has lived a life which is, in every respect, uprooted. Hence he may not even realize the gravity of what he suggests.

If your family bonds are not your most important possession, then I’d argue that your priorities are skewed. People can (and should) be disowned, but meaningless political differences don’t approach the threshold of misbehavior that warrants such a severance.

If you want to look at a healthy, non-atomized family, study Susan Rice.

Edit: Roissy / Heartiste also has a post up on Molyneux. He seems to (mostly) agree with me.

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