Skank-ho Wimminz Left to Rot

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I am traveling this weekend, so I had time to look at the news today. My verdict: peak clownworld.

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Laughably, this filthy wimminz (who, by her own admission, rode at least three ISIS dicks in rapid succession) is now angling to become the poster child for a birthright citizenship “clarification” in the supreme court. Bitch please do. I’m sure Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh haven’t forgotten their treatment by your handlers.


Do any of my Asian brothers want to “take one for the team” and become wage slave to this fat, tattooed, lazy white skank? I certainly hope not.

Author: Boxer

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8 thoughts on “Skank-ho Wimminz Left to Rot”

  1. “ONLY DATE ASIAN, KOREAN, & JAPANESE. it’s not a race thing. I just admire how they are much more gentlemanly then western culture.”

    Ok .. this is so full of stupid it would take two dump truck loads of crap to empty it.

    You said Asian .. so Korean and Japanese are redundant.

    You say its not a race thing .. but you specify a race .. twice .. in ALL CAPS.

    And isn’t Asia full of Western Culture? .. But “THEN” (sic) again you typed glowingly about how gentlemanly they are .. only to add an incomplete thought regarding western culture .. which .. last time I checked .. is how you got to be a fat lazy bbw.

    I hope she chokes on her disability check (provided by western cultured men)!

  2. I didn’t start having a weight problem until I was 30. I think the word thing in the area of “female First world problem “ would be to be overweight under the age of 25. It’s like taking a big dump in the best meal you getting to eat You’re wasting your best years in YouR To stupid to know it or Joanne said to Peggy you’re hiding him attractive young girl with too more lunch

  3. @honeycomb….

    I find it amazing the biggest control freaks also figure out a way to be the biggest victims. Even when they are (often) the instigator.

  4. LOL..

    ‘Santos, a Brazilian immigrant, said while she regrets her actions, she claims she was provoked.

    “I had a little bit to drink maybe that’s the reason that I couldn’t walk away but being discriminated for so many times in my life, I just had to stand up for myself,” she said. “He’s not a victim. I am the victim. I have been bullied, OK?”’

    It was the alkyhol and racism against ???Brazilians???? that made her do it.

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