Female Superiority


A few weeks ago, I ran across an amusing youtube video, starring a chap who would wander around on the streets, interviewing random folks. He generally asked something along the lines of:

“Can you name something that women are better at than men?”

If the interrogated was a male, he’d generally make some excuse about being busy, and beat feet out of the frame. The wimminz who were asked would linger, loudly and proudly boasting about the well-known fact that females are simply better than men at everything, bar none.

I ran to google in an attempt to find said video this morning.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.53.09

Needless to say, our delusional sisters didn’t get to their sad mental state entirely on their own. Mass media conducts false consciousness, creating an amusing, infinite feedback loop between an individual wimminz’ ego and ideology.

Inasmuch as the average wimminz is different from the average man, there must be some collective attributes (aside from giving birth and other obviousness) at which they are markedly superior.


Twenty-five, but will be turning seventeen in August…

The one thing at which wimminz are clearly superior is dishonestly billing themselves as something that they are not. As AfOR often pointed out, any social group that spends as much money on makeupdigital effects, skin bleaching, hair dye, and other assorted trickery as wimminz do, is safely assumed to have cultivated a very sophisticated approach to the truth.

So, we begin here, my brothers, with an axiom that we should simply accept at face-value:

You will never be able to trust anything a wimminz presents as truly representative about herself.

White wimminz lie. Black wimminz lie. Mixed wimminz lie. Latinas lie.

Christian wimminz lie. Atheist wimminz lie. Jewish wimminz lie. Muslim wimminz lie. I’ve never banged a Buddhist wimminz, but I’d bet money that if I did, she’d have lied to me multiple times. Mormon wimminz lie. The stories I could tell, and perhaps I will.

There is nowhere on earth a place you can escape to, where the women are all honest and forthright.

Wimminz understand, seemingly from birth, the arts of trickery, diplomacy, and salesmanship, and they act accordingly.

Given that wimminz understand and use the arts of deception, largely in a subconscious way, it is upon the brothers to make a good-faith attempt at discovering and understanding the means by which they are deceived.

By this, I don’t mean that I can teach any man how to discern the absolute truth from a wimminz persona. I mean that, in most cases, one might be able to grade the level of distortion, and thereby produce some threshold of information, in order to weed out wimminz who deliberately conceal too much of the truth from view.

There is a difference between one wimminz hologram, which may show her very best self, and another wimminz hologram, which has little to do with what she actually is. As men who want the company of wimminz, your best bet is to seek out members of the first set of wimminz, and discard elements of the second set.

Recently I was browsing tinder, and I was swiping on tinder sluts, each with a series of photos, advertising the wares of each individual ho’. I’m at the point now where I realize that I have certain filters in place, which are so deeply embedded that they are almost autonomic. I realized, just barely, that these filters are the result of a collective action by so many wimminz as to suggest that such wimminz are possessed of the fabled “hive mind” which is posited by androsphere theorists.

Here are a few common tricks, as they are employed by wimminz of every age group, of every religious and ethnic group, and of every race.

  • Using group photos
  • Using unfocused photos
  • Using poor lighting
  • Excluding everything from the neck down
  • Excluding everything from the hips down
  • Wildly extreme angles

Some wimminz rely upon such photos exclusively.

Many wimminz will have most photos of these types in their album.

Nearly all wimminz will have one or two photos of these general types in their album.

In the first category: group photos, we can posit that wimminz are trying to attract a mate by forcing him to attempt to identify the advertiser from among her friends. It is a safe bet that the wimminz who has posted such a photo will not be the most attractive wimminz in the photo.

In the second and third categories: lack of focus and proper lighting, such a wimminz is attempting to hide unflattering details about herself from potential suitors.

In the fourth and fifth categories: selective cropping, you can be almost certain that such a wimminz is excluding whatever parts of her body are least attractive.

In the last category: extreme angles, such photos are used by skank-ho wimminz to maximize their perceived bust size, and minimize their wrinkles and bad teeth.

I remember, years ago, being chumped by a skank who used the extreme angle technique to bill herself as something she wasn’t. I showed up at my local Starbucks to find a completely different looking wimminz than what I was expecting, and her saggy a-cup dugs served to make it a very quick rejection. You can be sure that if a wimminz is taking photographs with a camera that appears to be mounted ceilingwise, then it’s safe to subtract at least six inches from her bust, and you should add six inches to her disgusting, flabby belly, also.

It only took a few further meetings with tinder skanks in my history to begin compiling this list that was subsequently internalized, such is the prevalence of wimminz and their false advertisements.

Every normal person attempts to present his best self when meeting someone new. That is a far different matter from creating and impersonating a fictitious individual who does not exist. Since many wimminz do not know the difference between these two scenarios, the onus is entirely on you boys, not to get chumped.


Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

18 thoughts on “Female Superiority”

  1. That last picture.


    Also women: “YEAH, PUSSY POWER BOI! BOW DOWN!”

    Idiocy on display.

  2. I had a 3 month rule to avoid getting chumped.

    No womminz could keep a lie from me .. or hide her true self for 3 months. She also never knew where I lived during this time. Most certainly she would never meet my friends or family during this cooling-off period.

    Now .. yes .. we all spot the obvious ones rat up front .. but some can chump the best of us if we aren’t on guard.

    They all think they can chump every.single.one.of.us .. and they also think that if we do find them out that we menz won’t dump dat azz. But they’re wrong!

    They’re wrong on both counts.

    Why you ask .. because of the internet / manosphere / RP nations .. that are now educating the masses of men previously unaware.

    And I would like to thank Boxer for doing just that. It’s real work .. and it will soon end if th wimminz / white knights get their wayz.

    One more thing .. don’t evva believe th wimminz have come to their senses and changed because of us .. NO SIR .. if you ever think that .. then you are next up for “this chump is right for the pickin”.

  3. I hope 7k girl gets an audit visit from the IRS.

    Jus sayin .. Pay YO taxes BISH!

  4. I believe that we’ve discussed this topic on this blog in the past.

    As honeycomb and I have noted, you must take the time to vet a woman and have something like a zero tolerance or three-strikes policy on lies. My wife does not use makeup and she does not ever lie to me. I insisted on both of these when we were dating/engaged. I agree with Boxer in the sense that that honesty is essential in a quality woman. I of course don’t think that all women are liars, but they do seem to have the inherent capacity baked right in.

    Having said all that, as a photographer, it is now time to take you to task (again… see link). First, the primary reason for “wildly extreme angles” is because of the horrible cameras (phones) used. All of them have wide angle lenses. Second, wide angle lenses are why most of the photos are group photos. All the non-group photos are even worse quality than the group photos (noisy, blurry, etc.). Third, wide angle lenses make women look ugly, especially their faces. Fourth, the unfocused photos and poor lighting prove that most women are terrible photographers. Interestingly, my wife has made more money on her photography than I have on mine, and I’m the “professional”. In addition to not using makeup, not lying, she is also has an artistic eye for good photography.

  5. You can be sure that if a wimminz is taking photographs with a camera that appears to be mounted ceilingwise

    Yup…a gal I’ve known since childhood posts all selfies like this. The last time I saw her in person, certainly 50 lbs overweight.

  6. The newest lie, trickeration, or deflecting I’ve notice from Catholic gals (and it could perhaps be wimminz in general)…

    They fornicate with a cad they think they are ‘in love’ with (as opposed to waiting until the holy bonds of matrimony for licit sex as God intended). The fruits of fornication happen…either from the guy leaving because she gets pregnant or he finds a new gal to be with, to him turning into a manipulative abuser because that’s what happens when you are with a guy who only views you as a sex object and suddenly she was ‘raped’ and a sexual abuse victim.

    Call them out when they tell the story (usually they try to paint the relationship as something else until the bad feelz happen) and they think you are a monster for pointing out it was fornicating and not rape. But Boxer is right…they certainly know how to deceive much better than men.

  7. Earl in my estimation ..

    American wimminz are all 400 pounds overweight ..

    350 of those pounds in (bad) attitude!

    Sometimes they’re just all bad attitude (aka skinny).


  8. I’ve touched on this one before Earl ..

    When they tell such a story .. I let them finish and respomd with .. “Is he in jail?” .. “You did go to the police .. right?”.

    When they say no they’re saying .. “I need help from mybpast (bad) decisions .. will you help me” .. and it’s a huge red flag that should not be ignored.

    In fact it’s a “no-go” .. aka “all-stop” .. and I walk out saying .. “you got your half .. right?”

    Laters bish.

  9. When they tell such a story .. I let them finish and respomd with .. “Is he in jail?” .. “You did go to the police .. right?”.

    dassrite kangz!

    I’ve heard all the stories.

    “My ex beat me within an inch of my life, plus he was a pervert who tied me up and made me fuck his best friend… and he also fucked my kids in the ass on Saturday nights, and this is why I divorced him.”

    Read more…

  10. The one social media gal who talked about her ‘manipulative rapist’ of a former bf who would often get her drunk to have sex also pointed out how she would post photos of them together being happy which she said wasn’t true.

    It pretty much confirmed to me it was probably fornication gone wrong that turned to sexual assault and not rapist from the beginning.

  11. Of course the meltdown when I and other guys started to question her victim motive was also quite the experience in revealing their modes of deception. Like somehow if they think turning the story of an experience with thrilling fornication with a cad that gone wrong into an abusive rapist means they still have some pure virginal worth in them.

    Sure we are assholes in her book because we didn’t immediately worship her victim narrative…but better to be that than gullible to a thot.

  12. I posted this over at Spawny’s Place ..

    But it fits here to with the Fem-Bot thread ..

    [somewhere near here .. https://spawnyspace.wordpress.com/2019/02/21/let-me-fix-this-part-i/#comment-125198 ]

    Well .. They (old Fem-Bots) used to say .. “my body, my choice” .. now Modern Fem-Bots say ..

    “All bodies (real or fake), my choice” .. lets jus’ say this one is a bit of a stretch ..


    Ban those THOT-Bots .. 😂


    We can’t have any compo-tits-hun with our iron grip on men having options.

    You know you live in a Chit-Hole when the only rational choice is a sex doll.

    Once again .. Feminism is limiting men’s choices while expanding theirs.

    Soon the whole globe will be single men with illegal sex bots.


    Those men should use the same slogans on the Fem-Bots they used on them ..

    “My wallet, my choice.” .. or .. “My body, my choice.” (I know .. very unoriginal).

  13. On the subject of female duplicity: An old schoolmate of mine is turning 33, which is odd because we were in the same grade and I am turning 37 this year. (I’ve known her since kindergarten, and I don’t recall any precocious 1-year-olds in our class.) She has also shortened her last name, but then she is an actress which I suppose makes it practically obligatory to lie about her age and name.

  14. Heh ..


    They tell everyone (of these snowflakes) they are unique .. then (these same snowflakes) find out they (their overlords) want only conformity (of tbought) .. and .. the snowflakes do it with a smile .. except when .. you tell’em they’re all the same. “I’ll have you know I’m special and unique!” – sez th snowflake. Why yes you are .. why yes you are indeed.

    Maybe th wimminz should stop getting upset when I tell’em they are all the same .. heh!

  15. The one thing at which wimminz are clearly superior is dishonestly billing themselves as something that they are not.

    Sorry, Brother Boxer, but gotta disasgree here. This is a VERY close second, but “Perpetual Adolescence” (or “Infancy” might even be better) is DEFINITELY Position Number One on the Female Superiority List.

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