Tom Leykis’ Retirement

Two months ago, Tom Leykis interviewed Paul Elam. Check it out…

During the interview, Tom pointedly asked Elam about register her, the most potentially subversive thing Elam ever came up with. As the old boys may already know, after register her started working, Elam shut it down.

Full disclosure: Paul Elam banned me from all his projects around 2012, after I pointed out his bizarre and counterproductive tendencies. After I was banned, one of his lieutenants (a guy pseudonymmed “Keyster”) accused me of being a prominent female feminist.

Sandman discusses Leykis’ apparent retirement here:

Whatever one might say about Tom Leykis, I will always respect him for all his good work, done long before Elam or anyone else ever spoke up.

Author: Boxer

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4 thoughts on “Tom Leykis’ Retirement”

  1. Lol this had me cracking up with laughter @Boxer
    I also have been banned by that pathetic mangina weasel Paul Elam 😝
    I honestly thought ONLY cry baby SJW’s blocked/banned/censored people lol
    As you know the more red pilled I have become, I have found the biggest wankstain cry baby, poofter, mangina, metrosexual triggered people are not the libtards BUT the far right ultra conservative crowd
    I’ve already exposed Dalrock enough with my vents, but he is honestly the tip of the iceberg….. Basically if you are a right wing conservative, especially a Christian/and an MRA then I automatically expect you to ban and block me because they are so thin skinned and THE most triggered people I’ve ever met
    And I say that with sadness and shame because they are meant to be my brothers and sisters in Christ, as I also am a Christian like them, but I will never block people or delete their comments because it takes a hell of a lot to offend me
    Hell, I even allow feminists to post shit about me, they get a free pass to do so, cause I would rather give them shit back then be accused of being a coward and ban them
    Honestly what ever happened to free speech? Are we all so easily triggered now like Paul Elam?

    By the way Tom Lykis is 1 of my favourites…. I would take what Tom says before anything Paul says

  2. I also have been banned by that pathetic mangina weasel Paul Elam 😝

    I’m still partial to the theory that Elam is running a cointelpro type operation. The only thing he ever did which was effective was register-her, and immediately after it started having the desired effect, he mothballed it. Then, when I asked his forum why it was deprecated, they accused me of being someone named “Vilet Tiptree.” (Apparently “Vilet” is some feminist who Elam doesn’t like. I’ve never heard of the bitch.)

  3. I didn’t get banned by elam, but I was accused of being a feminist by him. I think the term feminist is a mere label with him…something akin to calling somebody a witch. A drumhead

  4. Tip of the hat to Tom Leykis .. job well done Mr. Leykis.

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