Selling Out?


I wanted to wait to post this article until the emotions died down.

As all men have a stake in the future of this society, I’m a little bit troubled by the outbursts I’ve seen of late, in and out of the manosphere. This is an example, found on gunner’s excellent blog…

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I am curious as to the basis for the “sell out” accusations, and moreover, what such people would have expected in place of the (wildly successful) speech President Trump gave, last week.

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I do have some possible assumptions, based on the character of the accusers. It seems like people were hoping or expecting to hear something like:

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we take you live to the National Zoo, where we’re dropping Hillary into the leopard enclosure; but first, let me take a moment to redpill you all on the dangers of blacks and Jews…

The lack of such goony nonsense in (arguably) the most successful speech, by any president, in recent memory, and the angst with which his so-called supporters met his very accessible address, says more about the grumblers than it does about the president.

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It apparently escapes many denizens of the manosphere that Bibi Netanyahu isn’t pals with George Soros, and even if these types ever managed to grasp that reality, they probably still wouldn’t realize that a billionaire who managed to become president, despite the best efforts of mass media and all political parties, isn’t well served by taking orders from anonymous internet malcontents.


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6 thoughts on “Selling Out?”

  1. Your proposed State of the Union speech sounds pretty awesome, actually. Trump does what he wants. He’s far outperformed my expectations. I was worried he’d get us into a nuclear war, and he’s actually trying to get us out of Syria.

  2. Trump’s doing more than I expected given most of the Republicans in Congress despise him as much as the Democrats.

    I keep hearing takes that his party had control of the Congress for two years….not really. Republicans were just as much under miners to him as dems. Remember the primaries?

  3. He’s a terrible president. Not that Hillary would have been any better.

    What has he done? No “cuts” but LOTS more spending, calling people “horseface” on Twitter, can’t even reign in his own party……”spending bills” ????????

    Arms deal with Saudi Arabia who is not our friend……..but he’s a “real alpha” and thus speaks for men so “he’s doing awesome”

    Social Security is still going broke, jobs STILL moving overseas, illegal immigration asn’t slowed….but he really said something funny on Twitter, put those liberals in line….

    Whatever. I just did my tatxes. What TAX CUT??????????????????? Oh…yeah……have children out of wedlock, be a single mother……more deductions! He fights for men!!!!! Stands up for real men!!!!!

    Oh, what’s that???? Jason you were responsible? Let’s put you in higher tax bracket because you don’t have health issues, you kept it zipped up, you rebuilt from your mistakes and past. Punish you. My rate went to 18% and FICA went up too. Idiot.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    But……he Tweeets really, really funny things………he’s the best president ever!

  4. People have scoffed at me when I have said a “bachelor tax”
    The usuals “They ever pass one, I’ll beat the snot outta Pelosi” and a bunch of tough talk.

    We have one now. It’s called “single man, no children you pull in gross over 75K?” The Feds will take d*mn near 20% under this “new” plan, and FICA (Sicial Security) went up 6% from the previous year. And, let’s not forget the other incidentials……healthcare plans, dental plans and vision plan…went up 3-5% from the previous year.

    The good folks in California always get their cut………..I am hit at 12%

    So at 75K……as a single man……from all of this you are now bringing in about 29K, and you are told by this idiot “We are providing tax relief for all Americans” and I am still expected to “work harder” and “push myself”

    No you dumb sh*t, taxes went up for single MEN. Familes, or anyone with a child got MORE cuts and MORE deductions. They (familes, single moms) also USE………..WAY more services in heralthcare, government and society at large…..and I have to pay for it. A single woman who makes as much as me can write off health care expenses, can write off birth control (but Trump is a pro-lifer! as if) and get all kinds of perks because she is an “oppressed woman”

    Has Trump revoked this? NO, of course not! He’s a blowhard and all talk. Look at his wife, she LOATHES him, but he’s hailed as a man with “amazing frame and game”

    So……there is a Bachelor Tax now, and Trump is not your friend. He’s a terrible president. He has nothiong to do with Black, Hispanic or Asian unemployment…………………these Trump psychophants are way WORSE than Obama crazines that I dealt with in California for eight years…………………

  5. Brother Jason are you self-employed. Or did you give Ada my deductions?

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