The Concept of The Boycott

From Jack Donovan’s blog:

The way forward is to encourage competing companies and organizations to come out with counterstatements and to take opposing positions. There is a market here that is being underserved, insulted and alienated. The solution is not to threaten Gillette or the APA with some sort of boycott. They’ve already picked their side. Seek out and empower competing entities that don’t despise men.

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Author: Boxer

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2 thoughts on “The Concept of The Boycott”

  1. I’m not bothering with a boycott. Converged companies always self-destruct, even when people keep buying their products, because the company’s resources are diverted ever more towards fueling the Convergence. You can’t buy enough to keep Gillette in the black. Soon it’ll be 100% lesbian feminists who don’t shave their armpits, who realize that the easiest way to achieve zero factory emissions is to shut down the factory, sell it off and retire fat and happy on the sale with no care if anybody makes male hygeine products ever again.

    Parasites weaken and kill the host. It’s their definitive behavior.

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