Newly Illegal

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If it isn’t yet illegal to talk to wimminz, it can be said to be illegal, at least in Scotland, to talk about talking to wimminz. From the shitty BBC (no link, because we hate them)…

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Predatory behavior… mmm… sounds serious.

Given that it’s now a crime to encourage others to give a filthy wimminz the attention she craves, I’ll come right out and say that any of our Scots brothers who are so inclined should lay off. I wouldn’t want to be arrested for, like, encouraging any of you men to be nice to these whores.

Pick ’em up on tinder if you must, fuck and chuck as needed, but don’t chat them up on the streets, and you definitely shouldn’t buy them anything. That’s the equivalent of raping a wimminz. Did you know?

Author: Boxer

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  1. It’s like they see traditional relationships and marriage lying there on the ground, writhing in agony and yet they still feel the need to put a few more bullets into it.

    “How do we get our birth rates back up?”
    “How do we get back to the traditional family?”
    “How do we save our country?”

    “Hrm, beats me. Hold on a sec….”

    “Now, what was that?”

  2. ‘Why won’t any guys ever talk to me? Why won’t they ask me out? Why are they so intimidated by strong and empowered women?, ad nauseam

    It’s all about them having power. Well if they want power, they get no man.

  3. For those Christians who don’t use porn, your options are:
    Gay bars
    There are some Catholic religious communities that combine the best of both worlds.

  4. No…No…no wait a minute!

    If the mam making this video had *real* Game there is no way he would have been arrested. We’ve been told a thousand times on other blogs, and by amazing ladies men in the Christian sphere that someone with real Game or natural Game…but not to be confused with day game….and night Game overlaps with of when she is ovulating…but only if its a weekend because she will be naturally more realxed because she may or may not have to work in the morning………..a man cannot be arrested, won’t ever have sexual harassment charges….will never be accused of rape, and will never contract an STD / STI. Men with real Game never get these thing or have these things happen to him.

    SO the the PUA crowd probably is right now going over every minute detail of what exactly he didn’t do right…..from opening the set, to the approach…..and what was his style….because a man has to have killer style……but women don’t care about that because its whats on the “inside” that counts more than enything.

    Don’t worry about this “chump” he probably deserved it, and he was giving effective advicve. Real Game types have never fail, foolproof 100% guaranteed advice that always works…………

    Unless you’re ethnically Polish. Then you are genetically predisposed to be a chump forever.

  5. The backlash WILL come, and soon, and it’s shaping up to be incredibly ugly.

    The 2020s will NOT be a good time to be a woman in the western world (whether you consider yourself/behave like a feminist or not, you’ll suffer along with them).

  6. Seventies Jason …. We missed you bro. I was wondering what ever happened to you and if you would ever meet up w Opus in London. Welcome back man. If you ever come visit NYC, you have a brother and his family willing to host you for a few nights in 07086!

  7. @RiCanuck

    Or hookers. Yep, that WILL become an “option” at some point in the future. In fact, I personally know MANY Christian men, serious guys, who are openly advocating for national legalization of prostitution. Not for themselves, but to release the “pressure valve” of the Betas and Gammas of society. Legalizing prostitution would also shift much of the barganing power (eex0 That women have over men?

    “Oh yeah, you will not empty out my balls? Ok, go, leave! I will call Candy, +2 points hotter than you and she will get the job done for $100 bucks. Bye.”

    That is why Feminists desperately want to keep prostitution illegal. They use the lack of sex (broadly across Beta society) and the power to arrest and humiliate men as tools of male oppression.

    No doubt, besides good financial reasons to do so, living in the AngloSphere as a hetero male sucks. Period.


    Clearly, you have NO idea how the AngloSphere criminal justice system works.

    It ins unfair and insane, all feminist-based policing in places like Canada, Scotland and England.

    It is really bad in Australia.

    But it is even worse in America, except here at least, you DO have guaranteed a wide latitude of free speech rights granted by 1st Amendment, so “approaching girls on the street” would be very hard to convict under.

    In USA, however, we have the “Duluth Model of Policing” which means in woman vs man disputes, the man is always likely the perpetrator and should be arrested and removed from the home/scene. Here all the women have to do (in “domestic situations”) is call cops and accuse the man of battery (physical violence) or “marital rape” a couple years ago and the man go to jail.

    The fixes for this are easy:

    *Record and video tape all interactions with women, especially sexual/private ones, in America. Concealled cameras are easy to use, cheap, and 1080p HD definition. Save the records for life in case of a Kevanaugh situation.
    *Do not allow any woman to live with you or get married.
    *Always wear a condom and flush it down the toilet (it fixes pregnancy setups by women and reduces “evidence” she could use to falsely accuse you of rape).

    There, problem is largely fixed.

    But to mock men falsely accused of crimes is asinine. Men should support men who are falsely accuse and if in a jury, nullify the false accusations, not mock men who are unfairly treated by our feminist courts and policing systems.

    Ps. Do not trust any woman anywhere. Best piece of advice a natural Alpha, lifelong friend of mine ever gave me.

  8. He can speak got himself, but I don’t think 70s Jason is mocking the men being falsely accused. I used to follow alot of his comments on Dalrock, and from the bits and pieces that he shared from his Christian walk, alot of folks seemed to give him the same basic self improvement script: Try game, be more Alpha, move to a frgn country etc. It is in this context that his satirical comment is offered up, I believe. To mock the snake oil salesman and one trick pony promoters in the androsphere.

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